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  1. Looking for a group

    Are you into people that play guitar? Or are you a slut that plays guitar? (Or bass, but we all know that bass players don't get any...)
  2. EFT players worldwide

  3. How can i improve my channel?

    Hahaha, I saw you on the Arma subreddit a while ago. No tips here, just a coincidence.
  4. How old are you?

  5. Well from what I understand, each major update (generally,) they add a new "wave" of testers. I'm not sure how it's selected, but more $$$ = better chance. Alternatively, you could buy Edge of Darkness edition, and get access as soon as your payment is received. (or, like my buddy, get the $75 package, and upgrade if you don't get in on the next wave.)
  6. Forum Ranks

    I just want that "Sherpa" tag...
  7. Borderless

    I get that, but as I don't have an infinite supply of Ritalin, even my geared runs are sometimes accompanied by a few episodes of my current series on Netflix...just makes it easier for us with tiny attention spans to keep having fun.
  8. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    Good group of guys here, lot of experienced players to learn from.
  9. Opinions or Preferences

    I can't wait for a feature that I hope they'll add; changing the position of hardware on the rails. I'd love to be able to slide sights/lasers/grips/etc...up and down the rail. Not sure how it would affect gameplay, but aesthetically I feel like it could add a personal touch to each weapon.