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  1. Insurance not returning weapons

    To be honest, no... most of my insurance makes it's way back to me, even modded weapons.
  2. Stuck at 600k

    please submit a bug report.
  3. Best scav run yet?

    Very nice!
  4. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Isn't the Gen3 outdated by Gen 4-5?
  5. Armor effect on maneuverability

    Weapon sway should only be affected by weapon weight/ergonomics. Weapons simply can't be affected by armor, it's designed not to get in the way. Noise... eh.. kinda yes. Completely disagree on this one, you're not a search engine getting slowed down nor a car trying to get to optimal RPM. Running and stamina are already affected by weight. Now, this is just a maybe, but maybe goin from prone to upright and viceversa could take a smidge longer. It is a legitimate advantage to go prone as fast as possible if your enemy does not move a lot/stays upright. same as above.
  6. bushes make too much noise

    You probably can't, and even if you did, that'd put you at a disadvantage
  7. Considering how 1 bullet can kill/incapacitate you IRL and not so much in EFT.... well, you get idea.
  8. New hiding gun glitch?

    gear fear scrubs
  9. Please make more items UNBUYABLE, but TRADABLE.

    Trading will change in future versions, likely a lot of things will only be available through bartering. There will be a Flea Market where players can trade, so chances are, the otherwise "unbuyable" items from vendors will be available for cash through other players.
  10. Dog Tags

    so you want a refund because of the dog tags or spawn camping?... I'm confused.
  11. Yes it's normal if you're giving away your position or not aware of your surroundings as EVERYONE is out to get you. So basically, you're playing it wrong. Right now, you have to kill those near you or run for your life. No it's not normal if you're simply dropping dead.
  12. Sadly, your post is almost pointless. Dying will have consequences sooner or later (OBT most likely), loot will be scarce and if you extract with injuries, radiation, dehydration, etc, they will carry over. AI is supposedly getting harder and thus reason why the game is team based and also why you won't raid naked, as it'd be otherwise too hard to extract alone. Sorry you spent so much time writing this, it was well put together.
  13. Self repairing armor?

    many times.
  14. SLUG's !!!!

    Shotguns should be king of CQC like before, they're practically useless now days and only serve for trading. I thoroughly agree that buckshot was OP as F even against armored targets, hell, there was no reason to use anything else back in alpha. Maybe slugs should be very expensive and shotguns in general could have more recoil, failing to bring down an enemy on the first 1-3 shots usually results in loosing the fight. Reloading is a nightmare if it's not a saiga, so the disadvantages are there, it's all about balancing the ammunition and cost-to-benefit.