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  1. General questions on weapon implementation

    I was actually mostly wrong here anyways. A suppressor adds to the barrel length, and this apparently leads to more efficient burn of the powder, which in turn leads to the same amount of velocity sans the suppressor. You could still lose velocity by increasing the barrel length too much (loss through friction), but I am unsure if a meaningful amount would actually be lost.
  2. General questions on weapon implementation

    Uh...nvrmd...what I said only holds if the suppressor is attached to a weapon with a short barrel, so it's lower in length or at least matches the length of the unsuppressed firearm.
  3. SKS

    If you want to stick a bullseye on your forehead. "Look at me! I'm here! Can't you see me sparkling in the sunlight? Aren't I pretty. Shoot me. Please."
  4. MP-43

    Oh dear lord...factory would be nutty...
  5. General questions on weapon implementation

    Sub-sonic ammo is sub-sonic...meaning it travels slower. Less velocity with the same mass means less punch at the same short ranges, and the subsonic ammo will lose steam much quicker than the sonic ammunition, so it's damage falloff increases at a quicker rate over ranged engagements as well. So less damage is in fact realistic.
  6. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    And the other metrics? Do you know what they are?
  7. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    Can you please move this thread there then?
  8. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    Uh...I was kind of distracted and ignored the fact that you just named people...nevermind... @pizzadudecook@FGulli@Orbixal Could you please provide us with info about what each of the FPS metrics is supposed to specifically be measuring?
  9. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    Then how are you going to scream and yell at me because I didn't use the proper chain of command? J/K, J/K...seriously though...does anyone know who to address this question to?
  10. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    Alright. I wasn't sure who to address, so I just figured he'd delegate the task to the appropriate person himself if he couldn't deal with it atm. Who specifically should I address to handle this question?
  11. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    @Blackb1rd Can the devs please give an explanation as to what all the metrics stand for?
  12. You shouldn't wish for your friends to be caught up in a warzone, just so you can have company. A REAL friend would want them to be some place where they are safe....
  13. They are no more punishing you than a department store that sells a sweater for a discount one day, and an even steeper discount the next day. Your comment feels like an attempt to guilt-trip the devs into giving you a partial refund and/or other compensation.
  14. What do all the FPS measurements stand for?

    But there is also a plain "FPS" measurement. So fuFPS may be measuring something slightly different...