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  1. If you are in a pre form group you will join whatever server is selected by group leader regardless of ping. Hopefully this helps Swats73
  2. swats73

    Looking for players to play with. +18

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  3. swats73

    Anyone willing to instruct?

    you could try these guys they have been running this every Friday. Swats73
  4. swats73

    Newbie friday is close!

    Posted to Twitter feed. Keep up the good work. Swats73
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    Please keep on topic and please keep it polite to avoid being locked. Swats73
  6. swats73

    Newbie friday is close!

    Good luck with it guys. Swats73
  7. swats73

    Looking for cool people to squad up with, or a cool clan

    #moved to LFG Swats73
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    Why is there no Auto ban?

    Anti cheat is a perpetual battle between the DEV teams and cheat creators. Players are banned by anti cheat when detected. Swats73
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    This was probably down to sync issue and not a hack. Swats73
  10. swats73

    Emissary Of Mexico

    Welcome to the team
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    Ice cream cones

    The trade unlocks after completing the task
  12. Posted 13 hours ago 14 hours ago, Cha0Shen said: 1) The question is, will it be possible to switch from optics to fly on the mosqui on the same mechanics as the secondary collimator? As it is implemented in the Rising Storm, for example. There is enough space to aim without removing the optics. 2) Will there be an increase in optics shooting range? 300 meters for some situations is not enough, but on the same Bravo 4 ceiling and in general 200. 3) Are there any improvements planned for the drawing distance? The fog interferes on the map almost always, rarely seen further than 200-250 meters. 1. yes 2. yes 3. I think yes, the fog will be adjusted 14 hours ago, proger1990 said: Good evening. Is it possible to give the weapons interactivity: adjusting the length of the telescopic butts, the flexible arrangement of mods, flies on the pikatini slats, etc.? At least for aesthetic purposes. a change in the length of the telescopic butts will be done, a shift of the mods on the slats is also planned 14 hours ago, MrRUSS said: 1. Will the fog be removed from the locations or will it be made as a weather condition, and not permanent? 2. Will there be tournaments or something similar? Since the groundwork is already there 3. Will the Sun shader be returned? He attended the early alpha as I remember. 4. A long time ago, a police officer showed a UAZ, C-300, will it be introduced at locations? 5. Also showed renders of merchants or wild, bearded such, one looks like Sidorovich, are they wild bosses or are they all merchants? 6. Will the merchant Ogryzko A.V from the book Predator aka Khokhol? 1. We will not completely remove the fog. without it, everything looks very flat 2. probably with time 3. do you mean the rays from the sun? maybe 4. yes 5. I don't remember anymore .. 6. yes 14 hours ago, IOpexI said: Comrade Buyanov, is there any desire / possibility to make an event (pre-vip or Halloween) where, instead of all wild ones, will be Solved in different masks, with the main theme based on the use of his AI behavior? Unfortunately, this is not possible now. 14 hours ago, Torikaus said: Dear Nikita, will the type of ammunition for cartridges of existing calibers (12x70, 9x19) be expanded in the game? Yes 14 hours ago, manah95 said: Hello) I have such a question on changing clothes at the CVC! How will the set of clothes for bira and yusek differ? Yusek and Birov will have unique sets of clothes 13 hours ago, Capkog said: What is the next location after the laboratory and military base? it is not clear yet, maybe a village or a lighthouse Hope this helps Swats73
  13. swats73

    Trial key

    @Nibler I will sort you out a trial code when I get in from work, also don't share your account as this is against the terms of service. Keep an eye on your messages =D Thankyou Swats73
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    LFG- looking for more people to play with

    #Moved to LFG Swats73
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    WTB 2 x flash drive

    Please use official trading thread. #locked Swats73