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  1. I liked it, thank you guys!
  2. Mandatory event started! Make shure that you are in.
  3. My absence

    @kwahamoT, have a good time there, mate! Make some beautifull photos and share with us!
  4. Thanks for organizing last sunday event team! As I've said before and during the event, every EFT member is more than welcome to join me in Rainbow Six Siege to practice some teamwork in CQB.
  5. @Natalino, thx for the information, comrade! But I already know that. Have met some of them in ranked games. Also that boot camp that you provided was very informative. And all the meetings. So that was not the point. My intention is, to squad up EFT soldiers, to practice some CQB & tactical combinations via playing Rainbow Six Siege. Off course it's totally voluntary.
  6. Guys, how many of our soldiers have the Rainbow Six Siege and are willing to play together? I'd like to reach them and try to build some teamplay in CQB and some tacticool moves. During weekdays mostly.
  7. I would like to praise comrade @FRAYKER for making our TAW avatars. Thank you very much lad! Great job!
  8. Are you ready to the next event, guys?
  9. Hooray! I'm finally in the CAT!
  10. Альфа тестирование

    @Ky39, судя по описанию, ему необходимо скачать клиент заново целиком. Разработчики упоминали об этом на форуме или в твиттере. В будущем, подобные вопросы лучше размещать либо в ЛС, либо в альфа разделе форума.
  11. Как не трудно догадаться по профилю, такой же посетитель форума как и вы.
  12. Fourth testing wave

    Which pack did you pre-order?
  13. Можете полный скриншот профиля сделать и приложить, а не обрезанный? Полагаю, есть вероятность, что вы в CIS очереди стоите, из-за выбора страны/языка РФ.
  14. Комплект покупали за рубли или евро?
  15. Аккомодация

    @xeld, любая графическая фича - это нагрузка. Странно поддерживать идею внедрения подобной, при этом требуя отсутствия затрат ресурсов.