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  1. Cheater

  2. Should Escape From Tarkov have an open world feature?

    You must be a parent.
  3. Cheater

    Oh my god. They don't accept cheat reports.
  4. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    If more footage needs to be put together let me know. I chose this song and ending clip that way there is not a copyright infringement and it's all 100% the game.
  5. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    If this needs subtitles I can add them in Russian. Players :JoshuaFetter , Harambo, Rack0730 and LordBishop.
  6. Scenery changing

    If your graphics are lower, most won't render at distance. Your scope is rendering when it's magnified. Kinda prevents the ARMA issue. Where a sniper will be on a hill behind grass but beyond 300 yards it looks like a wookie in the desert.
  7. Weapons in slow motion

    A quick video I put together so everyone can see most weapons operation in slow motion.
  8. How to get helmets

    The dumbest quest is having to kill 25 bears in 3 hours. Also my buddy and I run Paca 90% of the time now and usually no helmets. Fort just slows us down. Just kill people and you'll get gear.
  9. How to get helmets

    Because if you let every scrub buy armor off the bat, it then makes it far less valuable.
  10. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    Our entry is being delayed because factory hasn't been putting us in to actually run it in the past few days. Were literally editing ours together right now. We had to do customs and it won't be nearly the quality of the factory runs..
  11. How to get helmets

    Kill players and scavs have them sometimes.
  12. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    Keep telling yourself your a legit play bub.
  13. 2 Suggestions

    #1 : There should be a little incentive to help push more gear out. A geared players should earn a bonus for x amount of currency they have in gear. Example: Player running a hatchet gets a x 0 multiplier for coming in with a hatchet while a player with a gangster M4 and full body armor should receive x 2 - 3 on escape. That way you can earn more xp and the risk vs reward will increase #2 : No more quests that require the killing of scavs on a time limit. 25 scavs in one hour is fine, whatever but it promotes a non tactical sprint to get all the kills you can. IMO. If it's a limit, 1 hour on customs to kill 10 scavs would be fine. You can slow move through and play it tactically how it is designed but when you start putting a number of scav kills past what the amount that spawn pretty much eliminates any tactics.
  14. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    But do you have 2 Rolex?
  15. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    Lol someone who has a youtube channel and doesn't post any videos of tarkov but other videogames..