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  1. swats73

    Cannot play the game anymore.

    If you got your key from a reseller like G2A there is nothing BSG can do to help you. You will need to contact the vendor site support. Swats73
  2. swats73

    issue in launcher

    Contact support@battlestategames.com Any problems with keys being withdrawn from g2a is outside of BSG control. Swats73
  3. swats73

    Looking for a new friend

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  4. swats73

    Epsilon container

    It is a quest reward from one of the traders. Swats73
  5. It is a known glitch that has a fix coming soon. There are a number of posts on this already on the forums. Please use the search facility. Also name and shame is against the forum rules. #locked answered and edited Swats73
  6. swats73

    New Emissary for Slovenia

    Welcome to the team
  7. swats73

    Looking for people to play with [New] [Discord]

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  8. swats73


    #locked all caps title and lacking content. Swats73
  9. swats73

    Emissary of Sweden!

    Welcome to the team
  10. swats73

    Emissary for South Africa

    Welcome to the team
  11. swats73

    The 13 Fresh Bloods Have been Deployed

    Welcome along fellas
  12. swats73

    New To Tarkov looking for some helping hands

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  13. swats73

    WHO and WHAT

    Not a clan recruitment post. #moved to general Swats73
  14. swats73

    Looking for Squad

    #moved to LFG Swats73
  15. I would add another 8Gb stick of RAM as some of the maps are real memory hogs until more optimisation is done. Swats73