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  1. Maxson_

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    as much as i like this, please dont show this to us when its not coming soon...
  2. Maxson_

    Upcoming Items...

    oh lord that stuff is nice
  3. Maxson_

    Is face hitbox a good thing

    face hitbox sounded sweet first, but i would like to get rid of it to be honest.
  4. Maxson_

    Neue Ausrüstung incoming!

    und wann kommt die HK 416?
  5. Maxson_

    Wird es ein weiteren Wipe geben ?

    ja sicher, wenn 0.9 kommt. ob es ein voller wipe sein wird oder vllt nur inv. steht noch aus soweit ich weis. vielleicht behalten wir unsere rep. mit den trader und den task fortschritt
  6. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    got one.
  7. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    wanna buy an goshan cash register key PM me
  8. Maxson_

    stock folding key binds

    can confirm
  9. Maxson_

    So i meet that scav... What's his history?

    he survived the contract wars
  10. Maxson_


    still there i can buy it
  11. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    2x Shmaska to sell, PM me with offer
  12. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    2x Shmaska to sell
  13. Maxson_

    Trading Sammelthread

    2x Shmaska oder 3x Ghost Mask zum verkauf.
  14. Maxson_

    Official Trading Thread

    selling 2 shmaska
  15. Maxson_

    i thought its a myth

    happened again lol.. idk man it just went up but only for a few second. dont ask me why