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  1. Invited to a group - teamkilled

    Last wipe I changed my name to 'HatchetFIGHT', invited everyone to my group people joined them I started, I had an M4 and well got my epsilon container fairly quickly, just don't join random people's games, I hope the people who I killed learnt from their mistake, they didn't bring gear just a hatchet but still I don't think they'll join ransoms again. This is your own fault, don't talk badly about a game because of a poor choice you decided to accept, people like myself are to blame for those actions, not the Devs like come on. Hopefully you've learnt not to join randoms
  2. REAP-IR

    I'm struggling to get one, I keep hearing you have to find it, OR skier only sells like 5 or so, but it's annoying either way!
  3. looking for people to play with

    Or just join the EFT discord with squad channel. If your looking for a full on gang with committments and meetings weekly go try TAW but if you more casual and just want to group up with different people whenever try the Unofficial EFT discord which is run by forum moderators
  4. Why is Skiers first task such a pain?

    Just need to be lucky, scavs gear is RNG based. I found a scav in factory who had fort & kiver at one time. Just got to be lucky. Or EOD gives you a free set of fort and liver, so a little p2w sides lol, but only in that retrospect, but they are still obtainable from raids! OR BUY them off people on Reddit or tarkov trading page.
  5. Kiver

    I killed a scav with fort & kiver on at the same time, thought it was a player but had no pouch and no dog tags. Was lit.
  6. Soon! The Kill list!

  7. Older Aged Players Alliance

    I think the Salvation Army are handing out free Christmas gifts to OAP's, maybe you boys might be interested in a gift each. MERRY Christmas.
  8. Older Aged Players Alliance

    i understand, best of luck
  9. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @AODqw97 hi, i am looking in desperate need of a group like yours, im 18 but am a cadet in wales, UK. i dont bring with me bad attitude and bs Arguments as you seem to be relating to all youngsters in your main post. Any acceptions you might consider? perhaps after speaking with someone such as myself who is very much interested to join a more mature group here on EFT, you could possibly consider people below 40, feel a little left out, especially when i do not enjoy playing with youngesters who have no respect or understanding how to the actually communicate in a sensible manner, im not a soldier or anything, but i understand dicipline and chain of command. Cheers for reading. I am a lvl 43 currently, and have been on EFT since Alpha, my steam is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ArtWorkDesigner/ if you wish to contact me, thank you. - Alex
  10. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    hope you all have your epsilon cases, because its gonna get hot!!!
  11. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    5,000 for the EFT Discord unofficial server? If so congratz.....is in order, or am I making myself look like a tit once again @LethalsLoaded
  12. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    Oh, my phone i swear is purposely trying to make me look like a tit, I bet it's because I won't update to iOS 11. I swear!
  13. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    Why wait in LFG just jump into a channel with space, introduce yourself and I'm 99% sure they will be kind, there's a few people who deserve a ban but overall everything is trustworthy, with the new rookie and verified channels I think that a nice way of seeing people who actually have played a part in the discord and other who are newish!
  14. #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial)

    Yes it's all good now, thanks you for getting back to me.