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  1. Cypherdrene

    Speed Hack Back

    Wasn't there a banwave like not too long ago? something like 300 dudes..
  2. Cypherdrene

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Don't get me wrong, there IS something to do, quests and loot hoarding... then not much else. If you say "killing others", I can do that on pretty much any other game, which I already have a wide variety of. I'm on hiatus cause the game already feels stale TO ME considering all the promissed bells and whistles are not present. And even without those bells and whisltes, the gameplay is solid and exciting, but personally, need more bang for my 150-buck. It's funny how you mention you've been playing for a week, give me a call when you clock a year and litte to no changes have been made to the game, then tell how you feel about it. Rules = Karma system (which honestly might suck) - obviously not implemented and no date. Objective = Escape From Tarkov - still too far from this, but ultimately that's the goal of the game... or sim, whatever. The game is in testing, of course it feels like a sandbox.
  3. Cypherdrene

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    I'm not saying they're not and neither did I imply such was the case. Merely pointing out that the sneak peeks and previews are mostly about items in general+meta rather than map/feature progress, something that IMHO is far more important and the community has outcried this for at least 6 months and we could go all the way back to "beta" release. Thus it feels like progress has stopped and we're getting a trickle that may finally stop until 2021~22 And as you can see in this thread, I'm not the only guy concerned with this issue. We all know games take very long to develop, but the player hideout was announced a year ago if I recall correctly, and not even a half-assed placeholder has even been shown on a developer build video, while hand gestures took like... 4-6 months after it was showcased, karma being the other example, it has been discussed for at least year and a half... not even a glimpse. Maybe they are working on all of it, who knows, certainly not the community. So graphic designers (as you call them) can't do maps?... well, how unfortunate and misinformed I've become.
  4. Cypherdrene

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Thats nice and all but... can we get a more solid game before items? maybe a couple more maps before the year ends? It feels like the focus of the game's development has been a little too much on "balance" and goodies. Items, model updates and balance can be done much later so long as the current "meta" isn't broken. Honestly, gunplay doesn't need many more enhancements other than the nerfing of near recoil-less weapons on full auto like the AK74, SKS and M4. For all intents and purposes, this game still feels deep in Alpha rather than Beta or some super early access. The elements that are allegedly goin to MAKE EFT the game we all paid for are simply not there at all and it's been like that for far too long. Post-raid health issues, VOIP, team identification (which lets face it, it's probably the easiest one to implement), an AI at least one notch below the AI of F.E.A.R.'s (otherwise just get rid of it), food to become more than just another placeholder and the "low" levels of loot... hell! even Karma! all of this is like 80% of the game's soul. I don't care about hacks and glitches or the poor performance; there's simply nothing to do in EFT at this point and reason why it's in my "play later... much later" list, I probably shouldn't care since I'm not playing, but every time I see these posts I can't help but feel BSG is forgetting about what's important... and I do hope I'm wrong. Love or hate my post, you know it's true.
  5. You can't expect to be taken seriously with crap like this, also, what part of "...does not represent the final product" isn't clear to you? Did you really think the game would be problem free? This isn't even true for games with 40-80 million dollar budgets. Get real.
  6. Yep just putting it out there before it makes it's way here.
  7. Give this man a dozen of cookies. All those changes would make a giant change (for the best). Though I do have a difference of opinion regarding AP rounds: While it's true that Armor is rated to take multiple hits on the same spot and then a fresh batch somewhere else, that is goin to be a pain to implement on EFT as hitboxes would become too complex and could end up having their own set of issues. So a penetration chance is actually OK for a game.
  8. Cypherdrene

    Anti-cheat update

    @KugelFanger thus the existence of my reply
  9. Cypherdrene

    Anti-cheat update

    You can have a pretty good night vision with your monitor settings alone, don't think they can ban anyone for that
  10. Cypherdrene

    IM DONE !

    bye bye
  11. Cypherdrene

    More WIP images

    oh noes
  12. Cypherdrene

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    Hey, if AI will soon replace us at work, then why not in games? ... that being said I don't think it's the case of EFT, but as long as the AI is good enough to simply stop us from owning the entire map alone, then it's a good AI and that is all it'll have to do. Perhaps you're right about interchange and the netcode, only BSG can tell. You are actually assuming, have you gone into Discord? I've teamed up with guys I've never even seen on the forums and had a great time. I've also seen Scavs teaming up, but that point is moot since Scavs live in a dog-eat-dog if it's to their convenience (lore) and I for one am tired of the same conversation. Too much salt regarding this. Sorry to sound like a broken record: you've not been paying attention. And I will not touch this topic again, do some research. Game is a Team PvEverything (AI, Players, AI+Players). Scavs are the main antagonists of the game, whether they're AI or not, if a player or team is out for blood, then they'll have to face the consequences of killing others, BSG will not encourage you to do it; the how and the what are not yet clear... hell, it's not even clear if all the alleged features will make it to release.
  13. Cypherdrene

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    @Ang3vilWell... You're assuming that it won't get better. You're assuming that everyone is out there to be a scumbag and TK or flat out try to wipe every non-AI player just to steal their loot (yes, there will be people like that and reason why Karma will be introduced... maybe) AND assuming Scavs will spawn with endgame weapons and armor... while totally possible, devs will unlikely include them on the earlier maps, after all, this is a story driven game. You're also assuming there won't be skilled players behind a Scav, which is not the case, so your team can get wiped out by some basic gear dude. If you want to PvP, there'll be an Arena mode... which, as you might have guessed, it's still just an underdeveloped feature. If you think I'm assuming EFT is not a Team based game, then you've not been paying attention. The E in PvE might as well mean "everything" in this case.
  14. Cypherdrene

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    -That's not to say AI will not get better... it has become a lot more balanced since I started and continues to do so. And to be honest, I've not experienced nearly as much aimbotting as before, so it can and will get fixed, just like before. -Extrapolating. Devs have stated the game will be close to impossible to successfully play solo. We have to wait and see how that statement holds. No one will stop anyone from playing solo, but it's encouraged. -People already do work together and their success rate is higher than solo. I'm not saying you will survive 100% in a team, that'd be ridiculous.
  15. Cypherdrene

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't EFT a PvE Team based game?? I don't mean right now, you know... but it is.