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    Forum RPG General Discussion and Questions

    Things is i do not know how to create a group, I didnt see anything about groups around except about cartels
  2. sergiu2411

    Forum RPG General Discussion and Questions

    I do have a friend play as my big brother and that's why I'm asking
  3. sergiu2411

    Forum RPG General Discussion and Questions

    Is there any way to create a group of two people without meeting in the "Romp Bar"? I would like to create my story with my in game brother :))
  4. sergiu2411

    New players

    Character name Jaromir_Novak Description Jaromir is a medium sized man with an average build . He has brown eyes and he shaves his head. He would rather take action first and think later, he is a very hot bloded individual, with aspiration for justice. He usually wears his favorite shades and face mask, with a black shirt and green army pants. His past Jaromir was born and raised in Poland in the town of Bralin. He lived in a small house with his mother and his big and young brothers. Having no money , their mother could not afford to send the kids to school so their only choice was the street life. It was hard on the streets, it was an environment dominated by gang fights, thugs and drug-dealing. Jaromir along with his brother, Chebureki, saw this as their only choice for survival, so it wasn't long until they started getting affiliated with the local gangs in all sorts of activities. It wasn't a good life but it was good enough to sustain them, even though their mother wouldn't be proud if she knew what they were doing. But their world turned black from the day they crossed a major gang boss... From that day onward they started receiving threats daily... The little town was not safe for them anymore. How did he get to Tarkov? After the murder of their mother by the gang mob, the two brothers didn't know what to do , they wanted to leave it all behind, they were desperate so they decided to start anew in the city of Tarkov, which they learned about from a news program on the TV. They got intrigued by the newly founded Norvinsk economical zone, and Tarkov's greatly expanding infrastructure. Predilections He likes to wear military looking clothes and learn more about the guns and how they work. Jeromir don't want to remain a "lone wolf" while he is on the streets of Tarkov, that's why he is looking to have a group of people that he can count on. Friends Chebureki is Jeromir's big brother and his fellow fighting buddy. More guys that he met in the city. Wounds, and battles No wounds during the gang battles, but he gained a lot of experience during the street life. Aspirations Jeromir is willing to be part of the BEAR group, because he became fed up with all the injustice he did in his past. The greatest achievement that character did Learned how to use a gun effectively and survive in very hard living conditions + those consecutive 20 vodka shots at a party. Strength 24 Endurance 30 Accuracy 26 Fighter
  5. sergiu2411

    Fix the damn hole!

    Or if you breach in the locked door on 3rd floor on factory and get stuck inside there, still happened to me recently, "Good times"
  6. sergiu2411

    Add report function

    +1 from me, a report button is always good in any online game...
  7. sergiu2411

    Tactical Flashlight Mode

    I don't really think that should be the main thing to focus on right now, well yeah maybe in the future
  8. sergiu2411

    shoreline spawns

    I'm spawning sometimes late on custom, 6 mins later ...
  9. sergiu2411

    Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    Dehydration is extreme indeed, just imagine what it is going to look like when the game is going to be open world, if it is going to be...
  10. sergiu2411

    Spectate Mode for Team members

    Well it is frustrating to just stay there and wait for them to finish a raid. If you can only see their POV it is cool for me.