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  1. keninger

    Blood of War from Ragman

    haha, that was a good one
  2. keninger

    Blood of War from Ragman

    I have done it at daytime, all 3 in the same raid. All three devices in my pocket. Survived and extracted. Didn't count. It says I didn't tag any of them in the main menu
  3. keninger

    Suggestion: Fold Empty Bags

    A while ago I made the same suggestions, and if a dev saw it, he would say it totally makes sense, but I guess they currently are working on bigger problems and features, these "little" things might come once every main feature is great and working.
  4. keninger

    scav loot tranfer

    You can't fold a stock as of right now, but If you brought in a backpack or a vest, you can first drag those containers into your stash and then drag another item into your stash and after that, you can put items into bags, vest etc. simply by dragging the item over them. That's the most you can do right now.
  5. keninger

    Sidearm Draw

    Taking a sidearm with your maxed out primary is pointless currently, as you reload just as fast as you would draw your pistol so there is no point in pulling out a weapon with less firepower. But if it could have been drawn quicker then if you ran out of bullets in your primary, you would draw your sidearm. Then even moded sidearms would be taken to raids as a secondary. As of right now, it is a primary weapon of your choice and that's it. The pistol is for bling only currently as a secondary. To show off you could afford a maxed out Glock. You either go in with a pistol or a two-handed weapon but you definitely are not taking in a pistol as a secondary. A Quick Draw skill should be introduced which you can improve to draw your sidearm quicker. Pulling out your sidearm as a secondary instead of reloading would make sense then. Thank you for reading it.
  6. keninger

    Exit Camping is Tasty

    I am sure he is being sarcastic. Or at least I hope.
  7. keninger

    Exit Camping is Tasty

    I have tried it. Sat there 20 minutes, when one guy ran in with his loot, I killed him and took his loot. I was like well it is not satisfying at all, I feel bad for the guy, even worse that I wasted 20 minutes for this bs. It is just so easy to get money from the cash registers from Interchange for example that there is no point in waiting half an hour for someone to steal his loot.
  8. keninger

    New players

    Character name keninger Description I was born in 1982, in Virginia. I am a Navy SEAL with 20 years of field experience. His past Operation Red Wings June 28, 2005, I was the only survivor of the 4 man squad. Rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates in 2009, and I took part in mostly classified missions. How did he get to Tarkov? We were on a mission to sabotage Putin's meeting with Hungary's Prime Minister, Orban to sign the agreement of the new Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant, Paks 2. Predilections I like to keep myself in shape and practice target shooting. Friends I am in a two-man army with my brother, who is also a Navy SEAL, we are from the same squad, have been on all the missions together after 2006. Wounds, and battles I got one 9mm bullet in my left leg above my knee. Managed to fully recover, but got broken ribs multiple times, but I am fine thanks to the body armour. Aspirations I need to survive and find a way to get out of Tarkov to continue our mission. The greatest achievement that character did I was part of the sniper team who took out multiple Somalian pirates while rescuing Captian Philips in 09 and I was the only survivor in a 4 man squad in 05 in Operation Red Wing. Strength 20 Endurance 30 Accuracy 30 Fighter
  9. keninger

    New players

    Character name keninger Description A computer programmer from the states His past Was working for Google How did he get to Tarkov? Had to move to Tarkov for fixing server side issues Predilections Loves firearms Friends 2 Dogs Wounds, and battles Non so far Aspirations Get back home The greatest achievement that character did Publishing successful mobile apps Strength 28 Endurance 26 Accuracy 26 Engineer
  10. keninger

    Cosplay Contest: Key Giveaway!

  11. keninger


    Customizing the M4A1 and testing its shooting abilities. Most people might not be able to afford it, so I made this video to show them, whether it is worth it to spend their hard earned money on this weapon or not.
  12. keninger

    Weapon Companies Thread

    -Glock -18 https://us.glock.com/customer-service/promotion-pos _______________________________________________ .45 pistols should be introduced to the game: _______________________________________________ -Colt -M1911A1 http://www.colt.com/Contact ________________________________________________ -H&K -USP .45 http://hk-usa.com/contact/