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  1. kubaryz

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    Didn't know that, please tell me more ,, teach me game development please
  2. kubaryz

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    fix game then add stuff ?
  3. kubaryz

    List of recent bans!

    can we get a full list please ? thanks
  4. kubaryz

    Tarkov is not fun right now

    would be nice to not be getting one tapped anymore but I see your frustration @Crunkz. Sheet, might as well not wear any helmets, cus no point. A lot of camping going on I've been seeing over the last while. But yea a 'spotter', I liked that about the game, basically if you see some1 first they should die but no 1 taps plz. Can't remember a good firefight either. ;/
  5. kubaryz

    Desktop Build Help

    more RAM u peasant!
  6. kubaryz

    Real topic which is ignored

    nice signature @zenandreas ...their anti cheat system is implemented and bans are happening, it's still early access, give it time for cheaters to get sorted.
  7. kubaryz

    Group sizes = Unfair

    ballz to that! that's what makes factory fun, go in solo and wipe a team, bloody brilliant! gitgud
  8. kubaryz

    Some Work in Progress Material

    trying to get streamers to come back from playing scum are we ? LOL
  9. kubaryz

    Too many cheaters.

    The following is not to expose a possible cheater. I am not mad about what happened and gear lost, just a little sad. The following is just to ask you guys, did i just get effing owned like crazy or was there some foul play involved? Don't even want the dude banned, is ok. Just wanna know, glitch/hax or simply got rekt by a knife runner ?:D
  10. kubaryz

    Bug/glitch abusers

    soo many bans inc LOL
  11. kubaryz


    I understand the problem. Look. I was like a week late after the wipe, but I've been playing this since March 2017. There is a steep learning curve. I leveled up multiple times and gone through a lot of wipes. I do understand your frustration. I've always enjoyed how you can come in with minimal to no gear and come out with everything. I used to run around the factory and other maps with a standard AKn, Paca armor, scav vest and PS ammo. It's low gear so you usually get it back on insurance and can do some serious damage. U can get an SKS at low levels, which is quite effing gud. Also try to come in as a scav, especially now with a 10 minute cooldown. LOL. Watch a tv show if you got a 2nd screen and do scav runs to get gear. Then use the gear kill poo as pmc. Devs are still trying to balance the game out. I remember when you could get 100K !! exp out of a single raid by killing high level players, now it seems that quests (which were supposed to be ''optional'' btw) give the most experience. U can get an SKS at low levels, which is quite effing gud. Keep at it!
  12. kubaryz

    Ammo Check

    got back into the game after a break, how come when i level up my ak to mastered skill alt - t don't show the exact bullet count anymore ? that a different skill now i take it ? thanks for info in advance.
  13. kubaryz

    Official Trading Thread

    got 4 spare factory keys, might part with them if the offer s right.
  14. kubaryz


    git gud, or go back to fortnite....u think we are all moaning about how hard this game can be? No! we keep grinding initial levels to get to the decent stuff. SKS shreds even with PS ammo...Go in with a knife come out with everything! It can be done....the grind is hard and it takes time, just keep at it./ try nd kill them geared dudes, even a pistol will do the job.
  15. 32Gb,, uses 31 :Dsend logs u guys, help devs solve the issues