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    traders were wiped

    ah ok thanks
  2. ash367

    traders were wiped

    how do you mean ?
  3. ash367

    traders were wiped

    hi guys on loging in after patch 0.9 my traders where wiped. (gone back to level 1) . i only had a couple of them at level 2 but i thought they were meant to stay leveled ??? has anyone else had this or are your traders at the same level as before the patch ?? Cheers
  4. ash367

    Extreme desync

    The Australian servers (in Sydney) are crap... Factory is the only game i can play without interruption. i suffer extreme lag n desync every game on the rest of the maps and i repeatedly get disconnected from the server EVERY game. sometimes a 30-40 min game will only have 5-15 mins of desynced/laggy play and the rest is freezes or dissects/re connects. its frustrating to say the least. i understand they're load testing but still... as for shoreline it wasnt working properly to begin with, i dont know why they would make it larger before fixing it first . its hard watching youtuber's play games when i cant....... Anyway it's still closed beta
  5. ash367

    2 game files .

    yep i realize id have problems at first with everything going on was really only concerned with deleting the "alpha" file. was thinking it may be confusing both files and causing more problems. cheers mate
  6. ash367

    2 game files .

    lol.. sorry i hit the wrong key before i wrote any thing..... ok guys i need some advice. i got into this game at the start of last year and had trouble playing because of lag desync and so on (im in Australia) then around august it started working ok (we got a server). now i know that we are load testing and there's more players and a handful of other things causing problems at the moment but ever since the "2018" patch/ changes , i have not been able to play a game with out having low FPS , game freeze, extreme lag and desync and disconnects from server... even loading into a game freezes. by typing netstat into CMD promt i have found that the game is connecting to Germany and the USA (California) . ive put in a support ticket and im waiting to find out "whatever". in the mean time i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and put it to my C drive (ssd). it made no difference....... BUT today i went to find the log files and found that the new install was on my C drive BUT also that i had a full file titled " escape from tarkov Alpha " still on my D drive. can that be causing problems as well. can i delete that file, should i delete that file ?????? yes im a permanent noob but any help would be good cheers
  7. ash367

    2 game files .

    ok guys i need some advice.
  8. in your profile go to bottom of page, it will have a box with a couple guns across a case
  9. hi guys... a quick question ?. with this wipe and update i was under the impression that we would get more things added to our inventory. as i understand THE EDGE OF DARKNESS pack got ALL the previous packs add on's plus a bit more. when i had a look at my inventory only a small fraction was there (a little bit from each pack). for example i got the sniper riffle and 2 tri zip from the EDGE of DARKNESS pack and the MP5 and MPX from the previous pack ... but NO dollars (got the rubble's). the question is... have i miss read something , are they coming in the future or is it actually missing ????????? thanks for any replies