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  1. First squad wipe!

    yeah but suppressor are wayyyyy to quite they are really op. if some one with a suppressor sees u, your chances of survival are slim to none
  2. tasks

    no u get it in a different inventory but if u die u have to do it all over again and it was just an example i didnt even get to that task lol
  3. Lost my Inventory

    damn that sucks bro, hope u could get some help.
  4. tasks

    thanks,i just dont want to run in the map for some key just to get some document later and than die before extraction so i would need to do it all over again
  5. tasks

    hello. i see that if i want to lvl up my traders i have to do the tasks, so my question is: will i have to do the tasks to lvl up in future updates because i bought this game to fight and stuff not play a puzzle simulator...... the tasks are cool and stuff but i dont want to try and get tasks done just to get batter gear, the tasks should be the second goal of the game not the first.
  6. is the map terminal open ?

    my friend can play the map terminal and i cant is this a bug ?
  7. specterDR 1x/4x scope

    thank u
  8. specterDR 1x/4x scope

    hello, i found the scope specterDR 1x/4x and it says that u can change between 1x zoom to 4x zoom but i cant find the bottons that change it. do you know how to do it? if so pls help the scope is really nice