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  1. swats73


    #locked all caps title and content Swats73
  2. swats73

    Hey i made a discord!

    Please make a community topic in clans section of the forum. The topic in this section is not a advert for the unofficial discord. It is a verification topic so only players with a valid copy of EFT can join it. Basically filters out the trolls. #locked community recruitment posts go in Clans section. One per community. Swats73
  3. swats73

    Any way we can get Merch?

    A international store is being looked into but no time frame for this to happen at the moment. Swats73
  4. swats73

    reseting charachter

    As @northofnowhere said a reset it no longer required after upgrade. Next sale been announced. Swats73
  5. swats73

    unplayable high ping for middle east

    Pre select your servers from the launcher, and remember team leader determines what server you are on. So having a leader from USA with Miami as there best connection will also put rest of team in that server, no matter where there location. Swats73
  6. swats73

    BSG pls help

    You can force 2k res by enabling DSR in the Nvidia control panel. Make sure you have the in-game memory cleaner enabled in settings. Tarkov at this time is a bit of a resource hog at this time during testing. Swats73
  7. swats73


    #Locked all caps title and text Swats73
  8. swats73

    Steam launch question.

    There is no official announcement regarding Steam at this point, but any announcement will be made here on the forum and social media. Swats73
  9. swats73

    anyone tryna play?

    Welcome to Tarkov. You may want to try the official Discord. In the meantime I will move this to LFG. #moved to LFG Swats73
  10. swats73

    About Gfycat

    As always I would like to remind people to always use two factor authentication on there accounts. Swats73
  11. swats73

    I just made a remix of The EFT Theme song.

    Like it
  12. swats73

    total Game Time

    Please add a English translation as this is the English language forum. Swats73
  13. swats73

    Looking for people to play with

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  14. swats73

    So, new player.

    I would suggest contacting a sherpa, who will be able to take you on a few raids and help you with map knowledge and gameplay. Offline will also help you learn the maps with no risk of loosing gear. There are also plenty of people on the official Discord that will help you out getting better and with tasks. Swats73
  15. swats73

    great game

    These are the reasons the game is being tested by us all. The more bug report to BSG including relevant information and logs, the easier it will be to resolve. Swats73