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  1. JCglitchmaster

    '0.9 Will Fix Firerate Linked to FPS'

    Way before 0.9 patch released we were told it would fix the firerate being lower if your fps is lower. Guess what, it isn't fixed. Why say something will be fixed 7+ weeks in advanced, not fix it then say nothing about it hoping it will go away...
  2. JCglitchmaster

    About the new scav boss

    The scav boss is unique in the way it behaves compared to the other scavs. If a player controlled it they wouldn't stay most of the raid they'd just kill off the ai round them for the loot or play super aggressive defeating the point of it. Now if they made a specific scav boss for players and they could only leave either 10 mins before the raid ends or when all pmc's are dead/extracted annd died if they turned on another ai, that could be interesting.
  3. JCglitchmaster

    Scavs killing me from ridiculous distances

    What? their superman vision has nothing to do with your faction but more how the ai is coded. 90% of the time they will ignore bushes ect. and just laser you through them. Bear sleeves would only affect people seeing you and being all black wont help you in those situations anyway
  4. JCglitchmaster

    Motion Sickness

    Its probably a combination of the low fps in certain areas and strange graphical looks in some graphical settings. I find playing games at super low graphics makes me feel sick if the fps is also low (sub 45) with low fov. The only game i get this in is fear the wolves but tarkovs graphics may cause this too. Start an offline and go to it at night where its pretty dark and see if you are still affected. If not its probably the graphics settings
  5. JCglitchmaster

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Not saying it should be a laser but it should be usable. I want it to be usable but look at every gun in tarkov released. Outside of the mp5, and sks, they have all been an ak varient or so expensive and niche they've been useless (glock 18, dvl, dvl suppressed, rsass, m1a before they added variants, auto pistol, m870 just being a reskinned mr-133 you get my point). There's a difference between recoiling and recoiling higher than a no stock vepr. What it reminded me of is the akm vpo which has insane recoil and who uses that gun? Noone and that weapon is cheap. This will be one of those high tier weapons no doubt that cost the same as an m4/rsass and if it has the recoil it showed modded in the video it will be useless. Correct me if im wrong but it uses the sv98 cartridge and that can hit up to 7 times on an unarmored scav without them dropping. So the chances of hitting 7 consecutive shots in the chest with the weapon given it recoil is so low it will be useless. Theres no point given us new guns if they aren't viable.
  6. JCglitchmaster

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    It is modded and has the recoil of a vepr with no stock
  7. JCglitchmaster

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    looks pretty useless though. Have you seen the recoil in the test video? If it's anything like that noone will use it
  8. JCglitchmaster

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    so we can expect them in what? 2 years given the vector and mosin have yet to be released despite their models being shown off similar to this
  9. JCglitchmaster

    Trailer patch 0.9

    i thought it was but pausing it the sights are of the tt so i think its just some special tt. Was a fancy animation though
  10. JCglitchmaster

    Stealth kills and CQC

    Expect that in in about 3 years if the current development cycle is anything to go by so i wouldn't get your hopes up of it being anytime soon
  11. JCglitchmaster

    Rare Item?

    Never seen it. Maybe it was introduced with the coffee patch
  12. JCglitchmaster

    Best Ak?

    honestly with how strong armor is I'd go for one of the 5.45 variants that take the zenit stock and just aim for the head. Less recoil, 60 round mags faster firerate. the power difference between 7.62 and 5.45 wont make a much of a diff going for heads especially when you hit them more consistantly than with the 7.62 cartridge.
  13. JCglitchmaster

    The hacking has gotten very bad

  14. JCglitchmaster

    Thermal scopes should be removed.

    Trying to do long distance shots with it are impossible to get consistently. This isn't like armas where the thermal is static. As the scope refreshed it moves the crosshair everytime it does meaning 200-400m headshots just aren't viable. It cost's alot, it takes ages to ads with it and it can't see people from an infinite distance away unlike armas. It's only good for scanning bushes that are fairly close and at that range is the extra 300k really going to make you overpowered compared to your eyes. The only time it could be considered OP is at nighttime since it gives you a significant advantage when spotting at range but again, once you spot because of the refresh (especially with the bolt actions) getting that crucial 1 hit headshot just isn't that possible. Also I disagree with it making the game worse. Think of it similar to night vision in that on woods when its really dark you cant see 3ft infront of you. With night vision however you can see up to 400m infront of you and nightvision you have it on always no matter what sight you use making it extremely good and 'overpowered'. However the price of night vision along with the lower perf vision balances it. The thermal you must ads (with a very low fov), low refresh rate making tracking targets alot more difficult, costs significantly more than nvgs and its very hard to consistently hit long range targets when you aren't spraying.Therefor if the thermal is OP then night vision would also be OP but it's not. It's not OP personally and fits into the game kinda nicely. If anything it's so bad outside of just spotting that I feel its underpowered (hence why you see hardly anybody using it).
  15. JCglitchmaster

    Upcoming Items...

    So is the zoom optic on the sa and m4 still going to half our framerate using it meaning it'll be useless or will that not happen?