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  1. A glitch I have found

    Do you know the steps to reproduce it? You fill out the bug report. Intresting bug.
  2. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Nice news Cant wait for it.
  3. Soon?

    Problem is alot of users are asking the same questions with different words, you see all the thread get closed.
  4. Soon?

    well make it clear, you dont talk about anything exept the word "Soon" , most likely refered to updates.
  5. Soon?

    Patience is a virtue.
  6. Emissary from Korea

    Nice to have you with us, Nice presentation!
  7. 2nd Emissary from United kingdom

    So i guess my home is the jungle?
  8. Hello everybody, My name is Martin, but in every single platform my name would be Scott_FR, I'm 23 living in Somerset in the UK. I have been following EFT for a while, saw @Kleanuppguy stream and made me and my friend want to get EFT and support its developement. Since then i try to help people in the forums and in klean's stream. I dont stream often but i might start soon. I do speak French and English, But english being my Stronger language. I hope to see you and help you guys out in the near future. Any further questions i can answer here Have a good day.
  9. Emissary from United Kingdom

    Nice one. I need to present myself too when I get home from work.
  10. EU Escort In-Game Event Takes Place on June 8th!

    Scott_FR#5524 I am intrested to hunt down whoever needs to be taken down. :)
  11. Emissary Recruitment!

    Good luck to who every apply, and have great days ahead of you .
  12. Representing EFT in the UK

    Hello everyone, I had an idea, since i saw that the Emissair from Slovakia presented your game in his country, i though about the same. In the UK we have a gaming festival called Insomnia with the next date being in August 25-28th at THE NEC BIRMINGHAM. They have a small zone called "indie Zone" where indie devs could present there games. I would love to assist in a project to try to present EFT at that festival. Here is the link to the website: Cross that... i just saw that EFT is 18+ and they wont accept 18+ games. There is also EGX 2017 21-24 september, same location as Insomnia above. But does not say anything about games over 18+. Would be fun to present your game somewhere in the uk
  13. Some questions (NOT ABOUT BETA)

    watch @Kleanuppguy stream, he play it regularly. And he shows off the game quite well. He will aslo answer questions about the game future, well what he knows . Well at the moment he isnt playing it, : D His stream
  14. ahah si, il y a plus d'info sur les event ici .