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  1. Wipes

    developers said no wipes after release
  2. 9mm AP

    its not for armor
  3. Anyone has Tips and Tricks ?

    try to go as a hatchet and an empty container and loot something and put it into the safe container. also sometimes im on the factory and giving away gear to friendly hatchlings which wiggle at my direction. im a bear always with AKM
  4. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    the usec hatchling at factory which i wanted to gave my as val and full armor but my friend killed you, because he thought im not giving it to you for real... man im really sorry
  5. How to does the game look up servers for groups?

    copied from facebook page: Hello, Escapers! There will be Long matching, due to the amount of players! There are new weapons and mods now available at the traders and there are New player counts for some maps: 8 for customs, 12 for shoreline and 7 for Factory. See Ya in Tarkov!
  6. insurance return problem

    @varggift i saw 5 insurances, one was tactical glasses only, and rest was forts and fully kitted m4s, i left them here because 12h was left and i had no space for it. i lost like 3 forts and many guns and decided to pull out the things from insurance, but i couldnt scroll up. now you understand?
  7. Wipe coming

  8. insurance return problem

    just lost 4 fort armors because of that
  9. 45 round ak mag

    wasnt there already a question like that before? like couple weeks ago?
  10. Patch/wipe delay

    did you mean 28.10.2018? you must have been mistaken by a launcher update
  11. Prapor

    you need to have exact reputation shown to level him up
  12. Better gear if you stay in raids longer?

    once i rushed office floor on factory and there was a scav with fort armor, and MPX on the shelf, it was 59 minute
  13. Name this :*

    it says its not compatible with AR systems, only ak and mpx
  14. Name this :*

    Baskak stock from skier
  15. DVL-10 M1 / M2

    next update