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    Имя персонажа Heinz_Eisenman Описание Heinz is a German man age 22 who stands at 5'6'' his face shows many of the scars and wear of a hard life. He has short brown curly hair and a thin build. Его прошлое Born and raised in Munich to a low income family his mother passed away at an early leaving him in the care of his father who worked long hours at a local car factory. Young Heniz did not let this stop him and used this to his advantaged spending most of his time as a young man outside of school in street gang quickly rising through the ranks he took over control and created an empire. With not much not him in physical size he quickly took it upon him to master firearms to protect himself on the streets. Как он попал в Тарков? After attracting to much attention in Munich even appearing on GSG9 radar Heinz quickly decide that he need to leave Germany but a man like him is not really suited for normal civilized life. A place like Tarkov really appealed to him a place to create a new empire for himself. Пристрастия Heinz is a simple man who values is reputation and authority but also has a liking for firearms and vehicles. Друзья Heinz does not have many friends and never has his last one was Hendricks who was caught and arrested by GSG9 leading Heinz to believe that Hendricks had been flipped into an informant and now Heinz has a hard time trusting anyone now keeping most relationships to strictly business between other "entrepreneurs" or his "employees" Ранения и битвы Heinz has many scars from his days on the streets of Munich and has had many fights and shootouts with other gangs and even police his a very familiar with confrontation. Стремления After leaving behind his empire in Munich he very much is looking to build his empire again in Tarkov one day he might retire but for now all he wants is to build an empire once again. Самые значительные достижения персонажа He overcame his hard upcoming and created an empire from nothing. Сила 23 Выносливость 26 Меткость 31 Снайпер