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  1. Maxson_

    This is why I play EFT.

    because you cant really communicate in the game, those situations are rare.
  2. Maxson_

    Attention! Some Responses for you

  3. Maxson_

    Kalaschnikow Luger

    what the hell. i never saw one of those in my entire life.
  4. Maxson_

    Fast MT und LZsH

    habs grad mit nem kumpel getestet, hat wunderbar funktioniert wie es sollte. vllt haben sies schon gefixt? kp hat genug kugeln ausgehalten und das erst nachdem ich den FAST helm im raid ausgezogen, angezogen und dann schild runter gemacht hab.
  5. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

  6. Maxson_

    Pinning Solos against Groups is ridiculously stupid

    Reallife combat is always unfair. Did the US Army declined airstrikes because the Taliban didnt had Jets in the Air? Hell no. If you cant win a fight, fall back and hide or prepare. Its hard to win against geared guys but thats how it is and it wouldnt be any different in real life.
  7. Maxson_


    ist klar, das es kein Misc. item ist letztendlich sind diese aber auch Barter Items
  8. Maxson_


    RGlasses, Sugar, Cond.Milk etc. geht nicht rein nur misc. items. wenn das noch machbar wär wär das teil echt klasse.
  9. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB Lion Figure MSG me
  10. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB Clin Wipers paying good msg me
  11. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    ^looking for clin wipers and bleaches
  12. Maxson_

    glitching on factory

    its normal. i died at least 300 times on factory until i became "good" in it. now its my fav. map
  13. Maxson_

    Factory is CHAOS

    Fort + Altyn + M4 + Mods + M995 and your good. otherwise it is indeed like a tombola.
  14. Maxson_

    Death Notes

    I would write a gun history for my Rifle. Like My M4 survived 3 Raids killed 6 PMCs and 11 Scavs. So whoever Pick it up can continue