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  1. Emilator

    Little update for you

    Well now you're just ruining the fun, oh well. Obviously you people made your point clear.
  2. Emilator

    Little update for you

    Time to make more concealable armor
  3. Emilator

    Little update for you

    Will you shoot someones' legs if he doesn't have armor? I'd say armor pretty much does what it needs to - make you not get targeted at the upper body level Besides, shooting at legs is less efficient than shooting someone in the chest.
  4. Emilator

    Beta key

    Wait for the Open Beta, I suppose? Apparently might happen and the end of the year (I think).
  5. Wow, thats quite an estimation. What makes you think there are multiple hackers in one game session? Personally I only had one instance of an obvious fishy move by the enemy a month or so back, but not much till then happened regarding meeting hackers, I can't be the only one not having to deal with as many hackers here, can I?
  6. Emilator

    Customize Keyboard: Joy axis again...

    Got a joystick plugged?
  7. Emilator

    0.10 Autnaujinimo Išankstiniai užrašai.

    Oj, stengtis reikėjo beskaitant patchnote'us lietuviškai Aišku, tiems, kurie angliškai nemoka tai puiku, bet man tiesiog pjauna per ausis, nepripratęs. Bet vertimas tai pakankamai geras, šaunuolis.
  8. Emilator

    MPT-76 Weapon Suggestion

    Your point exactly in the last sentence. Perhaps in half a decade or so the weapon would be more renowned but in the game's setting... I'd probably be looking at like an extremely rare chance of encountering this weapon in the PMC arsenal. But hey, what do you know, it's an alternate reality.
  9. Emilator

    MPT-76 Weapon Suggestion

    You're saying the 417 doesnt have the same rail system? Plus its also being modernised, having won the US armies' CSASS contract in 2016
  10. Emilator

    MPT-76 Weapon Suggestion

    I dont know why PMC's would choose this over an HK 417, mainly since it's been around for longer than the turkish counterpart, but the gun does look nice.
  11. Emilator

    Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    Either way, the P90 isn't suited for those ranges in the first place.
  12. Emilator

    I love this game.

    You don't give a lot of reasons why, so I don't know if you're gonna change someone's mind.
  13. Emilator

    Cross regions

    Pretty sure it's possible, but the server region is always going to be the group leaders', so US players will have to join European servers, or vice-versa.
  14. Emilator

    The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    Is the 'email registration beta access' happening at another date?