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  1. HappyCamper

    Health Care Privacy part 1 broken

    I heard that you have to empty your cache folder if this problem presists. You will hear a subtask complete sound and see a message pop up if it works.
  2. HappyCamper


    I agree man. I think rebinding keys isn't an unfair advantage per se. I think people should apply common sense and be honest when asking this question. We all know what actually gives an advantage. A lot of people just want to have that advantage and stop at nothing to defend that. What I often think when I read people defending their macro's goes a little like this: "I don't like a certain aspect of the game and it is ruining the game for me, so I use macro's to change said aspect for me. But I don't care that others think what I do is ruining the fun for them, that is their problem."
  3. HappyCamper


    Agreed, this one shouldn't be too hard indeed
  4. HappyCamper


    You can't just say "or whatever" in context of meaning "anything" and then say you meant something else. You said exactly that ANYTHING that gives you an advantage over a players that don't use THAT THING is illegal. See, that is why I know you don't read. I changed my statment for you. Just like an adult does when he is wrong, he corrects it. And thanks for proving my point by still only looking at that mistake and still not actually replying to my argument. You might also want to look up the other meanings of whatever, but whatever man. @Hellvor Sorry for derailing, I will stop replying to Forien now so you can salvage this post my friend.
  5. HappyCamper


    Ok, just for you let me change my statment so it is clear and you can let it go that I meant something else than macro's. Because afterall that is the topic at hand. All macro's that give you an advantage should be a banable offence. There you go, happy? Also a small scientific fact, people that avoid the actual points made by others, single out small mistakes and deviate from the subject at hand generally know they are wrong. Same goes for people that say others "strawman" them and try to look smarter than they actually are
  6. HappyCamper


    I was refering to things similar to macro's.... but ok, undermine your whole post being like this. With this logic you could also defend an auto fire macro. You could argue that just because you think the gun should be able to fire faster you are allowed to use a macro. Just because a game isn't created as you would like it to be isn't a valid excuse to use macro's.
  7. HappyCamper


    Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. If it gives you an advantage over other players not using your macro (or whatever), illegal. All other stuff, ok.
  8. HappyCamper

    Insurance timeout when offline

    Lol, said the one complaing about pixels in several other posts
  9. HappyCamper

    4 headshots with an axe, scav gets the reload and kills me ....

    In what dreamworld is this a fact? Have you ever tried to hit someone in the head? Or are you basing your argument on hollywood?
  10. HappyCamper

    Stop scav on scav

    Ffs stop opening the same post over and over and over and over repeating infinitly of course.....
  11. And on what carefully collected data did you base this argument to end all arguments? Just to make it clear in advance. "I've tested it" is no carefully collected data.
  12. HappyCamper

    Insurance timeout when offline

    Fair point, I don't think this information is shown anywhere. Would be a good idea to add this to the insurance screen.
  13. HappyCamper


    I do agree, two exits might not be enough for this map. Maybe in the future one could be added in the basement or on the roof?
  14. HappyCamper


    This is the number of people that are in your group
  15. HappyCamper


    VoiP might be a thing in the future. A solid no on the map/indicators for the team, you will have to relay your positions by talking with them (discord/skype/teamspeak, etc.). No idea what you meant with this? Care to explain this some more?