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  1. Remove satanic symbols.

    Do you mind defining a satanic symbol please? Most people associate pentagrams, upside down crosses or general symbols such as goats heads ect. None of which are seen in any of the marked locations be it on woods, shoreline or customs. As a result there is no 'satanic' symbols to remove and if you are saying the symbols are satanic because one person calls it that then that is just ridiculous. By that logic I could call the VSS the racist weapon because it has no white variant and then someone demands they remove that from the game because they don't like that I call it that.
  2. When will EOD become unavailable?

    I am well aware, they said it would go off sale when it hit beta. We hit beta months ago and its still on sale is my point
  3. When will EOD become unavailable?

    The thing is they have lost my trust now. They told me multiple times in multiple places it would no longer be sold when it hit beta so I can no longer trust anything that they say and I was very temped on multiple occasions to get a refund through paypal for false advertising because of how angry it made me. I don't get alot of money often so to drop the amount I did on a game to be lied to really shits on the trust and I can't be the only one who feels this way who purchased it.
  4. When will EOD become unavailable?

    Personally I feel cheated as I purchased the one before the edge of darkness back in early alpha and was told by devs in posts and by their facebook team directly the edge of darkness would end when it hit closed beta. We are now open beta and it is still on sale as 'limited edition'. I only purchased it when I did to support the devs and the fact I didn't know when it would hit closed beta. It was straight up false advertising and has left a massive distaste in my mouth about the dev team as a whole which considering how much a like the game has really disappointed me. The only way I feel they could make it up is by giving those who preordered it before when they advertised it would be removed something special that those who preordered it after it was meant to no longer be on sale don't have. Not gear either something to distinguish users.
  5. Fence Issue

    Fence is the global market, anything he has was sold to him by a player meaning really good keys can be at him so he actually does offer exclusivity. You just need to be in the right place at the right time
  6. Movement Inconsistancy Help

    no i have it on hold to sprint. Its a bug in the movement system itself
  7. Movement Inconsistancy Help

    Currently there's an issue where while you are running you will sometimes come to a complete stop even if you haven't let go of W. This is an issue when knife running since you can slide to a stop infront of a scav or player and be unable to melee. Especially a problem with weapons since it can cause you to slide and not be able to shoot your weapon meaning you will take way more damage than you should. This is triggered by jumping during any point of your run. Can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWau_6_xxYo So if this keeps occurring to you, that's why. Try avoid jumping while sprinting.
  8. I am sad

    Just do a couple knife runs at factory. Easy gear. I run with a duo, it makes it way more fun than solo playing, try get a guy to play with
  9. Silent Steps Issue

    This has nothing to do with the skills mate it's just a straight up bug. Also for the record i have perception at elite level so its isn't that
  10. Silent Steps Issue

    Currently there is a massive issue with players having silent steps and I'm not talking about people walking and their steps being silent. I've died on too many occasions to people walking around normally and I'm not hearing their steps at all. I've had it where I kill my squad mates because they have ran from one location to another making literally 0 noise and I have thought they are an enemy camping. In a game where sound is as critical as this, people moving around silently should never be an issue.
  11. Cant extract from factory?

    I've never not been able to extract this patch being at regular exits or key'd exits. Even with the new update the factory extractions are identical to last patch where there is 1 always open and 2 that require the factory key and i have played 100+ factory's this patch alone. The problem maybe you are waiting to long to leave and the server has shutdown, you have desync'd from the server or you are going to the wrong exit. However with how laggy this patch is currently alot of your problems will be you have desync'd from the server. I had one instance last patch where everyone in the server was running on the spot including ai at the 15 minute mark on customs. My guess is sometimes the server gets overloaded and you just kind of sit in limbo.
  12. Number of hackers has grown SO MUCH...

    Yea I knew it was defo ID. Pretty sad we have people going out their way from steam to buy this game and cheat but I guess thats the community nowadays.
  13. i had 4 spawn in next to me. Got 3 then the 4th killed me in the back with a pistol. I recommend sticking to the rafters
  14. Number of hackers has grown SO MUCH...

    Pretty sure you get id and ip banned for cheating so if they do cheat with a free key it will ban their main too
  15. Bought EOD version from free trial and no change

    You'll need to reset yourprofile im guessing since you need to going from a lower edition to the higher edition