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    I moved away from my team too see if he would wall my position but since zpwarrior is such an expert on hacks and BSG as a community lets all hail him ;p Eyy @GhostZ69much love for actually doing the detetctive work!
  2. tyce95


    Theres a watch full video button and you can clearly hear him shooting the mountain before weve even egressed youre cool tho just was putting it out there it may say rookie next to the name, i just dont like forums. Cause you get the hardcore millenial defense trolls like zpwarrior.
  3. tyce95


    PROOF you can watch the video of us spawning and hes already spraying the hill before we come over it. no noise. murked a 5 man squad i was split from my squad and am so far away he comes over the hill spraying again. if need of more proof can provide more clips. USER: