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  1. Sammelthread bugs nach patch

    Beim wechseln von Fullscreen-window zu Fullscreen stürzt das spiel ab (auch bei ALT + ENTER) obs von full in Fullscreen-window auch abstürzt weis ich nicht da ich im Fullscreen-window hänge im Händlerscreen Sachen rotieren (auch wenn sie nur 1x1 groß sind) macht das item unsichtbar und bis zum loslassen der linken Maustaste. Während es unsichtbar ist kann man es nicht verschieben
  2. Quest system - crazy

    i dont know im still trying to find it
  3. Quest system - crazy

    @LoneWolf_ROU character--> tasks --> there you see the locations and btw. its on customs in the dorms the big one
  4. Skier fortarmor quest??

    how to trade it if you need lvl 3 or 4 for it to trade
  5. FRAGE?

    mit "R"
  6. Can we use ReShade?

    yes it is allowed
  7. Suggested changes

    1. insure your stuff 2. give it to your friend 3. next raid have your rifle back from your friend 4. next day have the rifle back from insurance 5. ... 6. Profit its the best and legal way of duping a good sniper rifle but thats just my point of view
  8. Change 2 sight between them

    CTRL + Right click doesnt work for the HAMR scope only if you have a sideway scope thing on the weapon
  9. Hits to Kill

    the endscreen of the scavs are buggy sometimes you do nothing and the screen shows 3 kills
  10. Quick draw

  11. Solve naked runs meta

    the devs are aware of the porblem later in the game, when you get killed you cant just jump into the next round.
  12. Where is my money?

    if you have nothing important like: good gear or lvl at a trader you can reset your complete progress here: if you need some other help pm me i can give you some money (i will be back from work in about 2h)
  13. M4A1 Colt

  14. How to reset my main character

    it doesnt matter if you take pmc or scav you can allways take your pmc, as Scav you will have a 1h timer between each raid as scav you will have random loot at spawn. as pmc you have to equip your own loot before you go into the raid the ony difference is between BEAR and USEC to switch between BEAR and USEC i think you have to write a support ticket
  15. How to reset my main character then on the right side: reset profile