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  1. tobiassolem

    Group sizes = Unfair

    Tarkov is unfair. Life is unfair. Escaping from Tarkov will be a cruel, unforgiving experience. The only way to make it less so, is to cooperate. Just like in life, cooperation is what makes life easier. And the only chance we have at improving our odds. But it won't ever make anything fair. Fair only exists in faerytales.
  2. Realism = realism ie. 7,62 × 54 mm R, cheaply mass-produced, flooded market, easily available rifle, less easily available optics. Restricted by the traders/regional availability in this fictional universe: Thus it should be realistic within said context (Norivinsk locked out from the outside world, etc.). I believe a dynamic market is the solution. If it was possible, I would even have a finite amount of rifles in the region. Let's say for example 10000 in total (dependent on the population of the game), those should be the same ten thousand in circulation. In reality there are limitations. You don't just have an infinite amount of X like what the traders have right now. Personally I'd love to see this in the game as well. OR at the very least that the most saught after items on the market are the least affordable.
  3. It's just depressing to see when devs waste time engaging with people who are trying to take Escape From Tarkov from what it was meant to be to any less realistic form.
  4. This is important and interesting. Because I believe (at least in part) this is what they want to do with the flea market. From what I understand is that the traders mostly do exactly that: Trade, and the flea market will be where we spend most of our cash? Because if there's a flea market with 1000s of cheaper weapons for sale than the traders, then why bother buying from the traders at all (given the profit margin that the static market currently has)?
  5. A meta-reflection: Unfortunately I doubt that any of this discussion ever reaches BSG. I really do hope they pay attention to their own forum, but the way it seems is that the community team and the developers are mostly disconnected and that the feedback channels that actually are paid attention to are reddit and the russian subforums. On topic: As for the pricing in Tarkov. I could wager that Prapor (or whoever) would price their weapons based on availability and demand. If he knew that PMCs all of a sudden had a high demand for the Mosin Nagant, he would go back to his businesslike demeanor and raise his prices based on that demand. I also believe that the prices for the bullets would increase. If the trader market became dynamic (prices set on demand and availability) then we would very likely see a big rise in prices on the Mosin based on that account alone. Which satisfies both those who want a "real price" and those who want the prices balanced.
  6. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    The idea is that the emissaries are meant to be having at least the brunt of that interaction. And being an emissary is an unpaid job that you perform on your spare time. Which means that some emissaries don't do anything, where others do a lot. For example @RooZvonBooZ has shown great initiative and has proven to be one of the more active and engaging emissaries getting the Danish community in an active state. Others simply don't. This of course all boils down to what directive there is. Fact is that there are several paid people beyond the emissaries whose direct job it is to interact with the community. I think @TheWay does a fair job. Whereas others simply lock threads and end conversations or present one-directional information (like you mentioned).
  7. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    The vast twitch-demographic prefers agressive play styles or they lose their interest. People like Kotton wants to entertain said demographic - I think if he wanted to do things entirely HIS way, without consideration he'd lose viewers. Which is his livelihood. I respect his choice.
  8. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    I'm pretty sure Kotton and DDG have among the most hours in the game compared to pretty much most players. They've all given a lot of feedback (I know Kotton has made lots of reports). I get why they would want to give back to him both for doing PR for the game AND his bug reporting. It's a small sign of showing appreciation for the efforts. What I don't get is why he gets praise in spite of his strong criticism, and others who were critical of the game were "friends" of the devs/community team and now longer are, because of said criticism.
  9. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    I *hope* that they stay true to their original vision, to make a hardcore realistic game built on something realistic. BUT there have been a few strange instances where they've changed how ammunition or other game mechanics work based on a skewed sense of "balance" rather than the mechanic staying realistic. This lack of consistency is what makes me worried that I'm hoping in vain. Perhaps I'm being dogmatic and too literal? Perhaps the actual vision that the devs have presented is still not exactly clear, in spite of the game supposedly being released before the end of 2018 (as spoken by Nikita in December of last year).
  10. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    To be fair, that's also how people WANT him to be playing. His relative popularity as a streamer is not built upon sneaking and sitting in a bush (that would attract NO viewers at all). With that said, this way of returning the "support" for players with styles like this helps strengthen the impression that this is how the devs want the game to be played (and maybe that's what they actually will make).
  11. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    I know Nikita and Kotton had some drama in the past for example. Kotton is very outspoken about why he dislikes Tarkov. He says a lot of the same things that are spoken critically about Tarkov. Last night he was referring to certain issues that have been around for two years. And criticised how the realism aspect is detrimental to the player experience. And DDG has been very negatively outspoken, circulating the rumor that BSG does not have the proper rights to use certain weapons in the game. And these are all some of the milder things that have been expressed. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that BSG supports people who are tough on the game so the fact that BSG still supports people who play EFT all the time on twitch is cool and all, it just seems inconsistent. Because the general M.O. when its NOT a big streamer/YouTube content creator has been to essentially excommunicate them. What slightly worries me is that due to streamers having such influence over the game, that Escape From Tarkov becomes more of a "streamer product" than what was the original vision (Hardcore realism). I'm very happy that the 0.10-patch promises a lot of technical and performance-related optimizations, and wish for it to solve all these issues in the same way I wished for Santa to give me nice presents at Xmas when I was a kid. Because that would be devastating to the progress of literally ANY other game I currently play. Tarkov would just take over.
  12. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    What I mean is that there have been plenty of people who supported EFT, who were very passionate about the game (and still are) but once they expressed concern with certain things (such as development process) and became somewhat critical, they were either removed from an official position and internally treated as idiots, or just summarily ignored. All of these three individuals have done virtually the same thing (the only difference is that their opinions have been heard by more people). I just think that as someone who looks at these things from the outside, it seems inconsistent.
  13. tobiassolem

    Some Work in Progress Material

    It's a bit strange as an outsider watching how some people who were openly critical of the development progress and were "in" with BSG now are summarily ignored by Battlestate. Whereas others who do the same are even promoted within the game.
  14. tobiassolem

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    If they pay 20€/month for a cheat, they probably are motivated to pay for a more expensive version of Tarkov. Besides. Who says they pay for these things out of their own pockets?