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  1. Anfänger Freundliche FB Gruppe

    this is the english speaking forum / das ist das englischsprachige forum @CrimsonMoon
  2. yea dude, work on the editing and you should be fine. good luck with your yt.
  3. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    dont know what he is going to sell. but for sure not that
  4. Durststrecke

    wenn ich's zu oft verhaue mach ich hatchet runs, da fühlt man sich manchmal gleich wieder besser nachdem man n' haufen loot rausgeholt hat: manchmal hat man auch einfach zu viel pech im spiel..
  5. Gun history

    i would like to have smth like this, it should show who owned it, how many raids he took it in, how many shots he fired, how many scavs killed and how many pmcs he killed. also how often he got it from insurance return. but please dont rename guns...
  6. Selling

    i take one, send me how much you want for it
  7. Die neue Bear-Uniform

    kann man sich seine uniform dann aussuchen oder wie funkt das?
  8. Number of hackers has grown SO MUCH...

    never experienced something like that. for me, this game looks pretty much hacker free
  9. Time Rocks :D

    31mins extraction when you got only 20 left in the raid. you better run to another exit with your blacked out stomach lol
  10. Joined TAW a couple weeks ago, didn't regret it any second. it is fun to play games with people from all over the world and we had very interesting conversations, i can honestly not say anything bad about those guys, so if you are looking for a clan that really try to help you in a game, TAW is for you.
  11. Hab nen hatchet Runner ne saiga hingeworfen. Hab es 20sec später bereut.
  12. The Merry Christmas Thread

    Merry Christmas from Germany
  13. Alpha Rig Suggestion

    yes, but i would miss the space in that vest for other important items. maybe we can have an vest like this in the future.
  14. Alpha Rig Suggestion

    not gonna lie, i think its better the way @1mRAAAH have shown it. would allow me to put a grizzly in it, what would make the price for the vest more justifiable.
  15. Zeigt euren Lieblings Meinungsverstärker

    Mein Factory-Blaster.