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  1. Again, there should not be any level-based matchmaking in tarkov. That's not the point of the game at all, and it never was. If you're an inexperienced player and stumble upon good players, too bad for you, either try to outhink them or run. What most people disagree with is the idea that low-level player should have no chance what so ever to deal with high-geared players, which would be the case if they had not access to a Vepr-136 on an AKN. And that's what scav run are here for: allowing newcomers and players without gear to be more than just easy targets for geared players. The OP complains that it brings too much good weapons and cash in the game, which is doubtful considering that most scav will spawn with a pistol or a Vepr at most, and not higer-grade weapons or armors.
  2. Yeah, cause obviously you spawn as a scav with a minigun and a nice portable-VHF radio to call in CAS fighters... + in every well-made RPG, low level players will start in an area suited to them, with monsters and AI easier to deal with than what they will encounter later in the game. That's not the case in Tarkov, and never was the point.
  3. Here is the thing, if you are a "low level" or "bad" or "inexperienced" player, then the fact you can't access decent gear (we're not talking about M4s here) will deny you the opportunity to get good. Giving underperforming players that kind of decent loot (again, a 136 or a 74N is hardly good loot) does not devaluate the achievments of those that play better since those very players will rack up money faster, rank up faster and unlock new idems that are not lootable earlier. You say that a 30-60mn cooldown is enough, but when you're new and get spawnkilled on Factory or Custom because you basically don't know the game, that's a very long time. I'd like to add two things: 1- I rather player against people who looted an AK while playing scav than against hatchlings. Maybe you don't care to plunge people in the no-gear valley and are perfectly fine with the idea of using SA-58s and RSASSes against hatchlings but, tbh, most of us would find that boring and are perfectly fine with people using scav run to gather stuff. 2 - I can see that you are dedicated to the game, running a blog about it and all, bur for the vast majority of us it's just a game among others, and we can't afford to farm continuously scavs to unlock this item or that weapon. For us, scav run is a good way to gater decent (and, again, no SV-98s here) gear and play for fun once in a while. EDIT: I'd also like to point out that it is not because a new scav run is available every 10mn that people will play it every 10mn. Most players I know play scav when they have no gear and that's it; we have quests to do and thinks to kill, that would be a waste of time to run as a scav each time it is available.
  4. Ian_


