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  1. Svensk community

    Jag har inte gjort klart funktionen helt ännu! Men håll ut det kommer! @Jimpson - Har du någon aning hur jag enklast fixar SSL-stöd i Wordpress?
  2. Kära flyktingar från Tarkov, Vi har påbörjat arbetet med att förbättra prestandan på Shoreline och har samtidigt bestämt oss för att ordna till de nuvarande synliga/kollisionsbuggarna och bristerna på denna karta. Vi vore tacksamma om ni vänligen kunde skicka screenshots på dessa platser/objekt: Saker som svävar/hänger i luften Objekt som går igenom/hänger ihop med andra objekt Objekt som man kan gå igenom eller skjuta igenom fast man inte borde Platser som man kan fastna på, eller saker som fastnat Alla problem Det går mycket fortare om vi kunde ha allt på ett ställe. Vänligen dela med er av screenshots på dessa platser här så att de kan vidarebefordras till utvecklarteamet. Vi behöver konstruktiv information, bilder med en exakt beskrivning av problemet och dess plats - eller en detaljerad beskrivning av problemet. Tack så hjärtligt till er alla för er hjälp med att korrigera dessa problem! Lägg in all relevanta screenshots/text här nedan, tack!
  3. Game

    Group: 5th Scout Infantry Action: Search Description: Early morning: I spend the most part of the morning taking care of my wound. Making well-sure to clean and care for it and apply the necessary aid (bandaging or whatnot). Then I stay on the edge of the industrial area, and move with subtlety, constantly on a lookout for any movement. The early morning passes uneventfully. Mid-day to afternoon: In the middle of the day, after having watched a large factory building for the better part of an hour, and seeing no signs of movement and hearing no noise, I decide to move up to the factory. With little effort (in spite of still having pain in my hand) I scale a ladder up to an small platform with an open door that I spotted from within the forested area - plunging through it, I ender a quiet corridor. The walls are covered with posters of different pastries, cakes, cinnamon buns and similar. All with a logotype with the word Tarkov (that I am able to recognize by now) followed what I speculate to be bakery, or something. At the middle section of the corridor I come up to a wooden door with no window. I check the handle, feeling the door give way; I open it and enter what seems to be some sort of office. Well-lit through a panoramic window overlooking a court yard with a large parking lot and some parked minibuses. There's a large couch, a refrigerator, a computer, a large laser printer (apparently for A2 format), drawing utensils, and a stack of graphite sketches. "Hmm, seems to be some form of marketing office" I mumble to myself as I start going through the drawers of the computer desk. (Damn, that was sloppy) I think to myself as I suddenly realize that there's an active camera sat just over the office entrance, a red burning diode reflecting in my retina. I get mildly irritated but still decide to continue my rummaging through the drawers and the fridge. ((Note to GM: I'll let you decide what's in them)). After a thorough search I move out of this office I realize that there are two more offices on this level. One larger work-office, with glass windows and with multiple desks with computers, and one that has a metal door with a card slot in it. The card reader seemingly still running on electricity as there's a small red light indicating its locked. Furthermore there's a door leading out to a balcony overseeing the factory area. I peek through the window and see long "assembly lines" with machines for the creation of different factory produced delicacies. It's at this point I decide that this place is going to be my project for the day. I first double back to the door I came in through. I close it, not realizing that in doing so, it auto-locks. And seemingly requires a key to open again from either side. So now I'm locked inside. Still, I stick to my plan and make a thorough search of the place (in a way feeling "safer" that the door I came through is locked). I hope to find the card to the locked down office and check that as well. Afternoon 'til night: After have found a small kitchen area in the office, I decide to use some of my bottled water among my provisions to boil some grinded coffee beans I found in one of the cupboard, using the perculator here. As I sit back, leaning in a creaking wood chair, sipping hot coffee. I feel relaxed and almost human again. I spend the afternoon, pondering and taking it easy, and at the latter part of the afternoon move into the "creative department" I first found. Closing the door, and pushing the sofa so that it blocks the door. Making somewhat of a "defensive" measure. I then crash on the sofa. Enjoying the support of pillows, and fall asleep to the sound of rain falling on tin roofs.
  4. Svensk community

    En förstaversion är nu upplagd! Räkna med lite buggar!
  5. Svenskar?

