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  1. I have 16 GB and the random desync / framedrops / lag is a lot worse on Shoreline than the other maps.
  2. Escape From Tarkov - Battle Royale.

    It's beyond me why people would rather play this Battle Royale game mode than what Escape From Tarkov already is.
  3. Yes, sure. But does the installer state that it could potentially delete everything on your entire harddrive? I dont think so and it's clearly an oversight on the developers part. There's no need to act like he had it coming because he didnt. Settle down and help the guy rather than try and be provocative for no good reason.
  4. seriously this is a joke

    The game warns you before running it that you might lose progress/loot due to bugs in the game. If you cant handle it then just wait until further down the line in development. It's not a complete game dude. I really dont understand how people can have these expectations of things working flawlessly when they're prompted so often about it not being a completed product.
  5. Should he have expected the installer for a game to delete everything he had on a specific drive if he fails to click the right button inside of it? I dont think so. I dont know what's up with some of you guys but this "get **** on kid" attitude really ruins communities. To OP: Make a bug report. It's obviously not meant to happen.
  6. Insurance is completely absurd

    I agree with OP. They could simply implement a more expensive insurance alternative with a much longer timer + a limit to how many of these expensive insurances you can have active at the same time to avoid people creating off-stash inventories.
  7. Remove satanic symbols.

    Do not feed the troll.
  8. Getting Down clocking on my GPU

    Do you have a lot of stuff running in the background? Any anti-virus with real time scanning turned on? Desktop beautification software like rainmeter?
  9. Did my team find a bug or were these hacks?

    I've played this game for a long time now and I have never seen that happen before. It could be desync I suppose but it does look dodgy. No way to tell really.
  10. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Desktop beautification software.
  11. This Game makes me mad

    When you bought into this early access game did it ever cross your mind that playing an unfinished game might result in glitches/bugs? There's even a warning prompting you when you start up the game. Stuff like that happens. If you cant handle it then perhaps you should take a break and wait until further down the line in development.
  12. Hackers Rampid

    There are videos of other people getting the same thing. It always seems to happen on Shorelines. My guess is that it's desynced scavs killing people. I suggest you make a bug report.
  13. Those occasional .5 second stutters are people extracting or scavs spawning in. As far as I know everybody gets these freezes when it happens.