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    Character name keninger Description A computer programmer from the states His past Was working for Google How did he get to Tarkov? Had to move to Tarkov for fixing server side issues Predilections Loves firearms Friends 2 Dogs Wounds, and battles Non so far Aspirations Get back home The greatest achievement that character did Publishing successful mobile apps Strength 28 Endurance 26 Accuracy 26 Engineer
  2. Cosplay Contest: Key Giveaway!

  3. M4A1

    Customizing the M4A1 and testing its shooting abilities. Most people might not be able to afford it, so I made this video to show them, whether it is worth it to spend their hard earned money on this weapon or not.
  4. Weapon Companies Thread

    -Glock -18 _______________________________________________ .45 pistols should be introduced to the game: _______________________________________________ -Colt -M1911A1 ________________________________________________ -H&K -USP .45