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  1. How does this Forum work?

    Well good for you. its a very smart system compared to the forum, where all trades are in 1 thread. making it agonizing to find anything. discord is much easier. rep system(which makes it safer), trade channel for prices and tips. they have OFFICIAL admins and mods moderating this. its organized although not "official". Still, record, even if THIS guy havent been scammed, ive had 4 ppl trying to scam me. no one succeeded though. heres ya link goodluck.
  2. read the description of the game.
  3. Macros For levelling?

    i would say yes but***.. if they intended to do a feature like this, ok. but they are not and u are making shortcuts to get better. ***moraly i would say no. l2game like everyone else, even is its a boring thing. it wouldnt be so hard to reach the level if they didnt intend it to be hard. technically, i dont think they can even see it. i mean u use synapse anyway for your mouse. and sorry. this was all specualtion. but im bored so... take it or leave it.
  4. How does this Forum work?

    also, check discord for trading, they have a rep system and a few safeguards, making it easier and safer to trade. always record though, you never know.
  5. why does these threads get so much attention when there are actual problems with the game? boohoo he didnt die post #964 didnt you know. 64% of all statistics are made up.
  6. killregister

    Its time to fix this now., im stuck at killmissions and its useless. when is this fix coming. armors etc blabla, it can wait. fix gameplay or else there is no point to fixing the other stuff. "its being worked on". i sure hope so. breaking items and changing prices and stats is one thing. breaking the reason to play the game is just scary and should really be more than top priority. gimme an estimate, ask your colleagues. 1 day, 1 week somewhere inbetween? a month? hours? i want to play. i understand that you cant answer everything like this, but since, i guess/hope, its prioritized they should know. atleast roughly. this is not a cirklejerk thread or posted to socialize. its directed at someone who knows and can answer the questions. thankyou.
  7. Kill register and repair.

    yep. new round. 1 player, 6 scavs. registered. 2 scavs. its so insane to have this issue at this point. ahwell, i guess forget about the game for a week or so. but it makes me mad. check the updates before u roll em out. stop listening to idiots who just want patchhype and actually DO IT RIGHT instead. its beta blabla. so what. do it right or dont do it at all. u keep breaking things over and over again how is it supposede to be testen when u fix a problem and create 5 new ones. HOW is this even a problem and WHYYYYYYY dont u just announce it instead. MAKE a thread with all the bugs known, that NO ONE can answer, so its not just 11 pages of poo talk. yeah its superfun to have this stupid mission(snipers are useless), while it doesnt even register the kills. THANKS.
  8. Kill register and repair.

    yeah. not at all. its strange. have 3, neither of them. all of them is below 40 but over 20,1 is 38.8 which i suppose is correct that i cant repair. yeah helmets were no problem, only have kviers and fasts though. so dont know bout the other 2. old, pre patch. helmets. sending my cash-pigeon!!!
  9. Kill register and repair.

    like 58.8/32.0 hence upper and lower. also about the 20 quid
  10. Kill register and repair.

    actually not. it was pacas. they DO have the upper AP over 40 but not the lowerpart. helmets NP. wont test on forts, dont have any under 50 do u want my paypal details?
  11. Since im on the Peacekeeper Task: Sniper level 7. Im 6 atm. killed like 6 with the DVL and 2 with the m4. got 2 DVL and 2 m4 kills in the end. this is outrageous. i dont know if the skill still registers all the kills, but if not. FIX IT faster then ASAP. in my kills is only registered 2 sniperkills. repair doesnt work. 1 of my FastMT is still with the old armor point where the others isnt. AND PLEASE notify us when you have made appropriate changes. SIGHHHH.... and the Mechanic Sells 1 euro for 1 rouble. forgodssake. dont u check the patch before releasing it?! 10million small issues.
  12. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    i agree. a bit salty of me. havent eaten breakfast yet:P mandible is down to 5 AP and sidearmour 10 AP. but for some reason 1 of my fastMTs still have the old setting while the others dont.
  13. Fort Amour with 50 overall durability ?

    -Reduced characteristics of some helmets and body armor this is all it says, so its really not specific at all. its actually very unspecified to how. but sure go ahead, next time maybe u should add what you are refering to when making a ridiculing post to someone. but its really great that you know all about it. please tell me, because i dont understand all the specifics. i know; -Reduced characteristics of some helmets and body armor<-- this. and that fort is down to 50 and PACA 40 armorpoints. but id love all the details.
  14. ridiculusly stupid. now gearfeared guys wont EVER bring armors anymore. yeay. what did they expect would happen with this? what is the point?! even as it is i rarely see forts. i do see them. but very seldom.
  15. Best 7.62 ammo for Fast MT ?

    BP is armor piercing. so i guess, that.