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  1. JCglitchmaster

    Stealth kills and CQC

    Expect that in in about 3 years if the current development cycle is anything to go by so i wouldn't get your hopes up of it being anytime soon
  2. JCglitchmaster

    Rare Item?

    Never seen it. Maybe it was introduced with the coffee patch
  3. JCglitchmaster

    Best Ak?

    honestly with how strong armor is I'd go for one of the 5.45 variants that take the zenit stock and just aim for the head. Less recoil, 60 round mags faster firerate. the power difference between 7.62 and 5.45 wont make a much of a diff going for heads especially when you hit them more consistantly than with the 7.62 cartridge.
  4. JCglitchmaster

    The hacking has gotten very bad

  5. JCglitchmaster

    Thermal scopes should be removed.

    Trying to do long distance shots with it are impossible to get consistently. This isn't like armas where the thermal is static. As the scope refreshed it moves the crosshair everytime it does meaning 200-400m headshots just aren't viable. It cost's alot, it takes ages to ads with it and it can't see people from an infinite distance away unlike armas. It's only good for scanning bushes that are fairly close and at that range is the extra 300k really going to make you overpowered compared to your eyes. The only time it could be considered OP is at nighttime since it gives you a significant advantage when spotting at range but again, once you spot because of the refresh (especially with the bolt actions) getting that crucial 1 hit headshot just isn't that possible. Also I disagree with it making the game worse. Think of it similar to night vision in that on woods when its really dark you cant see 3ft infront of you. With night vision however you can see up to 400m infront of you and nightvision you have it on always no matter what sight you use making it extremely good and 'overpowered'. However the price of night vision along with the lower perf vision balances it. The thermal you must ads (with a very low fov), low refresh rate making tracking targets alot more difficult, costs significantly more than nvgs and its very hard to consistently hit long range targets when you aren't spraying.Therefor if the thermal is OP then night vision would also be OP but it's not. It's not OP personally and fits into the game kinda nicely. If anything it's so bad outside of just spotting that I feel its underpowered (hence why you see hardly anybody using it).
  6. JCglitchmaster

    Upcoming Items...

    So is the zoom optic on the sa and m4 still going to half our framerate using it meaning it'll be useless or will that not happen?
  7. JCglitchmaster

    Please don´t do an entire wipe again.

    This is just outright false. They don't do a wipe whenever they change merchant values or there would've been like 6 wipes in 0.8 alone with values being changed constantly. SMG prices being one of the most notable ones.
  8. It prevents ridiculous headglitches. E.g. being shot at by someone you can't see because all that shows of them is 1/8th of their head a problem in alot of fps games
  9. JCglitchmaster

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    Could you now fix it so I can play with getting 'anti-cheat connection lost' every 1 minute....
  10. You released it and it's done the opposite of what it's supposed to do. I've had more crashes in the past 4 hours then the past year and the hotfix was supposed to 'increase stability'. I crash loading into the raid, I crash in the raid, I crash walking forward then I try rejoin the raid, crashes and I rs and can't reconnect and I've lost my gear (no i didn't die, my squad mate saw me stood in the raid). This only happens when I host the party as when I play solo it fine so can you just revert this hotfix since it hasn't done anything but make the experience worse. Also please look into the parties since when I host a party I get significantly more desync, frame drops, crashes and general nonsense then when I play solo. And no, it isn't inconsistant servers since when I play solo for 15 raids straight I get no desync/frame drops outside of generic shoreline stuff yet every other raid when I host has desync or framedrops or significant stuttering (ssometimes being as bad as dropping to 1fps every 3s consistently until i relog or escape.
  11. JCglitchmaster

    Bug reports do no good

    I highly doubt this. The map creators will be the ones who fix problems with the map since that is their job and lets be honest. It doesn't take weeks to put an invisible floor down where someone gets stuck or moving the prop so its impossible to get stuck.
  12. JCglitchmaster

    Bug reports do no good

    The map designers need to rethink their strategy personally. Each time they add a bit to a map they need to check it for bugs for about 20 mins. That way they are only testing a small area and not a massive behemoth of a map. If they continue with their 'bring out a new map instead of fixing the old ones' then they will have a big plate on their hands when they release all the maps and need to go back to every map to fix 100 things for each map.
  13. JCglitchmaster

    What the *@$#?

    You only have 8gb of ram. This game regularly exceeds 8gb. I'm using 16gb and I have seen it spike as high as 14gb. If you want to play I would recommend 12gb as the bare minimum until it optimises so the game doesn't eat ram as much as it currently does. You should also be able to play customs, woods and factory. If you try load shoreline your pc will probably explode. I am curious to know your other specs though since my friend is running 8gb of ram and he has stopped because of spikes because I really like shoreline and he just simply can't play it. But every other map works fine for the most part.
  14. JCglitchmaster

    AS-VAL Recoil Bug With The Pistol Grip Buffer Tube

    No problem guys. And no I have yet to submit a bug report but will do now. For those looking for easy vals just hit up shoreline. I'm sat with like 12 vals and 10 vss's
  15. So there I was with my kitted out val, a gun I haven't used since last february. Upon entering shoreline I head to the resort and lay my eyes on my target. I line up my crosshairs, pull the trigger letting out one shot for the recoil to be so damn high the gun may aswell have flown out my hands and hit the dude in the face. I thought that was weird, strapped a laser to my weapon for the next 3 raids and hipfired only adsing for extreme range. On my 3rd raid I could've sworn the val was basically a laser and I right clicked on the gun in my inventory only to see this: It said 'unfold'... My fixed stock val said unfold. Upon clicking this button, my weapon suddenly acted like a real weapon. I lasered those near and far without them even knowing what hit them. Scavs would tremble as i turned the corner only to mow them down by a barrage of bullets the last sounds they hear being the bullets hitting their uncovered flesh. Jokes aside why in the love of god is my fixed stock val being affected by a folded stock that was removed? It adds 100 recoil to the weapon when it shouldn't add any. For those confused heres a video displaying the weapon both 'folded' and 'unfolded': So below it a screenshot of the attachment. As can be seen the fixed stock val is the uninsured one, the unfixed is the non insured one. The bottom stock folds, the top doesn't so please make it so the folded stock of the non existent stock doesn't affect the base recoil of the weapon when it has a fixed stock on it.