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  1. P0weredge

    Cine mai joaca EFT?

    Incearca cu linku de discord de mai sus, daca nu merge da-mi quote si iti creez alt invite.
  2. P0weredge

    Cine mai joaca EFT?

    Da, revin imediat cu un nou link de discord. https://discord.gg/YpPB3p7
  3. P0weredge

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    I said i doubt its a mosin because Vepr the company never produced a "copy" or some sort of reproduction, the weapon in image MIGHT be a Vepr Hunter which is also chambered in 7.62x54R
  4. P0weredge

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    it says Vepr on magazine so i doubt its a mosin
  5. I do really fine with my team, we rarely kill each other. Its probably because we play for 1.5 years + together and we know each other play style really well. With just a bit of communication its possible for everyone else too.
  6. I think this is one of the worst ideas that ever come on this forum right after floating icons on teammates.
  7. P0weredge


    Don't complain here mate, you will be trolled by some 14 year old kid. Just go to your bank and complain there they will be more than happy to recover your money.
  8. P0weredge

    List of recent bans!

    @TheWay why not full list? that would help us exclude them from our communities too. Thank you.
  9. P0weredge

    Cine mai joaca EFT?

    @da_capo @N3mE https://discord.gg/dFAGAnt suntem vreo 78 de membri Romani si jucam in majoritate Tarkov.
  10. P0weredge


    @TheWay can we get first and fifth GIF's re-uploaded because they don't work. Thanks.
  11. P0weredge

    Huge ban wave

    @TheWay It would be a great addition if you guys could include everyone that has been banned because people that have Tarkov communities would like to ban these people too so we don't have any association with them or anything. thank you.
  12. P0weredge

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    please, its a rendered video right now. This project has been taken on by a small company, does that sound familiar to you? Project started in 2012 was first released to public in december 2016 and right now we are in 2018? Why you guys have to repeat everything like parrots? BattleNonSense gave an example did not compared directly these two games.
  13. P0weredge

    0.8.0**Patch Note Preliminare

    Eu deja sunt convins ca traduce cu Google Translate.
  14. P0weredge

    Evenimentul "vanzatorului lacom"

    Tu traduci textele cu google translate? Vad ca este si un cuvant in limba Italiana acolo?
  15. P0weredge

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    Dude, i wasn't complaining about ammo being available for all plebs, i was just stating that this "event" doesn't do anything you buy for double you sell for double ... useless.