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  1. Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    I support Killcam AFTER the raid has ended and all affected individuals are no longer in game. Anything else would be detrimental to the game. I think that kind of killcam is a great thing, and it will also be a good tool for accountability in the event you get killed from someone that has been exploiting into a wall/floor or something of that nature.
  2. I am mixed on this. People think that it's going to be a good idea by promoting group play, and it is - but I like knowing I have an equal chance running into 1-2 men engagements as much as massive squads doing a map wipe. Squad on Squad is fun, but solo play should also be encouraged. At this point, there's really no reason to play solo since sharing loot with close friends is a non-issue.
  3. All Shoreline extract points in 3D animated

    Nice post. This is really what I wanted to see ingame so I knew where to go for extraction points.
  4. Look at this DVL-10 flying away like it was a bird

    Took off like a rocket, wow. Heh. Looks like a physics conflict by dropping it on the "edge" kicked it out of place. Bummer.
  5. 7-days free game key

    PM'd you. Have fun.
  6. Insurance is out of time before i receive it

    Probably missed it. I know I have missed 75% of my claims because they've expired by the time I wake up and play again.
  7. M4A1 v.s. AK47N

    Single shot and fully automatic using a 5.56MM AR platform is "manageable" but you will experience significant muzzle rise when compounding several shots/bursting. The recoil is low, but you're still absorbing the recoil from firing at a high RPM. Controllable? Sure, but not for accurate shots. Full auto is a great function for support weapons/LMG's for obvious reasons, but it's uses are fairly limited on typical rifles/carbines/battle rifles that have limited magazine capacity.. that and, full auto in those situations are for close quarters and that's really about it. Ultimately, both rifles are excellent options though. Really the only drawback for my AK74 was the side mount rail; but that's not a big deal anymore given the railed dust covers made these days.
  8. Squad Spawning In

    Technically, you already had the advantage by spawning in before them. I get what you're saying, but there's a whole host of issues by doing that. Not really sure how they'd go about fixing this problem short of doing "1 vs all" and "group battle" modes.. both of which are highly unlikely is my guess.
  9. Suggesting sound adjustment

    I did a search for this, but didn't see much so I'm making a post. I think the sound in this game for movements needs to be changed. When I say changed, I mean - everywhere you go it's like you can hear a pin drop and hit the ground. I'm not opposed to any of the sound effects, as I think they're all great - however - the audible volume of sounds (brushing through trees, running/jingling sounds, boots hitting concrete, etc) needs to be downtoned by probably 30% or so. I'm not saying this because I'm frustrated with the game, I just think it's a silly aspect to the game for something based on realism. Don't get me wrong, I love tracking players via sound and always have.. but it's a bit different when EVERY micromove I make (or others make) broadcasts a clearly audible sound up to 25-40 feet away. Running past a tree SHOULD be audible, but it shouldn't sound like I'm bigfoot smashing the woods with every step. TLDR: Player interaction/movement sound effects are mind numbingly loud for what they are. They should definitely be audible, but currently it's like broadcasting every last movement through a megaphone.
  10. Whoever I just did a full SCAV run with on Customs..

    Yeah I noticed that after I posted. I was reading and found the sticky thread up top and facepalmed. Haha, thanks though
  11. Cheers for not blasting me on sight when you were standing across the fence from me and working together getting some good loot to haul out. Might not have been able to type to eachother, but the hand signals definitely helped so I knew what you were doing clearing the buildings out. Great fun, great run.
  12. Spawn Campers

    It's the diehards being insensitive to critical opinion. I personally got nailed at the spawn yesterday as well after just talking to my friend about it saying "MOST likely we're going to get camped on this map right out of the spawn, just an FYI". 15 seconds in ate it from a suppressed M4. It is what it is, but it's still frustrating for sure.

    The same applies to the actual stash as well.... you're not going to be limited just because you chose to get the basic edition of this game. I literally bought the EoD because I really liked what these guys were doing; not necessarily the perks associated with the game. Buy the standard edition and I'm sure you'll be happy with the outcome.

    You do understand that you spend the same (if not, exponentially more) by the time they ream you with "DLC" for CoD, right? Not bashing, you do what you want to with your money.. but cost isn't a factor when comparing the two games.
  15. completly unplayable mess.

    You mean PAGE file? Increasing page file is an indicator of inadequate RAM speed/efficiency/amount, and is really a bandaid fix all things considered. It's usable, but I would address the issue as it stands before relying on that, because that will only get you so far... especially on a game that's still working on optimization.