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  1. tobiassolem

    When is the wipe, this is so boring.

    While I agree that there's no need for a wipe currently, there's something to say for how quickly we see the over-armored spray-bois, and furthermore how abundant they are.
  2. tobiassolem

    Emissary of Sweden!

    He's been inactive on the forums since August 19. Don't think you will get a response from him. But feel free to check out the Swedish EFT-Discord (linked below) if you want some help
  3. It just goes to show, even when you give things to people, for free. They still whine and moan.
  4. tobiassolem

    Please Have Mercy On Roaming Hatchlings

    I am sorry. I cannot trust you not to find a gun and shoot me in the back later.
  5. tobiassolem

    Raiders are way too overpowered.

    Show us a video of this happening.
  6. tobiassolem

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Pardon me, that moderator is correct. I was going by old information.
  7. tobiassolem

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    This seems to be what everyone received, regardless of date of purchase:
  8. tobiassolem

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

  9. tobiassolem

    Raiders are way too overpowered.

    32 posts on your account and nearly all of it is complaining. Why do you persist? Clearly you already "know" that "the devs do not care". Should you not have quit by now?
  10. tobiassolem

    player scavs

    Nice suggestion!
  11. The only issue is that they are far too easy at the moment due to acting stupid in certain situations (watch Pestily's vid on 0.11 to see an example of what I mean).
  12. tobiassolem

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    Certainly an unexpected gift. Thank you Battlestate.
  13. First of all, I would like to say that I have no reason to bring up any specifics. Only that I (and others) have noticed a pattern in how community relations are with BSG. Without doubt there are some things that could be adjusted. This thread is certainly not aimed to further fuel on a bandwagon that is currently on-going, but instead list a few suggestions that could help change and furthermore prevent future incidents. The first and primary cause for any ongoing drama is primarily connected to how Battlestate publically responds to internal or external conflict. Conflict WILL happen, it is inevitable. But how a company deals with it is paramount to what their employees will think of them, and more importantly what their customers will think of them. Damage control needs to happen, but it has to be wholehearted and show an interest in the views of the community. This has partially occured in the past, so lets name a few examples: * Active developers on the forums that listen to feedback and respond with information that the community wants * Transparency in terms of the obstacles and strides forward in development - information about why there are delays * Talkshows with a sense of humor where the community can interact live with streamers and representatives from the company (TTv, and Talking Tarkov) * Reposting memes, a general sense of tongue-in-cheekiness However, some things have been strange, and keep being unaddressed and cause irritation: * Handling of deadlines and release dates of patches - the shortsightedness of saying a deadline without foundation in reality * The lack of interaction previously on the English-speaking forums, but instead showing preference to reddit * Publically disowning profiles that express criticism toward the company - this legitimizes the criticism and makes so a part of the public believes "where there is smoke, there's also fire" * Sloppy methods of handling representatives of the community (In my times two popular community representatives have been fired under 'strange' circumstances) There are more in each category here - but the fact that we keep seeing this "mixed" result leads to a tarnished company image, something I'm sure a "cool businessman" could care less about, but it is certainly for any new game company something to think about. My suggestions are: * Do not handle ANYTHING arbitrarily or spontaneously - always have a doctrine, preferrably one that has been carefully analyzed prior to implementation. For example, it is better to have a delayed reaction to see how the community reacts to something occuring than making a rash decision and having to do damage control. While it can seem indecisive - it is usually good to get a feel for what the community reaction is. If the community is acting on lack of information, transparency is nearly always a preferable option. If you make mistakes, then own up to them. Nikitas wholehearted messages about the difficulties of development usually get positive feedback. * Nobody, not even the boss should address the public on a scandalous subject without having their viewpoint properly criticised by someone who is NOT a yes-man. Essentially you need people working for the company who are able to AT THE VERY LEAST play "devil's advocate" and YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM. Seriously, a LOT of the negatives could have been prevented if you weren't so sensitive to internal criticism. * All public actions that have legal ramifications should be scrutinized by the company legal team/representative Including termination of employment, DMCA-filings, copyright claims, et cetera. Also, what might be legally right - might have moral implications that can cause an outrage in the community. When in doubt; choose the path that strengthens the company image, always. From a former Emissary that in spite of everything still wants BSG to succeed.
  14. @ShiroTenshi Kudos for being the constant, sensible moderator.
  15. tobiassolem

    A way to contact the dev team??

    "He" probably already knows why he got banned. "He" got caught is all. It's in the human psyche not to accept own wrongdoings and to project (this time to BSG). This "friend" of yours hopefully learnt a lesson.