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  1. KatzenShaft

    Remington 700 rifle coming soon (TM)

    Another sexy rifle.
  2. KatzenShaft

    Netcode improvements?

    Well best way to tell is by playing. Pretty hard to measure accurately like the dude that did the netcode analysis first time. So far I've survived a few instances already where I would have died pre patch. Likewise also died in instances where I would normally have peakers advantage. Maybe a good time to reach out to the netcode analysis guy.
  3. KatzenShaft

    Game needs to do level'd matchmaking

    I started late after the last wipe and am only level 24. I enjoy taking on oppents that are better armed than myself. So basically I don't want a match making system. This really isn't a problem imo. When you first begin, you have access to gear that can take down very geared players. Also this isn't CoD or any other game. The intention is for it to be difficult and not baby new players. Too many games are like that.
  4. KatzenShaft

    There are almost no hackers.

    I do think some of the claims are just sore losers or people unwilling to investigate how they died. But there are definitely hackers, I mean look at the ban lists. I don't know if BSG is going the right way about preventing cheaters as they don't make much of that info public. For now it seems the system they have going is making BSG money. Are the hackers able to makemoney in some way to warrant getting banned? No idea. Don't know if its taking a day, week, month, or months for hackers to be banned.
  5. KatzenShaft

    Why is the game so focused on teams

    I only play solo and I enjoy it, I'm just a average or below average player. Only thing about playing solo is that its not as forgiving, you don't have anyone to hide your gear when you die or watch your back. Engaging groups is risky but fun, it depends a lot on positioning and the situation and if you can surprise the group a 2nd or 3rd time.
  6. KatzenShaft

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper performance fix ?

    Performance has definitely been smoother, but getting frame drops during engagements.
  7. KatzenShaft

    What's #1 on your To Do List?

    Find marked key, get key bars and docs cases, farm keys
  8. KatzenShaft

    Need answer for CPU and GPU upgrade

    I would wait for samples of the new ryzen series performance on tarkov. I have a ryzen 1700 and its performance is definitely lower than some of the i7s, for now. Tarkov is only using 3/4 threads and I don't know if they plan to change it. Right now even people with the best computers suffer in performance on this game. Also wait for gpu prices to come down or buy direct from manufacturer like Nvidia or EVGA etc.
  9. KatzenShaft

    Game performance

    I upgraded from a FX8350 oced to 4.9ghz and r390 to a ryzen 1700 and gtx 1070, also obv ram was upgraded too. I got a minor increase in performance in tarkov but large performance increase in other games. Problem with EFT is IIRC it only uses 3/4 threads so it doesn't use any multicore amd cpu fully. Faster and more ram will give you the best improvement. But until you upgrade your RAM id recommend running a mem cleaner to play larger maps, just google it or msg me for the settings to use with eft. I still feel bottlenecked with 16gb 2400mhz ram, but it is mostly from mem leaks. I wouldn't upgrade just for tarkov as you will probably be disappointed, because a lot of it is just poor optimization. Intel is much stronger for early access games, but from what I've seen streamers with comparable intel cpus only have about 10 fps on me. FX series has pretty low single thread performance vs intel or ryzen cpus.
  10. I'm hoping performance increase... but we will see. Would like to see better netcode and improving desync as well, new map is nice and other poo but yea.
  11. KatzenShaft

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper performance fix ?

    I still love the game despite its faults and definitely hope this next patch improves performance at least marginally. I'm sure it'll get better in time but I feel bad for people rage and lack patience. Lets see if the patch tomorrow brings any improvement and the following hotfixes/updates.
  12. KatzenShaft

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper performance fix ?

    Sooner the better. I have a ryzen 1700 oced to 3.7, and a oced gtx 1070. Tarkov only uses 30% of cpu and gpu yet I am struggling to hold 40-50fps on shoreline :/. But there is like 80% ram usage sometimes. Other maps are fine besides the spikes, normally 50-60+ fps. Also ram is pretty important for EFT at this point, I find I'm getting bottlenecked with 16gb 2400mhz ram, I OCed the ram to 2800 and maybe gained a couple fps but I don't recommend playing with ram timings and mhz unless you have tried it before. My one suggestion is to make sure you have SMT(simultaneous multithreading) disabled in BIOS, I got a fps boost from disabling it. I'm playing in 1080p, and have heard 4k or 2k can force more gpu usage and actually increase fps but I don't have a capable monitor to confirm. I found best performance on ultra with both SSAO disabled, SSAA disabled, sharpen at 0, LOD/View distance/Shadow distance all at min. I attached pics of my nvidia settings as well, should be similar for any nvidia cards. Dunno about AMD cards. The AMD cpus are not great for early access games period. With most being unoptimized and normally not using more than 4 threads. The intels are much better for brute forcing it and from what I have seen most streamers with a intel have at least 10 fps on me. My fps I noted is while streaming on the same rig I'm playing with, I don't notice a difference with streaming/recording on or off.
  13. KatzenShaft

    "Predator" Novel by Alexander Kontorovich

    You can get it from your EFT profile on the main eft webpage. There's a link under the gifts. I just finished the book and really enjoyed it and learned some more lore about the tarkov world.
  14. KatzenShaft

    Hatchling Fix

    I had a similar suggestion but, instead of a matchmaking system, just spawning hatchet runners in old raids(like 15mins left or 20). So they don't get the first shot at loot, and if they are new it still provides a opportunity to learn the map and get some loot. Also it would make all matches at the beginning full of armed players. But the devs might not bother changing it as the game in the future will be a lot different.
  15. KatzenShaft

    Hatchling Solution Suggestion

    I have been around for many wipes, and it's always the same. Most people hatchet running don't need to be, but still do. Before the trader event I saw regularly level 30+, 40+, still hatchet running and taking a slot that could be filled by a armed player.