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  1. New players

    Character name shadi Description description His past his past How did he get to Tarkov? by foot Predilections predilections Friends all of them Wounds, and battles the best in the battle Aspirations incompetent rusky developers The greatest achievement that character did asdasdasd Strength 30 Endurance 25 Accuracy 25 Scout
  2. 오프라인에서 버그먹었습니다.

    I have never experienced your problem, anyway i did not play too much off-line mode to test your findings. Anyway you should try writing in English if you really want someone to help you or open a ticket to support but don't expect too much since most of the times you get automated messages from there. For everyone else short translation : He claims that he lost all of its items while playing in offline mode and they never come back with insurance.
  3. Problem z instalatorem gry

    i really don't understand how you connected 'Ragnar.dll' with 'valid windows copy'. Perhaps I'm just ignorant and i cannot read between lines, but if you care to explain i would apologize if you are right.
  4. Problem z instalatorem gry

    Install Visual C++ 2013 redistributable also make sure you have the latest version of .NET Framework installed i think minimum for this game is 3.5. Good luck. Before you blame a pirated version of Windows do your research.

    you spoke like a true emissary/forum moderator too bad you cannot lock threads. We all know this is a testing version of the game.... but the question is : how you can test something that is not working ? 9/10 games we are getting 2+ min desync and 1/10 server disconnect its almost impossible to play Customs or Woods or Shoreline on prime time for EU. So please tell me what are we testing here? patience or what ?

    from cheap servers that run shared resources among all its running VM's. So if you don't know what that means its basically having a physical machine with ex 1000mhz cpu and 10gb of ram and you have installed 15 VM's assigning to each 100mhz cpu and 1gb of ram and hope that not all machines will need 100mhz cpu and 1gb of ram in the same time which is hard to achieve considering there only 1 prime time for the country/continent. Its called overselling hardware and its pretty cheap compared to dedicated hosting which is more than double. And for sure some of the errors are from code mistakes etc...
  7. Why cheese?

    question: how do you know the guy that was camping exit wasn't trying to escape but heard you coming and decided to stay a bit more to kill you too and take your poo. It happened to me a lot of times and mostly in factory.
  8. Why cheese?

    Camping is part of the game too mate. Camping construction site in customs or bridges in customs or even rocks on woods is NO different than camping exits. I bet you did camp one of these spots too, just deal with it and stop complaining about it because camping is not going anywhere.
  9. Wipe

    i must say you are very optimistic
  10. Tell Us What You're Up To BSG

    they will probably never admit that most of the game is client sided and that's a major problem, Hacks, lag, desync with the benefit of cheap hardware, well then BSG let us rent private servers so we can actually test something, because right now all you do is test our patience and i really hope you won't scam us like DayZ.
  11. Tell Us What You're Up To BSG

    from alpha to closed beta , no bugs fixed or some game breaking partially fixed all we got was new content and all we will get is new content ... for how long ? who knows , but at this point i'd like to see some resources actually working on fixing stuff instead of adding AKM's and some dull quests that forces players to do hatchet runs for various reasons.
  12. Tell Us What You're Up To BSG

    ill tell you: they moved a lot of game client side so they can cheap out on servers, validation is made client + server if client lags server can't confirm without = desync or teleporting players. also i noticed there is a rush to release content which makes me think that they want to release the game ASAP to grab new customers steam release etc because you won't believe but i think they are pretty much out of money. PS: Prepare to get your thread locked with a generic reason : we are working on it or something close to that.
  13. Potato PMCs

    3-4 "feet" is exaggerated because i can jump from a container and nothing happens, also you can try yourself at home take a weight of 40+kg and jump from a container and see what happens.
  14. Mac Users

    i really hope they never waste time to develop this game for MAC, what a waste of time for a PC that IS NOT DESIGNED for games but for starbucks cafes and office use. I don't want to see this development because they will have to lower the requirements of the game where people with low settings will have an rendering advantage like in many other games.
  15. Update?

    Beta State Games Beta state games are in some cases a simple fine tuning of a 90% complete game, or could be another stage for the devs to add another round of content for the end product itself. Just saying ... i don't want to sound like a smart ass but its the truth.