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  1. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    Give the Harkonnen a blade,
  2. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    yeah.. Its great isn't it? I love it too!
  3. 1PN58 NSPUM (Night Scope)

    *Thats not in game... I think to myself getting close to the 4k screen I have. I go over every inch of that gun. But it looks so real... i can't tell.. my god...!
  4. Ah... customs. I remember now...

    He put several mags to his legs, if he would've used those bullets to fire at the center mass instead of at his legs which he missed 95% of the time he would have destroyed the armor and taken him down instead of all that dancing around.
  5. Ah... customs. I remember now...

    If he woulda aimed for center mass he would've taken him down. Instead of all that dancing around.
  6. Ah... customs. I remember now...

    Thats what you get for shooting at feet for like 2 mins.
  7. The Shoreline Location

    niiiicceee!!! my VSS will enjoy it.
  8. The 23% discount till February 24th!

    LOL man... just got EOD edition on my bday last saturday. Sigh... oh well...