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  1. Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    ohhhh BB! hawd as a Christmas tree!
  2. <FADES> is recruiting - North America/Teamspeak

    sorry off-topic. GO BUCS! Barely ever see bucs fans
  3. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I absolutely hate the idea of thermals in this game.
  4. "immersion"

    lol. ok. I get your point
  5. "immersion"

    I thought I heard the face has a hitbox now? either way, its not obvious to me either. It could go either way for me.
  6. Some advice please?

    Hello, I'm looking for some helpful information about upgrading my monitor. I have some confusion about some things..... First off my specs are: I7 4790k evga gtx 970sc 16 gb ram cheap acer 60hz monitor So looking at the "MSI Optix G24C 24 Curved Gaming Monitor" I see it says freesync which is not compatible with NVidia gpu? Gsync monitors seem to be a bit pricey. Is this feature important? I'm really pretty ignorant to monitors and how refresh rates and stuff works. Would my system be ok with this monitor? Would it be any kind of improvement from the cheapo monitor I have, or will my performance suffer from this monitor? Thanks for any advice edit- or how about this monitor
  7. Steam/Skype VOIP issue

    ive noticed this as well.... Usually use steam voice chat but I experience the same issue in EFT, a massive reduction in the games sound. I have to use discord when playing tarkov

    I believe its all the same universe and probably the same devs. Hired ops is basically a contract wars 2.0. Ive noticed Natalino from these forums also moderates the steam forums for hired ops so its gotta be the same devs under a different name "absolut soft llc"
  9. Attacking Scavs as a Scav

    My experience with the scav on scav ......before beta if I killed a player scab I was not attacked by the AI. but I swear that recently /after beta if I kill any scav, even a player, the AI will turn on me. But only the ones in that immediate spawn area. If I manage to kill them all, the AI in the next spawn area will not attack me. Of coarse I could be totally wrong but this is what I've concluded with my own experiences. For instance if I kill other scavs in the big lumber yard at woods and leave no scavs left, the scavs at the cabin at extract will leave me be. Like I said I could be today wrong but this is the conclusion I've drawn from my experiences
  10. Why all the hate all of a sudden :(

    agreed man. This game has effectively ruined any other shooter on the market for me. It has its problems, but Ive been in love with this game from the first video I seen about a year ago. I bought in and never looked back. Kudos to the devs for making the game of my dreams.
  11. Nikita the straight up G.. I love how he rolled his eyes when the interviewer compared tarkov to arma
  12. Global Chat Missing In-Game

    this problem just happened to me as well. Cannot open global chat and also cannot access traders either. Hovering over the chat button gives me a tooltip saying "not available in raid" Game was working fine last night. submitting bug report
  13. To all in Florida.....

    To everyone in Florida awaiting the storm.......Stay safe, be strong, and hopefully we'll return to tarkov soon! Best wishes from the tampa/ St Petersburg area!
  14. Olloch's win the day giveaway

    please, trying to get this for a friend(cousin) so that I may finally play with someone and hopefully convince him into buying. Thx for the opportunity!
  15. Make it random

    random loot would be a total game changer. You would actually have to look around for stuff, opening up the maps instead of everyone rushing the same spots every raid. Gives more purpose to exploring. I never understood the static loot spots but maybe there's a reason for it. Can still have it where theres a greater chance for good loot to spawn at the hotspots, just make the rest of the map worth looking around at least.