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  1. tobiassolem

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    ... and in pitch blackness
  2. If not, why do we start with a rudimentary skillset? This confuses me to a certain extent. Somehow I imagine that these PMCs have different backgrounds. Certainly there are operators who are former army, recon, marines, navy, etc. when it comes to USEC at least. If BEARs comprise of former Special Forces, then they should definitely be masters of using AK-systems, and such things.
  3. PMC's aren't the same things as Special forces. PMC's come from various backgrounds, and their mission is almost always some form of security. PMC's usually do high-reward with less risk types of missions comparatively with Special Forces that do high-risk and care less about "rewards". Private Military companies want to keep their assets (soldiers) as safe as possible as they are their primary sources of income. Yet everyone seems to think that "PMC" are some group of "elite" soldiers. These are businesses that hire people required for missions that pay the best. This means that they don't have the same type of chain of command and certainly not the same motives for being there. And they may have been there for their skills with using completely different tools than those available. USEC for example are in Norivinsk on behalf of Terra Group International and " provides armed cover to illegal work and research of the foreign companies." - with the vast amount of hired soldiers in USEC, there certainly will be some varying degrees of skills - the fact that you start with a "clean" skill-chart when you begin playing in Escape From Tarkov should tell you that you are pretty fresh out of basic and probably less skilled than some SCAVs who have lived by the gun for years.
  4. tobiassolem

    Scavs now have laser beam aim?

    No worries. It's a game in which we invest more emotional capital than economical. And thus when we discover the fortunes spent lost to perceived injustices we suddenly are acutely aware of how much we care. Also, kudos for the Battlestar Galactica-reference. The best BSG.
  5. tobiassolem

    Scavs now have laser beam aim?

    The SCAVS locate you by: 1. Sound (ie. running, moving through bushes) 2. Prediction (ie. if you run (see point 1) behind a cover, they will aim for that cover. 3. Visuals (Most of the time you aren't as "invisible" in that bush as you say you are) Quitting this test however is probably the best thing for you. Do the sensible thing and play something else while this game continues its testing and development.
  6. Please search for "kill cam" - there are probably a hundred of threads on the same subject.
  7. tobiassolem

    I am sick of this

    Here's your mistake right there. Thinking that gear is the deciding factor. Or that how much you pay should decide if you die or not. An individual that keeps moving, has heavy gear (Altyn, Fort, FN_FAL etc.) certainly has a lot of tools that are advantageous compared to "Mosin man with nothing". But in no way will these advantages compensate for lack of proper tactics or reaction/aim.
  8. tobiassolem

    The launcher's update

    For all of those of you who would rather see a wipe and an update. Please do consider that should they release sooner rather than later, your expectations would be far more likely not to be met. Please don't be anxious to experience disappointment.
  9. tobiassolem

    The launcher's update

    Excellent news! This was much needed and makes for a solid improvement of the launcher. Thank you BSG, and good work!
  10. Except it's not an old video game issue. It is very much clear and present in todays world as well in multiplayer games. Rendering grass everywhere around you would definitely impact FPS even for those of us who are blessed with a high-end machine. Not to mention those with mid-to-low end machines. Given that we only recently reached a performance equilibrium, I would very much not want the devs to increase the demands on the engine as this would also affect double rendering when using scopes. I do agree that it is frustrating that in certain situations you believe that you are concealed by the terrain, but once you adapt to using only the thicker bushes and covers you should be fine in most situations. Is it ideal? No. But it is one of many drawbacks to multiplayer gaming on maps with grass and bushes and such.
  11. tobiassolem

    New WiP materials

    Therein lies the truth. There is one reality, but so many ways to perceive it. All of them, subjective. Mind you, the events of EFT occur in the future, and in a ficticious story (obviously). Hence, what unit wears what is restricted to the backstory of the game universe we're playing in.
  12. tobiassolem

    New WiP materials

    Open beta was meant to be released at the end of 2016. Nikita said in the russian podcast that he would be quite restrictive with presenting dates in the future, particularly since people take "planned" dates as promises.
  13. tobiassolem

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov from Russian Forum section

    I didn't say that it wasn't used on all maps. I said it was a limited amount of players that use it... compared to the majority that just up their gamma for example. I'm quite aware that your style of playing exists. Hell, I've been there. It's extremely atmospheric and rewarding. But the general style of playing EFT it is not.
  14. tobiassolem

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov from Russian Forum section

    You have a point to a certain extent, but you are not taking the released game into account. Meaning, the availability of weapons right now in the test may be completely different. Perhaps an SMG is all you will find initially? Perhaps the loot dynamic will make it so there's more diversity to what you actually may get a hold of? Just because NVGs are only used by a limited group of players (ie night factory players) does not mean its a useless item. They might tweak how it works in the future (perhaps we will have pitch blackness).
  15. How about instead improving your squad communication?