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  1. quantum_2k6

    Bans for using forbidden software

    why holding the names back? explaining this plz.
  2. quantum_2k6

    Ban system

    with the new costumer rights since 25.05. this also get interresting... if they get banned they can easy force bsg to delete ALL data. the new laws forces now companys to delete all existing bans from every cheater since the last 10 years. all cheaters can atm easy sue the ass out of a company if they hold back any data... ANY! so no ip no name no phone or credit card numbers... also the list of 500 players getting banned and named public is a big problem if we look at the actuall costumer rights... welcome to 2018
  3. quantum_2k6


    wie groß ist das update?
  4. quantum_2k6


    na da sind wir aber alle mal gespannt ob ihr das nun endlich geregelt bekommen habt. sind macros und reshade immernoch erlaubt?! ich entschuldige mich gleich mal für die frage... nicht das wieder n mod durchdreht und anfängt leute grundlos ausm forum zu bannen wie das letzte mal...
  5. quantum_2k6

    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    alot of desyncs in the last days... there are alot of false reports ;/ my friend dies 3 times today and just black out 3 mins after every firefight right next to me in a secure spot. i get not get killed and had much better gear on me. so lets hope for a better netcode and finally a good ac!
  6. quantum_2k6

    Can i use Macros when i shop From fence

    sry hes right. as a normal player you cant buy atm from fence against all these makro users. items are instant gone...
  7. quantum_2k6


    how long was you in the round until that happend? 30 to 40 minutes?
  8. quantum_2k6

    please add a wordfilter for character-creation

    2Niggaskissing... look the last name in his list... these kids today...
  9. ok so its ok for you to accept this cheaters? because its legit in a beta? and everyone must be happy with the situation, because this is "just" preordert?! ok letz go shopping a bit today then and fight fire with fire.... lulz.. by the time ppl get so much pissed that.. A: they turn on this stuff by themself or.. B: just delete the game and never come back.... C: sue the poo out of the company because refunds rises... cool options man! everything results in a lack of playerbase and noone will play this game anymore because of his cheater image...
  10. quantum_2k6


    google "escape from tarkov + hacks" and be suprised.... its a shame whats happend with this game...
  11. copy from a hackforum... Sir the cheat is not detected, We have thousands of people using it every day and alot of the bans you see are manual bans which are by the game developers. If you get spectated by one of them and they see you looking through the walls at items or players for 6 hours like you said of course you are going to be banned. Lastly if the cheat was detected then you would not even be able to play ten minutes before receiving a ban from the game. there are alot of cheats out atm... BSG only manually ban ppl who are using it over the top. this is confirmed in every cheat forum! stop your anticheat propaganda bsg and do something real against it or this game will die!
  12. quantum_2k6

    While cheaters are rampant.

    here are your so called desyncs...
  13. its a waste of time to play interchange atm... tonight we had every second round ppl who shot us trough concrete walls or getting "fullautospeedhackrushed"... this is absolutly frustrating. a bit googeling and you find the answer for this.. there was a free cheat release two days ago... and all these 12 year old minded wieners try to push now their egos... all prepare for more fucked up gaming nights in the next weeks...
  14. quantum_2k6

    Matching Problem

    japp leider
  15. quantum_2k6


    Gleiches Problem hier. beim beenden oder nach ca 5 minuten ingame freezt der ganze rechner und kann nurnoch per reset neu gestartet werden. AMD FX-8150 / 8Core - Watercooled 16GB DDR3 Dual - Watercooled AMD RADEON 7970 XFX Black Edition - Watercooled Board Sabertooth 990FX Als admin gestartet