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  1. underground factory exit

    That door is having some issues with how you will get through, it is very easy to get stuck or not pass through.
  2. Endurance Skill Regressing after being maxed

    I might be totally wrong but I would believe that memory does not affect physical skills.
  3. Always on 100 ping with good internet?

    100 ping is not that much so it is not the thing that causes your enemies to pop up from behind the corner it is the games servers/netcodes problem.
  4. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    yeah I know that thats why I said that. And technically you can get into the same game but the chance is pretty low and you won't be able to choose wwhat you bring.
  5. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    I honestly believe in the anti-cheat more than some 12 years old kid saying this guy is obviously an hacker and having kill cam would tell you the location of the enemy and you could share that information to your squad mates.
  6. 7.62 weapons broken??

    The next patch should have some netcode improvements and the fort currently is really good but pretty close how it work in real life. HP and PS both are not especially good but atleast the PS goes through in 5-6 shots dont know how much the HP goes against fort but it goes through kiver in 1 shot im pretty sure.
  7. 7.62 weapons broken??

    if you used 7.62 then that guy had fort because there is no way you can inflict only 5 damage with 5 shot unless you don't penetrate and anyways it takes like 6 hits with PS 7.62 to destroy fort and after that 2 hits to kill the person.
  8. The additional equipment

    No you wont be able to reset you have to wait the 2 weeks.
  9. Fix aim punch

    And that exactly is lag for him you are closer to him than you are for yourself and the server see you somewhere between those two so you are closer to him that you think when it lags. ...You realise that in real life the so called aim punch is not really even a thing since you will go down mostlikely from the first shot you receive, and neither do you allways die from 1 shot in reallife.
  10. Player Holes

    There has been conversation about this before but I do not recall what was the conclusion, but I would say it is everyones own fault for trying something that you are not supposed (there is an way around it don't be lazy) to do and failing in it
  11. Fix aim punch

    It is not because the range is too long the long range comes from lag. And can someone explain what is aim punch, only thing that comes to mind is recoil but yeah you are in a wrong game.
  12. Fast MT

    No, atleast me or anyone I know wont use stuff like that since in case of your wrist pending back and something stopping it, another part will give up even if the wrist does not bend.
  13. What are you trying to do?

    but what is the thrill if someone with just basic stuff like VEPR can't go against someone who happens to be fully kitted out with RSASS and Fort, they can easily take them out, if they just stalk them and wait for correct opportunity, and what comes to objectives the game will be totally different when you access it when it comes out or even in later patches currently there is no too much to do based on quests, bosses and ingame events etc. but there will be later, just hold your horses and wait.
  14. insurance suggestion

    Can't you just remember what you insured? Atleast that is what i do i remember what i allwways insure since i insure only forts Fast MTs and guns. I don't see any point making it anymore detailed since current way of receiving them is good, simple and easy.
  15. The first one is not correct if you get shot with shotgun you wont fly anywhere but other point are decent but you must understand that right now there simply is nogame mechanic to the shock so maybe it will come later or something you just have to wait and see how it is solved, but currently if you are using shotguns from like 10 meters you need 4-5 shots to kill person running anykinda armor if you shoot legs.