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  1. Knock, knock! What's that? who's that? It's yer Da sellin' Avon!

    Yer Da! Yer Da! Yer Da sells Avon!

  2. NukSooKow

    Solo playing pro tip

    Haha you evil man!
  3. NukSooKow

    Awaiting server response

    I am getting this a lot today, both with Scav and PMC =/
  4. NukSooKow

    LF EU Teammate.

    Hey mate 36, from Scotland and have a TS3 server. Been playing solo since I bought this a few weeks back, but interested in playing the game with another. On most evenings or during day depending on my work pattern. Also have parental duties etc, but still play more then I should Steam name is same as EFT name if you're interested.
  5. NukSooKow

    Steam overlay not working

    Did you find a solution to this, OP? I also cannot open the Steam overlay and have to alt-tab out so i can activate recordings etc with Geforce experience.