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  1. Well I am taking a break....

    it's true that until the game reaches final "release ready" state, it's gonna be frustrating, simply because the game punishes you for every mistake you make, while being flawed in every possible way
  2. The Karma System

    i think that this whole karma thing is one of the , if not the, most challenging balance issue battlestate has to face, and unless they come up with the smartest system to date, this will end in good old KOS.
  3. Hatchet Run Changes

    Not a practical way, besides, hatchet runners are only a real issue because of lag and Dsync, as soon as we get an actual Netcode, they will just be training targets. Also, no one plays EFT to do hatchet runs, so maybe on the launch of the game we will see a lot of them, but as players get better and better at the game, we will probably stop seeing them, except the occasional "zero to hero" type of attempts.
  4. Another issue is the lack of ways to identify "friendly" PMCs and enemy PMCs
  5. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    Manage your expectations, what you see on Youtube is only feedback from the fraction of the playerbase who got Press accounts or who can afford to play a single game for 15h a day and own a beast of a computer to run the game correctly, for others the game is rarely fun, especially in Beta, desync is still here, Broken AIs are stronger that ever and economy is worse than it ever was. Do not think this game is fun, or you will be disapointed, consider it a pain and frustration simulator, and then maybe you'll be pleasently surprised.
  6. Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    I was worried with the lack of comunication lately, and since the open beta annoucement, i've gotta say that i'm a lot happier with how things are planned!
  7. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    So since i'm sure no one has a precise release date, can we know if the schedule we had was right? (CBT this summer, or a bit later?)
  8. Very Impressed Even Though -Alpha

    Except that when you play various games, and always have a nice and smooth experience, except when playing EFT, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where the issue is. The game is woking for you? great for you, enjoy, but don't assume that no one encounters issues, we are numerous facing massive desync, huge lag, and gamebreaking bugs, and if you really believe that this is BS and everything is fine, then you're terribly wrong.
  9. let's be honest guys, sure Battlestate must be working hard, but if they don't pick up the pace in terms of patch release, i don't see how we'll be able to see a beta before 2019, the game right now isn't even enjoyable as a test for a good part of the comunity. I check the forums everyday to stay up to date on EFT, because i love what the game is supposed to be, but i haven't launched the Alpha since last patch, simply because the gameplay is way too random, with the worst Hit registration i've ever seen, and huge bugs everywhere. Adding that to the boring grind that was implemented on last patch (i know it's supposed to be that way on release, but for an Alpha with nothing but simple raids, it just makes the game boring as hell) , it just isn't worth my time, i'm not enjoying anything right now. So yes, the game isn't finished, yes fanboys are gonna roast me for pointing out what i think is wrong with the game, but as an Alpha tester, it's my job, so deal with it guys.
  10. Cheaters ban wave

    in fact, to know if enemies are hacking or not, it could be useful to actually hear when enemies fire, which only is the case half of the time, leading to unexplained death way too often...
  11. Cheaters ban wave

    well, keep it up, they are not gone, just met one who took 15 AK shots and 1 hit killed me... I was wearing full armor, he had none, i had an AK (you guessed it) he had a.... PM.
  12. Will we see it any time soon in game or must we wait for release? Great job as always!
  13. That image in the post, does it mean there will be old bases for BEAR and USEC we'll be able to visit, or is it just a concept art?
  14. Only factory actualy playable in EU

    Well, then their's a bug somewhere...