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  1. Used to say that when I was a little kid......... But than I actually got into pc gaming and learned that for some games, like Tarkov, mouse and keyboard will always win. Unless you really suck at using those of course
  2. HappyCamper

    prapor bronze watch quest

    No problem mate. Good luck getting the watch.
  3. HappyCamper

    prapor bronze watch quest

    The watch should be on the floor in the truck. They spawn for everyone with the quest, so no need to rush. And just to be sure:
  4. HappyCamper

    SCUM soon.

    It looks ok-ish to me. Watched some guys stream it, but I have the feeling it is rather shallow for now. So maybe later. Also don't expect an optimised product. I've seen a lot of microstutters, bad servers, lag, etc.
  5. HappyCamper

    Ban wave strikes again!

    Ooohhhh poo, you got me there
  6. HappyCamper

    Question to the developers#4

    I hope it will come soon as well. But there is no hard releasedate yet. So we just have to be patient
  7. HappyCamper

    Ban wave strikes again!

    Love how this is always for a "friend"..... but that can't be true! Hackers don't have friends!
  8. HappyCamper

    Ban wave strikes again!

    The banhammer continues!
  9. HappyCamper

    quest rewards vanishing

    You should be able to accept it again after you relog. Just review the chat with the trader. Worked for me before.
  10. HappyCamper

    Roaming scav gangs

    No idea if this has been suggested before... but here it goes anyway. Roaming scav gangs Shoreline for example could use a group (or groups) of scavs that roams around at random. Lets say they visit all the "high value" locations (harbour, powerstation, radar, villa, resort, etc.) in a random pattern. This would make the map a lot more exciting without adding a lot of scavs to the map, thus not generating a big hit on performance compared to adding a group of scavs to every location. This could be applied to any map besides factory I guess. Add ideas guys, not hate :p
  11. HappyCamper

    0.10 patch WIP

    Awesome, keep up the good works peeps.
  12. HappyCamper


    I like the P1X42. No specific reason, but I just like it better that the others.
  13. I agree. This is not CoD when you can simply walk off a bunch of bulletholes. People have no idea what actual bullets can cause to a human body. Although it doesn't have to be a 100% copy of real life, it is a game afterall, but it sure as hell shouldn't be a lot easier either. Balance between realism and still being playable is key.
  14. HappyCamper

    EoT Edition - Didn't Have Tomahawk

    Friend of mine had the same issue. No clue why it happened. But we did solve it by shooting another player with a tomahawk and steal it. He never spawned without it since than.
  15. HappyCamper

    VOLUME WARNING Someone explain this.

    The usual... desync, lag, bad servers, shoreline not being optimised, high ping.... take your pick. But you probably know this already.