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  1. Timo-chi

    Polish Rifle GROT

    The gun looks really good, must know more now. So after a little research this gun is pretty impressive with all the variants and capabilities it has this could be a really nice addition to the game.
  2. Timo-chi


    I assume it is atleast the 6 players on that map and you can still check packets and you should not be able to get in to an game alone unless others can't connect to that game or for some other reason get in that game.
  3. Timo-chi

    Meh, I'm done.

    Can't say this any better, was really ready to play the game this wipe more than last one but did not spark an interest besides few runs in interchange, then deemed it too boring. If you want really good loot you just play shoreline since it has way too much loot compared to the older maps which are way more to my liking and the mission with PMC kills should wary debending on the faction you choose to play. I just wanna play more of this but not with the current setup so maybe the long waited good change comes soon, but the game is still enjoyable in small sessions from time to time.
  4. Timo-chi

    SMW Key on Shoreline

    Not sure about errors but just yesterday when I opened an weapon crate there was a modded gun dropped inside the box so I was not able take due to crates hitbox registering the opening and closing it.
  5. Timo-chi

    WEird stuff going on

    Well we have had people die when shot once to from the back to head just because the facehitbox is really wwweird with lag and desync, it sucks but maybe it gets fixed before too long it is basicly just really bad luck.
  6. Timo-chi

    Scavs aggro from gestures?

    Yeah the AI Scavs will become hostile if you flip them off.
  7. As I noticed that no one has answered to your question, so here we go there is few Antipersonel rounds (for RPG-7 for example since it is easy to find in internet) but unlike in games like COD or BF the actual radius us explosion is not that large (There is info on some of the round ill add a picture from Wikipedia) around 10 meters for the Antipersonel rounds so if you are going to be shooting an RPG-7 you will most likely have hard time hitting anything past 100 meters with deadly accurate shot since the person can just move when they hear you shoot and they do not have very accurate aiming systems to begin with. With no offense to you but you make your self look little bad, since you have not made any research on the thing you are talking about when it comes to rocketlaunchers just check what I said above and that was just 1 search from google of course they could add some other rocketlauncher but it will most likely not be that different and what comes to 40mm grenade launcher rounds they are even less accurate and with smaller explosion from 2-5 meters if you wanna kill someone, then there is the arming time so you mostlikely wont be able to shoot within 14–28 meters (if presented with an enemy within the arming distance of most high explosive rounds. Rounds with a shorter arming distance presented significant danger to the shooter if used at those ranges. Prior to development of grenade launchers attached to standard infantry rifles, development commenced on non-explosive cartridges to allow those armed with grenade launchers to engage targets at shorter ranges safely. Similar rounds have also been developed for weapons chambering the higher velocity 40x53mm cartridge as well. These anti-personnel rounds fall primarily into what could be considered the "canister" category, and are designed in most cases to turn the grenade launcher into what many would consider a large shotgun.) so you wont be shooting someone next to you with it and the time to load these weapons in question will take long time and you wont be able to spam them that fast with accuracy to kill someone like in other games since this game so far is really realistic so you wont be seeing explosives ruining the game with UBGLs or rocketlaunchers but if mines, claymores and such come in then they will just add to the extraction camping (and only in case if the system is not made more dynamic from what it is now and we all know they will fix all the issues that come). PS. feel free to correct me when you find something wrong, I am not a specialist on this subject just used google to find something
  8. Timo-chi


    Yeah I once saw it and that was long time ago, but it never appeared again and wasn't able reproduce it so I had no way of reporting so that it would make sense. If you can report it, since you have the picture of it and know when it came
  9. Timo-chi


    Yes, she is way faster (about 12 hours) than Prapor (24-36 hours) with the returns but costs more not sure if there will be any way to reduce them in the future, but as of now they are allways the same unless BSG changes them. So if you want fast returns use Therapist, but you cannot lower those values.
  10. Timo-chi


    Not sure if there will be something later on, but currently you don't have a way to get faster rates.
  11. Timo-chi

    underground factory exit

    That door is having some issues with how you will get through, it is very easy to get stuck or not pass through.
  12. Timo-chi

    Endurance Skill Regressing after being maxed

    I might be totally wrong but I would believe that memory does not affect physical skills.
  13. Timo-chi

    Always on 100 ping with good internet?

    100 ping is not that much so it is not the thing that causes your enemies to pop up from behind the corner it is the games servers/netcodes problem.
  14. Timo-chi

    Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    yeah I know that thats why I said that. And technically you can get into the same game but the chance is pretty low and you won't be able to choose wwhat you bring.
  15. Timo-chi

    Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    I honestly believe in the anti-cheat more than some 12 years old kid saying this guy is obviously an hacker and having kill cam would tell you the location of the enemy and you could share that information to your squad mates.