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  1. UglyPony

    Free Look

    I second-millionth this motion. ::Looks around:: The aye's carry it. Devs...wtf....it's time already. All of our pmc's are still running around as if they all got into bad car crashes prior to going to Tarkov and they still have neckbraces on during the raid... I can honestly turn my head around 90 degrees to either side while standing still. Moving my eyes to the same side allows me to see more than 270 degrees around me without turning. Maybe that would be pretty extreme in the game...but it is very realistic. Movement options are oddly restricted given the innovative stance system. Please fix this.
  2. This is a biased statement. Automatic rifles are not automatically better than sniper riffles in general, or sniper rifles would not exist in the real world. Of course fully-automatic weapons excel in CQC, but that doesn't mean bolt action rifles don't have their own special utility. I would much rather have a bolt action for long range shooting, because the accuracy matters. I would also want a fully automatic rifle to deal with threats that got to close for comfort while I tried to snipe. Of course some weapons platforms are more general purpose than others. You can equip a fully automatic weapon to be highly accurate and use it like a sniper rifle and for CQC, but it won't have quite the same scapel-edge as a dedicated sniper rifle.
  3. LMAO...tell that to the kitted folks that I wiped out with a decked SKS today...both wearing helmets, and I dropped them both with PS rounds in seconds. First with two shots to the head, and the second with quick follow up shots to the body. The SKS is a beast, especially as a DMR. Does it have the same utility as a AKM? No....but it's muzzle velocity, 7.62x39 chambering, and 20 round capacity means it is not something to be effed around with....unless the user doesn't have any sense of tactics...
  4. UglyPony

    Map for Customs with locations

    My point here is that his comment seemed rude, more like an attack, rather than an attempt to be constructive by pointing out how to potentially improve the map. Instead of being a douche, and saying "Legit the worst map I've ever seen in my life", you could instead say, "Thanks for trying to be helpful by providing a FREE MAP, but this does currently feel kind of messy. I think some elements could be better designed." Some people don't like being polite though....I don't know...I guess their parents must have raised them to be impolite when they receive something for free or something... ::shrugs::
  5. UglyPony

    How to get SA-58?

    Apparently it is sold by Peacekeeper at trader level 4. You might also have to unlock it but I haven't heard that you do.
  6. UglyPony

    Map for Customs with locations

    ::rolls eyes:: I wasn't mad. I was pointing out that he was wasting his time bitching about a resource that was provided for free. If it is a bad map, then find a better one. That or provided constructive criticism that doesn't seem to bash someone who simply tried to help.
  7. UglyPony

    Map for Customs with locations

    My point is that it's free. It's not like he paid for it. A simple google search has turned up very usable maps for me. There is zero need to sit around bitching about the quality of a map that 2 secs of search-engine use won't remedy. The color of the lines is CLEARLY meant to help differentiate the lines from the different starting points so your eyes don't confuse the two. So in conclusion...I see YOUR attitudes as childish, "ME-ME-ME" bullshit. WTF is wrong with you? Go to bed.
  8. UglyPony

    Map for Customs with locations

    Make your own.
  9. UglyPony

    General questions on weapon implementation

    I was actually mostly wrong here anyways. A suppressor adds to the barrel length, and this apparently leads to more efficient burn of the powder, which in turn leads to the same amount of velocity sans the suppressor. You could still lose velocity by increasing the barrel length too much (loss through friction), but I am unsure if a meaningful amount would actually be lost.
  10. UglyPony

    General questions on weapon implementation

    Uh...nvrmd...what I said only holds if the suppressor is attached to a weapon with a short barrel, so it's lower in length or at least matches the length of the unsuppressed firearm.
  11. UglyPony


    If you want to stick a bullseye on your forehead. "Look at me! I'm here! Can't you see me sparkling in the sunlight? Aren't I pretty. Shoot me. Please."
  12. UglyPony


    Oh dear lord...factory would be nutty...
  13. UglyPony

    General questions on weapon implementation

    Sub-sonic ammo is sub-sonic...meaning it travels slower. Less velocity with the same mass means less punch at the same short ranges, and the subsonic ammo will lose steam much quicker than the sonic ammunition, so it's damage falloff increases at a quicker rate over ranged engagements as well. So less damage is in fact realistic.
  14. UglyPony

    What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    And the other metrics? Do you know what they are?