    Apart from terrible grammar and horrible ponctuation, you seems to have no idea about how video games work and why the size of a game does most of the time have nothing to do with its quality or even the content that's in it. Just ask yourself why games like Wolfenstein II takes more than 75gigs while they are little more than linear FPSes, while big OWs can take as little as a few gigs. Also, given the recent financial track record of Tesla, I wouldn't brag too much about working there if I were you.
  5. Because at some point there might be a real incentive to use them (like, you don't have 60 rounders and yet you want to use more-than-30-rounds mag). Also because implementing something you already have under hand is rather easy and doesn't take a lot of time (that's the whole point of using Quixek Superscans). I mean, why not. They might also plan to add a cheaper T-rig than can fit such mags later on. But altering the game's economy to create an artificial need for such items is pointless at least, damaging at most.
  6. Why should all magazines be practical ingame if that's not the case IRL? as it stands, IRL, both 45 and 60 rounds mags are most expensive than 30-rounds ones, but there's almost no difference between them. Also IRL, a 60 rounds mag will fit in a T-rig pocket while a 45 rounds won't. You're asking for more realism but at the same time you're trying to enforce artificial ways to make the use of certain items more compelling, that's totally contradictory. That kind of mentality will ruin the game, like it did with so many other titles. The ability to get stuff should not be a fonction of the time you can spend on the game. And high-level, intrinsically good players should not have an additionnal edge over newcomers because of insanely more powerful gear. This is basic game mechanics; if you deny the newcomers the tools they need to git gud, they won't be any newcomers.
  7. I never needed more than 60 rounds without having the option to reload. What you refer to are very rare situations to say the least. Also, most squad will spread out and you won't be able to hit all of them without any reaction from their side. + I find it very presumptuous of you to assume that "players underestimate how effective a 60 rounder is". You expressed how you feel about them, but that's about it. Different players, different play style. Because people don't think that 60-rounders should cost 45 grands doesn't mean that they don't understand how the mag is to be used or what.
  8. Yet they fit in standard Trig pockets while 45 rounds, dual-stack mags don't. Problem sloved.
  9. Not realist. As I said, you can fit a quad stack magazine in a standard T-rig pocket. Not a longer, 45-rounds, dual stack magazine. 60 rounds drums in 2*1 pockets are a nonsense tho. Yeah, I was speaking about 5.45, 5.56 and 7.62 mags, not the small, 10-rounds ones for the Saiga-9 or the PP-91. ^^
  10. Hi, Since a few updates, I feel like a lot of hits are not registrered correctly by the game, or at all. I sometimes shoot people, clearly hit (with blood effect and all), die and see no hit recorded. In other instances, I have recorded hits but no damage dealt. Ultimately, sometimes, the whole shot isn't even recorded by the game. Am I the only one to encounter that? I'd like to point out thgat I'm playing on the servers offering me the best connection, so yeah, nothing that can be done on that side... Thanks.
  11. Oh boi, if you think there's no advantage to a 10-rounds mag, then you haven't used them enough. - I was saved countless times because I had a 10 round mag in a pocket, on top of whatever I was carrying in my tactical rig - That's not because you can buy a scav vest that this rules out the 10 rounds mag: you can only carry one more spare mag in a scav vest or you'll loose one of your three mags on first reload. - 10-rounds mags are fast to reload ingame, and offers a much better visibility on how is your ammo supply Regarding the 45-rounds mag, that's normal that it takes more space than a 60-round mag. While the 60-round one is a quad-column mag, the 45-round is only dual-stacking, like the regular 30-rounds mag. That's also the case IRL. You can fit a quad-column mag in a regular T-rig pocket, not a longer, dual-stack mag. I would agree however that drum mags should use more space. EDIT: I also think you greatly overestimate how useful 60-rounds mags really are. I almost never encoutered a situation which required me to fire as much shots without giving me the possibility to reload. Also, I'd rather have a few 30-rounds and perform a tactical reload rather than have a 60-rounds mag. I almost always loose count of how many shots I fired and how much my mag still holds, so I'd rather reload and be certain that I have 31 rounds ready to go. That's already quite the case. People who post here are die-hard fans of the game, but most people I expect don't/won't get above even LVL2 on most traders. The 60-rounds mags are only available through exchanges at such levels.
  12. Yeah, but most people don't want to play only on Factory, and I can't spend 30 hours of my game time trying to figure out how to get out of a spawn that sends me directly towards at least two players. This can be done at the moment but good luck figuring out all spawn stategies for all maps and all spawn points when the game will be complete. You can do that because you're playing Facto only, but again I play all maps. I can already feel the point where we will have people specialized in one map and playing only that one. Will be fun. Yeah that's the point. I'm playing Escape from Tarkov, not CS:GO, I shouldn't have to rush as soon as I spawn to catch people off guard. This is a tactical shooter, not a fast-paced FPS. As you can see I do manage to survive. I just feel that this isn't how the game was supposed to be. It's all about tension, checking angles and walking slowly, not running and gunning not to get caught in a dead end. At least if there was another exit for that spawn that'd be fine, but that's not the case. Yeah, the fact that we spawn together is neat. But that particular spawn point isn't. For the other spawns, I have nothing to say. Breach Door is fine, PVE didn't change, White Light neither... That's just that particular one.
  13. Hi, Is it just me or did the new factory spawns made the map almost unplayable? I think in particular of the spawn in the room near the garage: if you spawn here, you're already dead or near-so. There's a spawn on your left, near the big red door, and one on your right just past the little tunnel so 99% of the time you're doomed. The old spawns weren't perfect either, but at least none of them was in a dead end as most are now (the one I mentionned above, the one in the room near the silos on the other side of the map...). This is frustrating because it just makes the game totally random. Nowadays, most of my Facotry games start like that: Any thoughts?
  14. Ian_

    Low GPU usage - low framerate

    G-Sync is already off. I will try your trick with the FOV. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Hey folks, I have a small problem with the game right now…My framerate will not get beyond 45/50fps at most, with my GPU load seemingly locked at 40/45%. I’m using a GTX 1080Ti Aorus Extreme, and I’m getting less performance than with my older, lower tier GTX 1070. The CPU is a 7950XE @4.2, I have 64gb RAM running at 3200mhz and the game is on SSD. I’m playing in 2560*1440 @144hz. What I tried so far: - Updating Nvidia drivers: no effect - Reinstalling the game: no effect either - Turning down graphic options ingame: no effect appart from an even lower GPU load - Trying with another GPU: the game run fine on my 1070, and horribly on my Titan V (but that could be because Unity doesn’t support Volta well yet) - Checking if neither V-Sync nor a framerate limiter are activated, both ingame and in Nvidia drivers: no effect Do you have any other idea about what I could try to make the game use the full power of my Ti and get better performances ingame? Thanks. PS: While I’m at it, is something planned for scavs sighting and shooting players through very dense layers of vegetation? Right now, the forest near the mountain on Woods is a nightmare where you get constantly shot by bots that are 50 meters away behind five trees and two bushes… x)