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  1.  Hacker(RPM-Kevin)!

    Strat replied to cuir1944's topic in General Discussion

    You assume a lot of things, do not project your own inability to extract or eliminate opponents to people you don’t know about. I’m not at fault of your own incompetence.

    Hacks&Cheats are here and people who raid since Alpha all know about this, if you use hack you deserve to be shamed, then permanently Banned.

    A recording will be sent and before you flaunt exaggeration tell that to 2 other guys who apparently were also experiencing desync by getting shot in the head all over the level.

    You should know better

    1. Strat


      You're probably garbage at this game and blame hacks when you get out played. I've been playing this game for a year, probably thousands of hours and aside from one incident with a flying guy, very few sketchy scenarios.  Your salty tears made my day kiddo.

      Don't message me, you have an issue you can reply in the forums. Don't stalk me like some psycho jealous ex gf.

  2. Items case in Solo Night Factory Loot ;)

    Totally agree here. This kid is a tool. Shouldn't be posted pointless crap in the forums, it clogs up. Your posts have zero relevance and nobody gives a crap if you can kill a bunch of scavs who can't hit the broad side of a barn. Also on a side note, you're making your clan look bad...
  3. Does this sound like a hacker?

    I found a very interesting video with actual in-game testing of two screens with two different pings to show what desync ACTUALLY looks like. So many people claiming hackers, etc. are just being told to shove off and accept it is desync, but if you've never seen it tested before, It's difficult to believe. Have a look, hope it clears up some QQ. I recommend watching the whole video but if you only want to see the demo of desync, skip to 5:25.
  4. Customs Invisible players !

    It's not desync, it's a bug. If one of your teammates goes invisible, you need get a certain distance from them and they will reappear. If you stay next to them, you won't be able to see them. It's a distance thing. Get about 25 - 30 yards from them and they will pop back on your screen. Not sure if other people outside the team can see the invisible teammate or not yet, i've only noticed it with my buddy once in awhile when we play.
  5. Since the Hatcheteers (aka XP Pinatas) have their own friendly dance, it would seem befitting that the Scavs have their own wiggle as well so we can discern between AI and player scavs. Might I suggest something Cheeki Breeki? It would be SO awesome to have an ingame scav dance lol
  6. Cheaters ban wave

    I played The Division for several months and the game was just crawling with hackers left and right. Teleporting, shooting through walls, aimbots, damage stacking, etc. and Ubishit did nothing about it. This was a fully released game by a publicly traded company worth billions. I have not noticed anything blatantly obvious in EFT as far as hacks go but goddamn these Devs are on their game with the bans anyways! Bans for all the low-life cheats
  7. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    @FishnFurNubs You win man, you got me! Even though you initiated this bickering in the first place (I never once mentioned anyone specifically) I am the bad guy here. You win. I'm sorry for using thesaurus words, I'll simplify things a little for you next time. I'm sure enabling the time phase choice would be wanted by most people, but I'm not sure that fits with the premise of the game (sorry, another thesaurus word). It's uncomfortable to go out with good gear for fear of losing it. It's uncomfortable to play in the dark when it's hard to see. This game forces people out of their comfort zone some. Hopefully they continue that trend (in my opinion).
  8. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    @Cheaptrix I can see the logic behind it, but in my experience unfortunately it's not the case. Played with a level 12 guy the other night that started playing last year but had no clue what he was doing. I'm sure we can both think of anecdotal evidence to support both sides of the argument
  9. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    @Cheaptrix You're 100% right about the scrub comment, my mistake. Poor choice of words! In-game time >>>> Join date when it comes to relevance. I think most would have a hard time refuting that. As for the quote, you misread it. My comment had nothing to do with other people's opinions. I was simply stating that because I have a very good grasp of how the game works and have lots of play time and success, that my opinion has SUBSTANCE to it. Not that it is more or less relevant than anyone else's, but I'm also not just talking out of my ass after playing 5 minutes after install. Not trying to fight with you here, but don't try to crucify me when you don't have your facts straight. Sounds good, you do the same! See you on the battlefield.
  10. Is it worth buying EOD?

    I can't speak for everyone else, but for me personally the storage size is a big limiting factor. I bought EOD without knowing what the smaller stash size was and I am spoiled with the larger one. I really can't imagine have half... Once you get the hang of things, It's really easy to fill up your stash AND it's really easy to go on a bender/dying streak and lose most of it. The larger stash you have, the easier it is for you to ride out the variance. Best of luck and hope to see you out there!
  11. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    @Cheaptrix And this is exactly why I don't have that many posts on here. I didn't insult anyone in my posts, didn't put down the game, wasn't sarcastic towards anyone, etc. and still catch some heat. There was clear logic behind what I was saying, but like we all know there are children out there that insist on trolling people for no reason. If I was acting like a dick, I would totally understand the vitriol and take it like a man. Again, not stroking ego. It's a video game, nobody gives a duck about how much money I have in the game. The point was that I play with NVG all the time because I have tons of cash and don't fear losing it. Nothing to check "bro". What does join date have to do with anything? What if you joined in 2015 and had 10 hours of game time vs. my 2 months but 200+ hours, do you think one is more credible than the other? And what does having a lot of posts have to do with anything? You have to be kidding me. I don't sit on the forums all day and prefer to play. You can do what you wish with your time, I'm not knocking you for it. I saw a post that I felt compelled to respond to because night time raids are very sparse with players and figured I would put my 2-cents in. I never once said my opinion was more or less valid than anyone else's, and if you can find it please quote me on it so I can apologize. I recommend you "check yourself bro" and stop assuming you know what other people are saying. If you're not sure, you ask. And just because you put smileys in your posts doesn't mean you're not acting like an asshole. Anyways, simple suggestion was to lower cost of NVG during the alpha and beta testing to entice more night time activity. I have a lot of play time and have success with the game thus far so I know what I'm talking about. I'll refrain from making any specifics so I don't hurt the snowflakes feelings and trigger them. Hit me up on discord sometime, we can get a raid or two in.
  12. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    @FishnFurNubs LOL Triggered! Grow up please. Let's assume you're just a typical internet kid spazing out and decided not to really read what I posted, I'll recap it for you. There were comments about NVG not spawning on map and that they cost too much to purchase from the trader. Most people don't want to lose high value items in raid so they avoid. My suggestion was to lower the cost temporarily in order to alleviate that issue. Also, on a side note, there is a different between quantifying one's experience level with the game and "bragging". If I just started out and had no clue how to play, then my suggestions would be moot. Since I clearly have a grasp of how the game works, my suggestions should in theory have a little more substance to them. I don't expect you to fully understand this based on how immature your reply was. Best of luck to you.
  13. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    I've never had a problem with money in this game. I consistently sit on ~$10M rubles each time they wipe, but for the sake of the alpha and beta testing, maybe they could lower the cost of the NVGs so the scrubs can play at night without having an aneurysm every time they play in the dark? I would love a little more competition at night.
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      Got it, I thought I had it switched on.  My bad.

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