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  1. JCglitchmaster

    High CPU usage on ..... the Wiki?

    Mine spikes from 1% to 10% for the first 10s then calms down
  2. JCglitchmaster

    Rare item?

    Damn thats one sexy looking rifle. 0.10 added some stuff you can't buy. I'd keep that for some screenshots
  3. JCglitchmaster

    Explain This to Me?

    Welcome to tarkov. What you actually thought you would get a game where patches work. Oh my sweet child, this is the company that back 0.8, released a stability hotfix that crashed everyone's game, so released a hotfix which kicked everyone for anticheat connection lost, so released a hotfix to crash everyone's game when they died before releasing a hotfix to get it back to where it was prior to the hotfixes. P.S., this was over the span of 1 day. Also the latest 0.10 "hotfix" prevented anyone from loading into a raid. Because why test a game on more than 1 PC when you have an army of people screaming "It's beta, how dare you expect them to do atleast 10 mins of testing before pushing a patch". Try this, go into an offline in customs (if you can load in) and have PVE on. Extract and see if it works. Or reinstall or run as admin. If you reinstall change the path it saves in. Try not make it go through 19 different folders. You can attempt to debug it yourself by going to: C:\Users\"your username for your pc here"\AppData\Local\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Logs Check what it is failing to load when it crashes and try fix it from there. If you reinstall your game delete this whole folder from "battlestate games" so you remove anything cached.
  4. Hence why I called it clickbait. I'm not going to go around in a circle constantly with this. Second, how is holding a button to do another action bad in your book? Tarkov has alot of functions needing you to hold one button to press another to execute an action. Adding 1 more to the list would not be a bad idea and would be alot easier to do than having one button for rechamber and one for reload. Also the number of situations where you will hold the bolt for longer than it would be comfortable to hold LMB would be so minuscule I don't know why it's so important to you. This hold feature would also allow you to "top off" the magazine whenever you want and hold the bolt whenever you want. Or, now bare with me on this because the ride is gonna get real crazy. Why don't they implement two functions. On where you rechamber from hold and one where you can reload whenever and you need to hit a button to reload. It's a crazy idea to thing that BSG would put a whole 2 functions to one action I know, but that way it would satisfy everyone. You need to think of it in perspective to the sv98/dvl not just the mosin. You can't have hundreds of functions just to make this one weapon work the way it does. In RO2 it made sense to implement such features since there was multiple different built in magazine weapons so adding a function like that benefited multiple weapons. Currently it takes bsg 5 months to make 1 weapon that is usually an ak variant. So maybe in 15 years when we have a second weapon that works similar to the mosin we might be in business. Or, why don't we just have it so hitting R with bolt weapons rechambers and hold R/double tapping it reloads it while having the hold to rechamber for the sv98/dvl. Tbh, I don't know why I am even considering the dvl and sv-98 because the two weapons suck so much sausage because of the mosin that noone will ever use them again. But what do I know, apparently having a weapon that 1 shots any armor in the game for cheaper than a 9mm pistol is balanced to some people.
  5. Well lets get 1 thing straight. PUBG did not come up with that mechanic I first saw it in BF2 (released in 2005) and was probably in earlier iterations of battlefields. Secondly at that point why wouldn't we just use the method dayz has where you need to manually rechamber a weapon so if you do not rechamber the weapon but reload it then ejects the empty shell casing. Or why don't you just have it even more simple than that and when you hold fire after shooting and it doesn't auto rechamber, you hit reload while holding fire and it releases the empty shell case then puts in the amount so it is full. A good game makes the skill entrance easy but the skill gap high and making things needlessly complicated is not good game design. Adding in the BF2 style no rechamber then just making it so you hit reload would be very good for those who don't need to know 19 buttons in a game where my binds are looking nearly as crazy as arma but those who are experienced would know how to best manipulate the rifle. I did play RO2 but never used the bolt actions because the ar's were just outright better in their dps and ttk. And no, it doesn't deserve a PSA. PSA's are for critical information or gamebreaking bugs that could significantly affect a player. E.G. if you open this door on interchange your game will crash (a thing that existed and probably still does). PSA's are not for a discussion style post of which this is
  6. JCglitchmaster

    The Mosin Should go back to 16k Change my mind.

    Isn't it only 23k? Its hardly breaking the bank now is it. Also have you considered giving people a sniper that 1 shots any helmet in the game from lvl 1 at the same price as looting 1 weapons box and taking out 1-2 attachments may be just a tad broken. It so cheap and good I am running an ak with one scoped every raid and just dumping it as soon as I find anything remotely valuable gun wise. Tarkov is built around 'If you spend more money, you have a higher survival chance' which is what it should be. The mosin throws this out the window completely and if you are running a cheap setup you should be at a significant disadvantage to those not running cheap setups. I should not be going toe to toe naked armed with nothing but a mosin and be beating full fort, altyn, a2 vest and m4 wielding players and win because my gun 1 shot you in the head without much effort against you extremely expensive helmets.
  7. Hey look, another clickbait post from eftbalistics misusing the point of a PSA. Who coulda guessed.
  8. JCglitchmaster

    Sunrise and sunset.

    The map in the game
  9. JCglitchmaster

    *Patch Installation has Started*

    In before the patch breaks the game completely. Hoping not, but some of these hotpatches would say otherwise
  10. JCglitchmaster

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    its 3 shot to the chest of most armor types. Between them rechambering the mosin the person can hit a heal off negating that dmg and resetting them all while pumping rounds of most likely an automatic weapon into a unarmored target. Doesn't matter how hard it hits if the dps is lower and they have more armor.
  11. JCglitchmaster

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    Guess that makes sense then. But again, if the people who can't spend 10 mins getting ap ammo at lvl 1 in the 3000 locations its available then I doubt giving them a bolt action sniper where you need headshot is really going to help them.
  12. JCglitchmaster

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    The ammo isn't available until lvl 3 prapor though. And the same people struggling to get ammo for the ak that is armor piercing at low levels (a feat that isn't remotely hard but players still seem unable to do so) will not be able to get the 7.62x54r ammo needed for the mosin
  13. JCglitchmaster

    Sunrise and sunset.

    I mean there are bigger problems with the day/night cycle than this.. Like how at around 5am it starts getting light then suddenly hits pitch black within a nano second and slowly starts going light again as it approaches 7am
  14. JCglitchmaster

    New patch

    This is my biggest problem with the forums/community managers. Trying to get information I end up going between their twitter, discord, reddit and forum. They literally have a dev section on the front page of their forum that NEVER has important information. I don't care if colonel twerkings has replied on a post of some guy crying about hackers or if The Way has replied to someone saying they should stop swearing. I care about the posts of what patchnotes are, the date, the q/a's of them, the future of the game ect. And then when you search 0.10 and limit it to title you get 5 pages of topics saying 'when is 0.10 coming' because the search function is so broken and the dev section is so useless.
  15. JCglitchmaster

    no scavs on shoreline

    You must have some real bad luck since when I played one in every 4 servers people would just run the coast to kill scavs but the majority of the time the entire server is at the resort, I come out on top then go scav hunting. If you really need those scavs just run the coast route. As I stated more scavs would be nice if it didn't implode the servers which it will