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  1. Keep the work moving and we’ll keep playing. Good work
  2. New languages in Escape from Tarkov

    Good job guys, keep it up. Fantastic game for everyone
  3. The Escape from Tarkov-based forum text RPG has started!

    Well. Looks like it’s time to be active on the fourum
  4. Finna buss when the hideout comes out. Actually I kinda buss every time new content comes out

  5. EU Escort In-Game Event Takes Place on June 8th!

    Add me into the event please Discord: FlavorFlaves#9474
  6. Discord name is sephg#9474

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    2. Frantic


      It should be there. What version you have?


    3. VoteforFlavor


      The edge of darkness version


    4. Frantic


      Send me a screenshot from profile's account, on Discord.