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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Hydro#5099 plz verify
  2. Keeping gear on "wipe"

    Honestly, it is very discouraging for new players, such as myself to join for a few days, get a bunch of good gear, and then have it wiped a week later because of some update. Will this continue to happen for the foreseeable future? Or will this feature be removed at some point?
  3. The additional equipment

    I dont get this additional content, will this additional content stay forever? or is this just a Christmas thing? Or is it for those who have EOD?
  4. General questions on weapon implementation

    Shall we talk about the retarded range on melee weapons? got killed from across a room because some lagging fucker can run at me and do damage without me seeing him move
  5. Invisible players?

    I've been seeing this issue a lot lately, lost like 3 sets of tank armor w/ fully decked out rifles, kinda pissed and wanna kill myself... Any mods or admins of this forum that can let me know if i can get a refund for this piece of poo game?