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  1. swats73

    Christmas Discount

    It will be announced in the forum and social media. Keep your eyes peeled for information. Swats73
  2. swats73

    Banned Players list

    Locking this due to going way off topic from requesting a list. #locked Swats73
  3. swats73

    A way to contact the dev team??

    Ban is final and will not be discussed buy BSG. #locked answered Swats73
  4. swats73

    Look for more friends to play tarkov with

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  5. swats73

    New player looking for a partner/team

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  6. swats73

    A veteran tarkov player looking for a good clan

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  7. swats73

    New player looking for a clan to join

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  8. swats73


    Name and shame is against the forum rules. #Locked Swats73
  9. swats73

    Scottish players

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  10. swats73

    need team mates

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  11. swats73

    Looking for some new players, just starting

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  12. swats73


    Cheats are banned daily. But as we all know, it is a perpetual battle between the DEV teams and cheat creators. #locked answered Swats73
  13. swats73

    Matching Options - Ideas

    There is no plans for any kind of level or group size matchmaking in Tarkov. Thanks Swats73
  14. swats73

    Need a few teammates

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  15. swats73

    Noob Looking for ppl to play with

    #moved to LFG Swats73