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  1. Wasn't assuming anything, was making a suggestion to get rid of the hackers that are plaguing the game.
  2. I have an idea for you BSG, how about you use these stats your collecting to do something about the cheating/hacker problem you have at the moment? Surely you can afford at least 1 person to sit there and look at stats.
  3. moom00

    Bans for using forbidden software

    not really, takes about 5 mins to spoof your mac address.
  4. moom00

    So now we cant turn in quests?

    i just handed mine in, no error for me
  5. moom00

    pve server

    Please no PVE, players camping spawns though is pretty predictable as they usually always camp the same 2 or 3 spots. throw a grenade or just shoot in the direction of the others, if it doesn't kill them it will make them move. I can't stress this last part enough especially if you play factory.
  6. moom00

    OMG.. So many glitches at the moment....

    Think of it this way, the more people who find the glitches the quicker it will get fixed because the uproar about it will be bigger.
  7. moom00

    Ok I got to ask

    Im in AUS but I play on the west coast US server, i get a ping of about 150. I play on there because the OC server is nothing but chinese hackers (based on their names), playing on the US server people with some of my american mates they dont see me warping around the map and in about 400 raids have only seen 3 hackers (yes i am aware there are still prob just as many but havent seen them myself).
  8. moom00

    Avoid hitting the chest as a new player?

    go leg meta until you can get yourself some AP rounds, then it doesnt really matter
  9. moom00

    Marked Room Key

    got one on woods last night in a pilgrim backpack on a scav
  10. well yeah you need one between 0-20% and 20-40% 35.7-65 is over 50%
  11. moom00


    just looks like another F**kwit doing the god mode glitch
  12. moom00

    make fun of me for being bad

    Where are you playing from? If its within my region im happy to help you out
  13. moom00


    If you ring them up and tell the IVR (robotic voice menu) that you want to disconnect your service it will put you through to the retention team in either Adelaide or Hobart if you ring between 8am-7pm AEST and they should be able to provision the plan change for you.
  14. moom00


    Depending on who your ISP is you can have higher upload on cable, I used to work for Telstra up till about 12 months ago and we were doing 100/45 1tb plans, all you had to do was ask for them as they were a below the line offer (not advertised)
  15. moom00


    if you have cable Internet available to you, you will not be getting NBN as they purchased both Telstra and Optus cable about 2 years ago and used it to reduce the cost, also its a better service then NBN FTTN and FTTP anyway.