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  1. Prapor quest - Delivery from the past

    What you need to understand that this if FUN! Lots and lots of FUN! Before tasks it was a deathmatch.
  2. Too hard for beginners???

    This is supposed to be a hard game. Nuf said.
  3. Scav aggro

    Be aware that the play as scav is a new function in this game. Still needs some fixing.
  4. "Sniper" scavs

    Yes you can, but you cant kill them in 2-3 shots.
  5. "Sniper" scavs

    When will you sort out the problem with saiga shotgun scavs damaging you heavily from quite some distance? It is getting a wee bit anoying.
  6. Want to upgrade to EOD but....

    On twitter they promised to fix the netcode asap, but so far i've seen no change.
  7. Kiver is useless

    Well it's moving in that direction i'd say.
  8. Kiver is useless

    Well the nerfed the heck out of the better helmets aswell. This game is going the cod way.
  9. congrats on killing armors

    Armor nerf is CRAP!
  10. very happy about last patch!

    Not sure which game you played. But shoreline is a lagfest after last patch, the netcode is still crap. Ok how fun will it be if you get shot 1-3 times and blackout? Realism is good but pushing it too far in a game is not.
  11. I love this game until today

    Though i agree that there should be a report function for suspected cheaters, i'd say that you are a victim of bad desync, had the same today lost alot of gear due to it. "They recently discovered how bad theirs netcode is" and promised to sort it out. My guess is that they knew all along but when someone discovered it they needed to fix it. I love this game and i hope that it will go forward.
  12. Netcode

    Did you just get to know how pisspoor your netcode is? Probably not. Did someone just reveal that fact? Much more likely. Judging by your tweets i'd say you got caught.
  13. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

  14. shotgun blast through concrete roof

    Scavs can kinda snipe you with shotguns, nothing new sadly. They cant hit the barn wall from 50 meters away, they will blow it away. Must be super scav shotguns. Maybe some uranium in in the shells?
  15. SKS needs a nurf

    Learn by the sad marks ye?