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  1. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    You dont know what you are talking about and this is most of the time a problem in these forums. Sounds are bugged anyways and you wont hear players moving around sometimes. Teammates can just sprint away in total silence. Silenced granates. Sound is an issue in this game at the moment and it was for a long time now. What i do is called halfstepping and i dont do it because its sometimes silent. I do it because i can positioning myself the way i want (fast). Since a few weeks this method of moving does make pretty loud sounds and messes up your hitbox with a wierd sliding animation. I know ive overdone it in some of my past videos but since then ive to use these method to peek corners and get myself in position. Also if you think jumping around is exploiting or not to be ment to do in this game look at leveling up strengths. lol. I think most of you are just jelly trolls with very little background information on how this game actually works and for the next time you post how about testing something yourself first inestead of simply repeating something that someone else said.
  2. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    Iam happy to help if my videos shows everything that needs to be fixed but i really doubt that.
  3. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    Wipe hype!
  4. Alles wieder von vorne? Ohne mich! Ich werde den patch nicht installieren!
  5. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    Thanks for over 100 subs
  6. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    My playtime is very low right now because i dont wanna burn myself out before the next big update hits. Ive already achieved everything i wanted this beta including: worldfirst max lv and trying to sustain the best gear as a solo player on factory. Things got quite easy with the last patch and those itemboxes. You can just horde insane amount of gear right now. Also if you compare the pools of players per map factory has by far the largest one so we might not see us because of this, timezone etc... Definatly planning to play more on this weekend might even stream a little bit on twitch. (AOfinaleTV)
  7. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    Yes its very similar but in the pro series everybody was using it until it got banned. But the effect is different because in cs players used it to get wierd hitboxes. Here in tarkov you would use it to run faster without actually running and get yourself in position with ministeps. Alot of players dont like it which is understandable. Thanks for the kind words
  8. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    First of all you need that kind of attention if you report something that is as much broken. The more attention you get the more pressure is on devs to make an actually good fix to the problem. So thanks for that even tho giving negative feedback helps here and i can devinatly take the blame its no problem for me. I wouldnt post this kind of video with me doing halfstepping to the max otherwise. If you think back this problem of movement has reach into early alpha and since then nothing has really changed. Developers are on it and made a not very good hotfix on this issue at the beginning this week i think. They made it so you will slide and make very big noise while halfstepping. But this is not a fix to the problem beacuse the slide animation is not what you see your character doing. So there is a difference in animation from what you doing ingame and what other players can see from you. Also the slide only activates every 2-3 halfsteps which is odd aswell. For me a fix to this problem could be: add a louder sound to every halfstep you make because you increase your movement speed that way but not as loud as sprinting. Also add a animation for it. This wierd sliding thing wont cut it.
  9. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    I dont think devs ban me for pressing shift. Also we are here to solve the issue.
  10. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    I have a team i can count on no worries but soloing factory give the most progress for me and i like beating squads on that map. Its so damn intense. I play 100 of raids just to encounter this one moment.
  11. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    I think you are a forum troll. If you get yourself some manners we might talk again. Tarkov deranked me to lv 63! The grind is ON!
  12. Run through

    Yes kill a scav or player and you wont get a "run through"
  13. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    If you think so its your opinion. Almost the same as duping and glitching made me laugh. Iam not here to own movement if you say he owns this movement you are wrong aswell. Please stop derailing this thread with nonsense thanks. Yes this movement should somehow have a bigger penalty but i like halfstepping also to peek corners. You can pretty much adjust yourself to the perfect position very fast. That is why we are here thanks
  14. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    Ive never used a godmode glitch. Yes ive got used to this way of moving because it is faster than normal walking and not as loud as sprinting so if you play the game alot you adjust to what the game offers you. Iam sorry if i offended anyone of you with my playstyle but this is just how it is right now. Also see it like that a beta is there to test stuff and point things out for the developers so they get the chance to create a better game in the end. If devs have a good solution for this movement win win situation and everybody is happy but first you have to point it out and that is exactly what i did. Yes iam considering streaming. Maybe soon