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  1. New players

    Character name Bamaboy Description Young, cautious, and intelligent His past Strategist enthusiast combat veteran How did he get to Tarkov? joined a PMC organization with friends Predilections Fame and fortune Friends Friendly to all who are friendly in return Wounds, and battles No prior wounds Aspirations To ultimately do good The greatest achievement that character did Save the lives of companions Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  2. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    What does it mean by this?
  3. Missing game keys?

    I read that a would be given a game key to give to a friend as well as several trial passes, have I missed my opportunity to claim these or am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. Betasitting!

    Well guys this is it, CBT is live. See you all in factory Pro tip - wiggle for friendship!
  5. Betasitting!

    ! FALSE ALARM ! Sorry guys must be pre - pre - beta patch or something, way too small and still says alpha on home screen.
  6. Betasitting!

    Beta patch notes are live! should be any day or minute now guys, updating game from launcher now!
  7. Betasitting!

    Is anyone else babysitting the forum waiting for that post / update that announces beta is live for their friends? I have been checking daily for friends of mine who I persuaded into jumping into tarkov... friends who are growing impatient and hungry.