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  1. keelan487

    Sort out the spaw's seriously

    @ryujin2003 its magical... i just went in with some good gear and got destroyed after 12 seconds, thats bad but the worst part of it was that 12 seconds was THE F***ING SPAWN TIME
  2. keelan487

    Sort out the spaw's seriously

    got angry and miss spelled spawns
  3. keelan487

    Sort out the spaw's seriously

    I have played Tarkov for quite a while and enjoy the game alot... though you guys need to sort out the spawn system be it being placed near players or otherwise. take a look at the picture then take a look at how long it took me to get shot when i spawned in... this happens quite alot for me personaly and i would assume some other people have the same issue... (this was a scav run though i get it in normal as well sometimes)
  4. keelan487

    whens the open beta/closed beta?

    i know this had been asked but nobody seems to want to answer or does not know instead of knowing when it will be released the question i want to as is more will it at least be released this year as if its not released this year what is the point we are all most likely going to forget about it before it gets released