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  1. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    Pre-ordered Standard on 23 Jan '17 - no invite. v0v
  2. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Scratch that, seems like the first people are getting mails right now! One recipient apparently pre-ordered in May 2016.
  3. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    About the AI... well, I guess it's hard to make it seem natural but also take into account that players will quickly wisen up to where the AI spawns, patrols and how it generally behaves. So they overcorrect and just make them xray180noscopeheadshotbots, give them strength in numbers or unfair ambush places. Seems like a balancing problem that will be fixed by moving a few sliders around until it seems more fair. Currently however, it reminds me of the early Rainbow Six games - total BS but manageable.
  4. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Haven't even started yet, maybe during tomorrow's Russian office hours. So in, what 15 hours at the earliest but don't count on it. A few people apparently have been pre-ordering since late 2015, so who knows when anyone gets in.
  5. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Tbh, all the current problems make not having access to the beta rather bearable.
  6. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Are they bychance all using pistols or the small machine pistol? That's a known exploit. Players can somehow glitch their weapon into their hands and Gamma Containers simultaneously, so they can't lose them. Quite cowardly but "the devs are working on it". Just kill someone with a larger gun!
  7. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Weeell, you said they need to fund ongoing development through pre-orders - and that's not how traditional funding works, it's a typical revenue stream of crowd funders. Hence my remark. Thing is, they simply stated that they are completely self-funded, implying a business plan that will keep the company afloat long enough to get a product out. I'm afraid what you're saying about their financial situation is all conjecture without evidence. Could be, but evidence (lack of crowd fund campaign) and testimony (an interview a while back) say otherwise. BSG has for all we know a few people employed that worked on the Stalker series in some capacity. But here's the quick rundown: Around 2013, AbsolutSoft released the browser based F2P Unity Engine shooter Contract Wars. It was a decent success, so they started working on the successor Hired Ops. At some point (info is sketchy), a bunch of people split from Absolut, formed BSG, hired more people and started working on Russia 2028. That got put on hold for unknown reasons and they basically repurposed all the work to make Tarkov. Now, why is this important? Because it doesn't matter that it's their first release under the moniker "BSG". Companies are made of the people that work for them. These developers have been in the business for years, have first hand experience with multiplayer shooters, Unity, apparently Stalker and have made at least one full game together before. How does it matter if a company is brand new if you employ mostly seasoned industry veterans? I wholeheartedly agree on your last point.
  8. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Well, it's been already completely wrong since yesterday, so better don't take credit for it.
  9. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    No and don't get your hopes up until Monday. And as one of the moderators put it, expect game-breaking desync for the next 2-3 weeks as well.
  10. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    EfT is NOT a crowdfunded title. Has never been and was openly communicated as having its own funding. Also, it's not their first game at all. Battlestate Games is part of a dev team that made at least one successful title before and worked on another that turned into EfT. People paying for the game over the last year are regular pre-order customers with the questionable privilege of testing their game for them in advance. Customers are also not giving to a social welfare service here, Battlestate Games is a regular company with seasoned developers and presumably a healthy enough wallet NOT to crowd-fund EfT. By going public, charging money and lifting the NDA they neccessarily opened themselves up to public scrutiny and criticism. It's their job to deal with that and deliver on their promises.
  11. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Then they aren't unexpected. A week but the first wave hasn't even started yet. Or in their words; "Waves of admission to beta pre-order owners have not yet started! We will start running people in the coming days - as soon as we are sure that everything works stably."
  12. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    "Waves of admission to beta pre-order owners have not yet started! We will start running people in the coming days - as soon as we are sure that everything works stably." Well that stings a bit.
  13. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Nah. It's late in Russia, bears need their sleep.