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  1. Good morning fellow citizens of Tarkov, I represent a community called JAG. We have users from all around the world, and always have a team/squad going. JAG is an invite only community, but we recruit from our discord which is open to everyone. Once you play with a JAG member and deemed good, you will be given access to more team channels (this is to weed out people randomly coming in and disrupting raids) Everyone is welcome to join our discord and play with us, you do not need to join the community to be able to play with us. What we offer: More then 10 channels for teams to coordinate Give you a team to play with majority of the time when needed. Player run shop/trading thread our own call out thread Enlist yourself into new competitions regularly earning prizes such as Games, Vouchers to buy other games or in-game items etc. great membership, super helpful SLI (squad lead identifier (if you chose to lead squads)) screenshot thread for those epic runs super noob friendly, and super hardcore runs for vets Allow you to socialise and make new friends within the group We will always have your back no matter what situation. What we require: a mature attitude when required wanting to help ability to listen and follow to the words of command if playing with verified squad leads Additionally we are looking for more people with military experience.(not required) With 370+ users in our discord from all around the globe, we have teams running 24/7 so you can always get in on the action. If you just want to have a fun time, or join a very tight knit community, check us out. I promise you will not be disappointed. https://discord.gg/5CEKG8c See you all there. Weeping-Pirate
  2. Keep doing what your doing ;)

    In a couple of months you went from pretty closed up to sharing detailed information of current 'events' and upcoming content. Its GREAT to see the tarkov team is this communicative and working with the community. the last couple months there has been a lot of progress on your side , I would suggest dont stop, keep doing what your doing, its good stuff! <3 ps: it has been brought up couple of times but maybe doing a bi-weekly or monthly recap would be nice, not only for the community, but I bet you guys internally are already tracking monthly progress, translate and share that and you'll make alot of people VERY happy =) and for the outsiders it sketches a way better picture of what tarkov(team) is about and the future ahead ==> more sales
  3. Windowed With Multi Monitors not working

    Or just go to your inventory (tab) after alt tabbing this will lock the mouse on your main screen.
  4. We reproduced serverwide desync, also able to undo it. *CUSTOMS*

    yes its reproduceable ( atleast it was previous patch) , I know the post might be quite a read. Shortly said: There is ALWAYS some kind of lag after closing doors, while this is not always major its noticeable. with a high possibility of desyncing the whole server. And its possible to open/close the shortcut in like 1.5 min after spawning( meaning most hdd players are not even spawned in, and start with desync from the get go) Oooow really! finally I was about to get you a PM , thought you where to update us regarding this. Anyways , do you need us for testing out other thing, was it any help etc? Let me know!
  5. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    If its the case that indeed HDD's cause this issue or rather spawning in late , it has to be known before they can attempt and solve it.
  6. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    Yah I'm pretty confident it mostly happens when your spawning in waaaay later then the rest. If anyone else with the damage/broken legs (at spawn specificly) can confirm they installed on their hdd, could be quite helpfull.
  7. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    By any chance do you have tarkov installed on your HDD? The only m8s who always spawn in with damaged legs/broken legs are the ones with tarkov installed on HDD, also often happens when the server catches up from desync to normal, and your on elevated ground.
  8. We reproduced serverwide desync, also able to undo it. *CUSTOMS*

    No clue we tested on CUSTOMS as its stated, While doors on factory also have a chance of bugging out this mostly goes for one or a couple of players and not serverwide (not confirmed,speculation) We have not tested anything thorough in factory. Waiting for response from admins/devs first before we are going to thorough test more possible desync triggers on other maps. else we waste alot of time without any results or rather without anything being done about it.
  9. Might be handy to have all pathnotes together stickied and maybe even locked... like most games do so one can easly look up what changed since a player played. And just for overall user friendly forums ( or rather a start quite hard to find something specific here) Edit:grammer
  10. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    I wish you all the luck and for the sake of the future of the game, hope you fixed desync for showing it to the world =) Goodluck , cya on stream!
  11. Remove matching....

    Just dont search for more thne 5-6 minutes, EITHER your trying to play as scav when there are no games running , or you got stuck in matching, either way, try it again and dont let it que forever.
  12. PR manager, is there one!?

    Hmm I might used the wrong word, with PR I ment Community manager. Apparently the PR does the relations within the company and not with the community (I was told by klean)
  13. Internet Issues/Packetloss

    Currently the game peaks to insane amounts of upload rate, while your net is limiting you posssibly, the game shouldnt use this much to start off with, you can expect less internet usage while the game develops.
  14. Connection Status Indicator

    Yup this would be awesome, till now @paleblood try moving items around in your inventory to check if there is lag/desync going on.
  15. PR manager, is there one!?

    @FenrirInu great clearification thanks! For the upcoming posts , try not to hate/cry and give us some more constructive feedback <3 keep it coming