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  1. lN3ILl

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    Welcome to Tarkov, cutie.
  2. lN3ILl


    Was it Clara?
  3. lN3ILl

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    They just turned their gamma up.
  4. lN3ILl

    leaving game not work

    Yeah it can be frustrating. But we can work our way around it and still have some fun getting legged by scavs. :) I'm wondering though is is only a few people it is happening too or is everyone experiencing this?
  5. lN3ILl

    leaving game not work

    Just have to close it in task manager and relaunch it. Submit a bug report through the launcher if you feel you need too. We are going to have to put up with it until it's ironed out. I'll be lurking to for new info. Good luck. Happy hunting.
  6. lN3ILl

    leaving game not work

    I think i might be experiencing something similar. After a raid I cannot join a new raid or buy anything. I can move through trader menus and map menus. Clicking "ready" to start the raid does nothing and the log out and exit button also do nothing. So I have to close it in task manager and launch it again to join new raids.
  7. lN3ILl

    Killing an other Scav-Player

    I agree with OP. Introduce penalties for those who kill fellow player scavs or introduce bonuses to promote teamwork so the gibbing becomes less frequent.