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  1. Si sa te fait ragequit t'as pas fini. C'est le challeng ultime être seul contre une team. Re-travaille ta tactique d'approche car oui parfois je me fais violer comme autant je montre a une team de 4-5 qu'ils doivent retravailler leurs communication car je les tues un a la suite de l'autre. Le plaisir de voir les players chercher partout sans trouver de ou sa tire et les faires tomber un par un.
  2. New servers added!

    For now, North American server are strange, one day servers are good and others days its bads working. Im playing from Canada. I spawned in factory, i ear someone forklifts, i waiting face to the door and when it was open, the PMC was teleported in my face and one tap me with his axe. Or, 3/4 of the raid all is good but, a scav player spawn and boom, server desync hard. Strange.
  3. New patch notes

    They never said when it will happen. ''We will releash the patch in few day or soon'' This is the informations they gave when a patch is coming or close to be installed.
  4. New patch notes

    When they will post it... They posting patch note only when they'll be ready for a patch coming. Not before. Stop spamming new topic and flood the forum with this and use the search option.
  5. Disconnect meta

    Its maybe a glitch because when i started to play 7 months ago, if you closed the game like i do with the desync, you lost everything and got leaver statue. So i guess its a bug or glitch. You characters still stay in the raid only when your game crash. He will stay in his last position.
  6. Disconnect meta

    No when the desync is hard, i use CTRL ALT DEL and close the game and reconnect with no problem and no desync.
  7. Patch note préliminaire V

    Anyway pour être franc, ca va revenir au même que quand tu spawn pas en groupe. Si tu est 3 et Plus, les gars disent leurs spawns et ceux qui sont proche et ont un spawn proche d'eux, vont aller le clear asser rapidement. Si le problème de late spawn est regler, tu as qu'a bouger rapidement et tu n'aura pas a craindre les quick spawn kill.
  8. Les munitions subsonique sont la pour le AsVal VSS. Malgré la porté limiter des deux armes, elle sont très silencieuses hahaha. Moi j'ai surtout hâte a des serveurs Nord América.... Car en se moment au Canada c'est injouable. Trop de Desync intense.
  9. lol this game is horrid

    I do axe run. In 7 raid, only 2 i killed someone or scav with gun, take the gun and do something to exit with loot. Use the loot you have in ur stash in the begin of a wipe, play with friends, play with tactics and dont be a rambo retarded, get loot and exit. You will grinds some loots, pump shotgun, semi auto shotgun, some Ak, Some gears and after sell this and grind, you will be able to use powerfull gear with your friends and be a true team im Tarkov. It is not Call Of Duty or Running like no head chiken. Learn about tactical move and play in team. The time who start with axe, loot creat and die with 30000000000000000K of rouble of gun mod is done.
  10. lol this game is horrid

    You paid for testing the game. THE GAME IS NOT RELEASHED. The game is still in beta (i writted alpha but it is not in alpha lol) If you want to ''Play the game'' wait to the complete releash, for now you're testing it, wathc for glitch, bug or other poo in a testing. If you get the 605 error, juste watch the forum, a simply solution have been posted. Go in the lobby, send invitation to the first player you seen, when your name is blue for a groupe, start the game, you'll be ok to join a game. Before posting poo on a beta game for bug or other, check the forum and use the search, it can help u man. Dude I was writting when you posted your post hahahahah Same thing i writte in mine LuL