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  1. AK recoil pad AKA buttpad

    was wondering this myself thought i was just blind haha
  2. Fort

    was just curious has fort armour been made even more rare or am i just getting bad luck? level 22 and haven't seen anyone or any scav with fort
  3. Hackers

    so is anything ever going to be done about hackers?
  4. Bear LF Leveling Group

    yo if your EU and need another rifle give me a shout
  5. [EU] Beta looking for 4 to 5 players

  6. [EU] Beta looking for 4 to 5 players

    your Discord tag didnt work
  7. Sneeki Cheeki Breeki Looking for mature members

    seeing as you say central am guessing your not EU
  8. Help a noob

    had the game for a while but am pretty bad was wondering if experienced players could take me under there wing and show me how to get good haha
  9. scav

    as a scav do i have to survive the entire 2 hours or can i exfil at anytime?
  10. Group

    got a link?
  11. Group

    honestly looking for a group which might take me under there wing give me a few pointers etc would be alot of help...... details age - 22 based - UK
  12. Task Force 15

    am interested in joining...