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  1. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Can anybody confirm about the free gifts (rifles, case and keys) are a one time thing just for the holidays and will it disappear after this event or will the free gift option be available in our game profiles each time and when the game resets.
  2. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    By rights you should get x2 free trial key and a free standard edition because you pre-ordered before August 5th, 2016. The highlighted red box shows you pre-ordered the game on August 2nd, 2016 thus making it 3 days before the check. Perhaps since you're cutting it close it was harder for them to track orders for standard edition giveaway but yes you should still get it so contact support or email bsg directly on their main webpage, not eft.com
  3. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Hmm a thought about the free gift. Will we get the additional gift each time we wipe the profile or will we have to press the button on profile to receive the gift every time wipe and/or manual reset?
  4. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Gotcha. Figured but wanted to make sure. Thanks man! Hmm a thought about the free gift. Will we get the rifles and case each time we wipe the profile or will we have to press the button on profile to receive the rifles?
  5. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Just to clarify the free additional gift button is for your personal account not the trial keys. so I hope that clears it up. Also really quick the redeem key for a friend would be a button on their profiles when they create the account right? As a matter a fact where is the redeem key button? heh.
  6. M4 in Factory = people runs in panic to exits

    @Muscle-Alex@Fox7394 To clarify on confusion that's in between my lines is when players will be able to see who they've killed (dogtags I believe) and obviously we already know who our killer is and if we see that person in the lobby I feel a lot of people will leave out of fear as well. Get what I mean now? I hope the lobby system is removed just for this matter as well because I don't want people backing out just because they are scared of their killer and there is more to it like posting on forums as well showing off. And this goes well with the thread point also but no I don't think people fear any form of weapon when they hear it.
  7. M4 in Factory = people runs in panic to exits

    Pretty soon there will be the same in lobbies once players can check the bodies of the enemies for names and wise versa. Hopefully we can enter raids from hideout. Fear is pretty good if you can use it well.
  8. Balancing, Matchmaking and Co.

    This is what I meant. Once we kill all available players who stuck it out and remained playing at least once it's easy to lose interest. I know it's pretty arguable as it will take a long time to run into every single player but niche communities eventually end up with same players playing versus each other. The meta game right now is a m4, 2 60 round drum mags, armor and ifak 4-8, g and click and drag. Pretty boring but also because we have no content once you have finished it all and it takes roughly 3-5 days to max everything out even if you work.
  9. Balancing, Matchmaking and Co.

    @JaggedI agree with you but I also don't want to be going off against the same people all the time.
  10. Quest Mega Thread

    @marqs@SovietNeko Correct. Makes no sense, probably will get it corrected. That optional point must be bugged because I tried to more or less get it from scratch while leaving the key in stash and getting a new key from 220 but it still didn't check off. Its all good a bug. Thanks guys.
  11. Quest Mega Thread

    To hand in 6 60 round magazines from military bunker in woods. I can buy them but I'd prefer to do the quest line. I had the military bunker key already in my stash but just to make sure I got lucky with a key that opens a room which contains the key to the bunker but it did not check off the optional quest line in tasks.
  12. Will there be a overhaul of quest items on release. I feel right now anybody can just look up where to go and what to do without actually having to logically thing. It's okay if you're playing with a friend in the raid and he has the item or key you may also need and can give you hint but outright looking up where to go and what to do seems to counter the adventure, immersion and overall experience. I know items and progression will (and better) be lost if you die in a raid but as topic says will they revamp quest locations? If not everyone will just rush them. At least use spoilers when mentioning a particular quest path or clue because it's inevitable that eyes will cross if on the forum eventually.
  13. Quest Mega Thread

    I found the bunker woods key for woods before finding it in customs room 220 but the optional check did not complete. Anybody else having this issue?
  14. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    The cheaters will be getting a 2nd chance once the game is released the same way as those who broke non disclosure agreement are as stated not too long ago? or different offense?
  15. None unfortunately as it is, like you said, the internet. Safe to safely assume there will also be tons of stream snipers since we are going against emissaries who are streamers and considering how they play the game I'd say its pretty much free loot for actual tactical teams. It will still bring in new people though regardless of how this event goes. It's just marketing for those who love marketing and free kills on those who just love to play the game.