    Kika här nedan
  6. Svensk community

    Har slängt upp en discord nu, och börjat fila på hemsidan, discord här: Här är en förhandstitt på hemsidan:
  7. Svensk community

    Kul! Jag kommer att bygga sajten i Wordpress. Finns det någon/några som kan utveckla saker i PHP&MySQL så får de gärna höra av sig! Jag tänkte framför allt på om man kunde bygga något API och "fånga" nyhetsinlägg t.ex. från det här forumet.

    Escape From Tarkov is designed to be a very difficult, hardcore title. The way to "not get killed" every time you loot is to adapt to the game, as the game will never adapt to you. My suggestion is to visit youtube and watch, for example; some of the "beginner" videos made by DeadlySlob and/or ShoSho. Both of them show how you can adapt and survive. Good luck with adapting in Tarkov!
  9. Game

    Group Name : 5th Scout Infantry Action: Search Description: Early morning After a solid nights sleep, still in the cover of the darkness and inside a small makeshift lean-to (built out of mostly spruce tied to a frame) laying on layers of spruce twigs I wake up and gather my things. Barely are my eyes wide open as bright light lights up the area with a soft "pop". - ( Signal flare? What the - ? ) I think to myself, but my thought is interrupted as a young man in a purple parka crashes past me, breathing heavily. Breaking branches left and right, so tunnel-visioned that he completely misses me (?) staring right at him. Without further ado, I grab my "spruce frame" step into some of the underbrush, lay flat on the ground underneath. Making myself as invisible as I possible can under these circumstances. Barely have I made my last move as I hear several heavy footsteps. Resolute, quiet and determined. My instincts tell me that this probably ain't no SCAV group. Way too quiet, and way too ... clanky? The sounds they make running indicate they carry vests, with magazines, and the heavy landings on running? Probably geared. As luck would have it, the steps quiet down. But I lay there for 10-15 minutes before I move a muscle. As quietly as possible, lifting a small branch, leering over the place, crawling very quietly forward, dragging the framed spruce on top of me along with my movement. For being a locked down, supposedly mostly quiet region. Tarkov is alive. Not thriving alive, more like a colossus of sinewy madness trying to find out whether its crafted to be chaos and madness, or to become a vessel of order. At this very moment all things seem to indicate the former. And I'm not making things better. As I should. But what does an unarmed soldier who lost communication with his squad and command do under these circumstances? ( Survive? ) I step up, and move along the outside edge of the forest line. Gazing through the thick lines of pine and spruce as the sun rises. Mid-day - to nightfall A five foot tall box stands between me and an old, seemingly randomly placed container fifteen-twenty feet into the forest area near an industrial section of Tarkov. This box seems to be made out of some thick brown fiber PVC-plastic, and its locked down with a big ass padlock. After sneaking for the better part of the morning, listening for sounds that never came I decide to make opening and searching through this box my project. Something to keep my focus, as my minds start to rush through scenarios of what my plan is. I look for things to pry it open, or to break the lock. Not even knowing if its empty or contains something of significance. ( A somewhat haphazard project, but what else to do? ) Are my vague thoughts, deciding to postpone any grander thoughts to tomorrow.
  10. Emissary from Sweden

    Thanks guys!
  11. Uppdateringsinfo -

    Patchen är nu live!
  12. Cheaters ban

    Unfortunately, there's truth to this - and its actually worse, at least one of these cheaters think that because they are caught; whoever caught them did something bad. And that its against the law to catch them.
  13. Svensk community

    Jag har idag registrerat domänen - och har påbörjat förarbetet för detta. Tack @NikRobster och @Jimpson för feedback!
  14. Uppdateringsinfo -

    Lystring, vi är redo att publicera uppdateringen. Spelet kommer att vara otillgängligt under uppdateringen. Uppskattad tid för uppdateringen - 1 timme
  15. Uppdateringsinfo -

    OBS! Vi planerar att ladda upp denna uppdatering snarast.