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  1. Desmetheus

    Micro Stutters Back

    I have a memory leak as well, game starts using about 7gb, and will increase until about 15.5gb of 16gb. It will start micro-stutter and then slowly become unstable. Prior to hotfix no issue. i7 4820k 4.3ghz 16gb DDR3 2400mhz R9 Fury 4GB HBM SSD
  2. Desmetheus

    Gun stops firing in full auto mode

    I had it happen today on interchange, twice in one raid. Our 4 man squad wiped a 3 man squad. My gun seized on full auto, so I clicked in a panic and scored a lucky head shot. Afterwards, we ran into a 2 man squad and the same thing happened. We were the last 2 players from our respective squads and I died because my gun stopped firing again. This has happened to me on multiple occasions and as a player I'm getting more and more frustrated. I'm not one to nit-pick and complain about games in the testing stage, but this bug was reported well over a year ago. It's borderline game breaking, because not having reliable full-automatic fire in a game that revolves around gun-play and firefights is incredibly asinine.
  3. Desmetheus

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    I have lost a lot of great gear to 'bush campers', I've raged before at it, but it is a part of the game. I noticed when I take it slow around choke points, especially in customs, it has helped me get the drop on them. Players that rely on camping often reuse the same spots and choke points, and they usually are the weaker players. Make a mental note of the approximate locations where you are a victim to campers, avoid them or find a less obvious way to probe that location to sniff them out and flank them. You can also prefire/prenade the worst of these locations to good effect. When exiting factory, sometimes I just chuck a nade into the extraction point, it either kills them or they run out to get shot. You can flush a lot of players out of cover with grenades.
  4. Desmetheus

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    AKS-74U should have more recoil than the other assault rifles. It has the shortest barrel and it weights substantially less than most rifles in game, as well, it fires a rifle caliber bullet in the form factor of an SMG. That should be expected.
  5. Desmetheus

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    When it comes to recoil, I do believe the current 20% increase across the board is fine for a place holder. It's better than the current implementation, or lack thereof. In incredibly close quarters situations, full-auto fire can definitively be effective on a silhouette sized targets, but in EFT it is bordering absurd. With almost all full-auto capable firearms, you are able to easily have a 1 foot grouping at around 25-50m. When it comes to realism, there is a reason why the vast majority of special forces almost always exclusively use the semi-automatic function on their rifles, or if they are firing full auto, it is done in tight bursts. It's simply not accurate, logistical, or effective to mag dump every contact. Generally, fully-automatic fire is usually reserved for panic situations for suppressing the enemy due to the psychological effect it has. There are a plethora of videos on the internet of actual CQB engagements, and you will be hard pressed to find one of a highly trained solider mag dumping like you see in Tarkov. In a game that totes realism, the current iteration of weapon recoil is actually pretty horrendous. Like aforementioned posts, some video games exaggerate recoil, and also, some understatement it. A game that I believe is a good candidate for accurate representation of recoil is 'SQUAD'. Some of the lead staff on the game are ex-service members themselves. Here is a video on the subject of fully-automatic vs semi-automatic in real world applications for anyone that is interested. The host is an ex-Delta Force member and presumably has more training then the a majority of PMC's: With the up coming patch and face hit boxes being a thing, skilled shots to the head will be more effective. Moreover, when helmets eventually get nerfed, this will be increased further. Another point is the fact that when a gun is being fired on full-auto the internal parts are all moving, the barrel starts to shake after every subsequent shot, forces are moving the gun in varying directions, making each subsequent shot less accurate. Regardless if the shooter is familiar with the recoil impulse of that firearm. Furthermore, the barrel will heat up and expand making it less accurate the more the automatic fire is sustained. In escape from Tarkov, with a fully modded m4, I can write in cursive. lol
  6. Desmetheus

    Suggestion: Armor Repair

    Hypothetically, depending on the armour, you could repair parts of it. If you extract the round from it, section the part that was hit, then you could possibly replace it if it was soft armour. Something like a plate probably not if it was ceramic, steel however, you could attempt to weld material into the damaged part if there was a hole, but the overall integrity would be compromised. I doubt modern military's or law enforcement would go through the trouble in the real world, just because the cost, time, and end result wouldn't be worth it. However, in Tarkov, where every-bit of equipment is precious, I could see things being salvaged and recycled on a regular basis when able. That's why when you repair armour, the overall integrity gets lower and lower.
  7. Desmetheus

    .300 AAC Blackout

    I heard about .300 blackout, but didn't realize how easy it was to convert an AR system to use it. Pretty neat how it can use regular AR mags too. I wouldn't doubt we will see this implemented eventually. AR fanboys will for sure never use another weapons platform again.
  8. Desmetheus

    How old are you?

    25, Canada
  9. Desmetheus

    "If I was in Tarkov, I would ..." Continue this sentence.

    If I was in Tarkov I would open up a bar and call it "100 Rads"
  10. Desmetheus


    The only gun I ever want or need in my life.
  11. Desmetheus


    Good enough for the seals, good enough for me.
  12. Desmetheus

    How did you come across EFT?

  13. Desmetheus


    I personally like the idea of a PVE mode where it could be a group of players vs just the AI. It would be a great way for players that are not experienced with this genre of game to get their feet wet with friends before taking the plunge to PvPvE multi-player. It is possible to make it less beneficial to exploit by creating limits on what can be extracted from said sessions.
  14. Desmetheus

    Why I think third person would be a game breaker

    Thank you for bringing the topic up, I couldn't agree more with regards to 3rd person perspective. After playing much arma and dayz I have to say I whole hardheartedly agree with the sentiments you expressed, SappaZ.