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    First of all it should be clear that this problem is one of the most important current to fix from the side of the devs. The whole mechanic makes no sense when you can get shoot by player scavs without any punishment. It seems a bit extrem but i even thought about a mechanic so that player scavs cant kill each other. i know it would kind of ruin a part of the realistic atmophere but the way it is now it cant stay. Another thing is that there should maybe be a red dot or something when you aim on scavs. Espacially new players cant realy differentiate between scavs and players so a lil help could avoid some kills. Further i am for a punishment after killing a player scav like hours banns or even ban for days. And to the guy who said that the game is set in a collapsed russia. Still there are different fractions that act together so they can survive. Actual its more realistic when scavs wouldnt kill each other and play together instead.
  2. Der deutsche Clan/Verein My Conviction sucht Mitspieler!

    Wie viele Leute Spielen denn bei euch aktiv EFT?